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traffic driving
Our cars do not drive themselves yet, but the day is coming. how far away will it be and what will it look like when the day finally arrives?
race car
NASCAR is a big sport with an ever-growing fan base. Vicariously enjoying the speed and danger of supercharged cars, flying around a track in the face of death danger is, for many, a great way to while away a Sunday afternoon. Everyone seems to have a favorite driver that they are willing to cheer, scream and make signs for. As much as they love shouting for their favorite driver, very few of them think about driving the cars as a profession.
alaska driving

Driving in Alaska

Alaska is a magnificent state with its majestic mountains, endless hills, many lakes and rivers, trees, valleys, and the abundance of wildlife. If you choose to see the sites of this great state, then driving will allow you to have the freedom of exploring at your own pace.
child distraction
Children are blessings. They are wonderful little human beings and, of course, mine are smarter/faster/prettier and more gifted than yours. While all of these things are certainly true outside of the car, inside it these bundles of joy can also be huge distractions as you’re driving down the road.
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vision and driving

Seeing the Road Ahead

When it comes to being safe while on the road, you want to ensure that you're taking every possible precaution. Beyond your car's airbags, seatbelts, crumple zones, etc., you need to the security of being able to see the road.
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daytime headlights increase safety
There is plenty of debate surrounding daytime use of “headlights vs. no headlights”. Some love it, some hate it, some just don't care. However, there is evidence that shows that the use of headlights during the day improves safety on the road, especially in the northern states and northern countries.
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new tires
Even though most vehicles are sold with all-season tires it doesn’t mean you should stick with that factory installed rubber. You are doing yourself a real disservice by not switching to more specialized tires after buying a vehicle. Depending on where you live, a good set of seasonal tires can vastly improve the performance of your vehicle.
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stay smarter than car
First, it was the promise of the VCR. To have the convenience of movies without going to the theater, we bought technology that allowed us to not only watch Hollywood offerings from the couch but also to record our favorite shows. This way we could still go to PTA meetings and then watch them at our convenience. Problem was...
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halloween post
  Have you ever read Stephen King’s book, Christine? It’s about a teen’s first car; a used 1958 Plymouth Fury given the name Christine by the previous owner. As the book progresses, the car takes on a life of its own and, apparently, a taste for blood… Back in the “real world,” there are other
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Driver test
You’ve done everything to prepare and the big day is here, time for your driving test. You aced your permit test, and now it’s time to show that all those hours practice driving with it have you ready to hit the road solo. Before you head out, look over this checklist to make sure that
foreign driving
If you have an upcoming trip to another country and are planning to drive during your visit, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. Whether taking your own car or relying on a rental, you can’t assume that the driving environment there is necessarily going to be the same as it
parked car
Parking is a daunting task for a lot of people, especially those that are new to driving. Depending on where you park, you might have to move your vehicle just right to fit into the spot and then hope you have enough room to get out. If this is ever your problem, you want to
woman not driving
Self-driving cars seem to be the newest thing being talked about throughout the vehicle market. They are pretty cool since they are a car that is able to drive itself to wherever you need to go. This means not having to worry about paying attention to the road since the car is going to drive
fire truck
The sound of a siren in the distance or the sight of flashing lights in your mirror, the questions start rolling out. Questions like “What is going on?”, “Where is the emergency vehicle coming from?”, or possibly “Did I do something wrong?” Being surprised by an emergency vehicle is not uncommon, but it is important
talking while driving
Driving while intoxicated has a huge stigma around it but not nearly as many people are concerned with the drivers who drive while distracted or tired. Unfortunately, these types of drivers cause far more accidents each year than anyone else and that is why it’s up to you to make sure you aren’t distracted while
child seat
Using Car Seats Properly Keeping our children safe in a vehicle is a prominent factor for many parents, but are they safe? Sitting in a rear row and using an appropriate restraint system provides the most protection for children in the event of an automotive collision. Many children die each year from motor vehicle accidents
new driver
When it comes to getting your driver’s license, it is all out there and straightforward to go off of. However, breaking it down for some might put some of the pressure off them if they know what to expect. Here are some steps that you can take into account when it comes to getting your
dogs road
When it comes to being on the road and not being able to see an animal, you need to make sure that you change the way that you drive during the times when animals are in high traffic. Animals getting in the way of vehicles on the road account for many accidents each year. There
children games
Driving in the car with kids is usually not the most fun thing in the world. It is usually something that needs to be controlled because they can become bored with the drive that you’re making. This takes your attention off the road and puts it on them. It is also something that can cause
New tires
Anyone that owns a vehicle long enough that tire wear or damage becomes a factor will be purchasing replacement tires. Quickly peering through a tire advertisement or website reveals a somewhat daunting task. There are an incredible number of manufacturers, different sizes, and warranties, types of tires and prices to consider. A reputable tire dealer
windshield wipers
When it comes to the technology that is out there, you may have been seeing different things come across your screen or on the news, and this is because the world has made it much further in the past ten years when it comes to technological advances. This covers every industry out there – including