Adult Drivers Ed

Adults who are just beginning to drive may consider taking Driver’s Ed classes to help them be more comfortable drivers, or they may be mandated by their state to take Driver’s Ed courses before obtaining a Driver’s License in that state.

Many adults who live in cities with access to public transit or do not own their own vehicles may choose to not get their Driver’s Licenses early on, and many people wait until their 20s, 30s, or 40s to get their Driver’s License. It’s totally normal!

An adult’s Driver’s Education class will prepare you for your written driver exam as well as your practical driving test. An adult Driver’s Ed class will use your state's driver’s manual and state laws to prepare you to be an excellent driver for your state or city!

The tests will be based on the material in the manual, so if you’d like you can look up your specific driver’s manual for your state on your local DMV’s website.

Where Are You Learning to Drive?