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When you study art in college, you might be wondering what type of careers in art will be available to you. You can get many jobs with a fine arts degree, with some good entry-level options and many high-paying choices.

The art world covers many different areas with plenty of job opportunities. So whether you’re looking for high pay, job satisfaction, or both, here’s a list of the many careers in art.

Art Careers

Top High-Paying Careers in Art


As a photographer, you can work with several types of art. Not only do you have the opportunity to use your art skills, but you can even work for yourself. Photographers come in many different forms, including:

This type of art career comes with quite a bit of variety. Whether you want to go into business for yourself, work as a freelancer, or work for a company. Fine arts students fit well into the photography industry as long as they have good observation skills.

The salary range for a photographer starts rather high and offers plenty of opportunities. Working for yourself or as a freelancer unlocks nearly unlimited earning potential. Many skilled photographers earn more than six-figure salaries each year.

Product Designer

A very common career in art, product designers work to create new products and packaging. In addition, they work to make products better, based on feedback as well.

You’ll be responsible for doing product research, testing, and improving on older products. This type of position requires good communication skills, attention to detail, and good visual design skills.

A bachelor’s degree is required, but a master’s degree will give you a leg up on the competition. As a product designer, you can earn an average salary of around $117K per year.

Landscape Architect

As a landscape architect, you can be in charge of designing parks, playgrounds, green roofs, gardens, and other outdoor areas. Whether you work for residential clients or commercial clients, you can work outside with plants and art.

Many landscape architects will work closely with businesses, governments, recreational facilities, campuses, and private homeowners. You’ll create site plans, choose the right materials, and transform the land into something your clients will love.

A landscape architect will need a bachelor’s degree and a state-issued license. Typically, you will need to complete an internship. The educational requirements will vary from one state to another.

As a landscape architect, you can make an average salary of about $70K per year. More senior landscape architects can make even more.

Film Director

Maybe you’re looking for one of the careers in art that is in the film industry? With this position, you’ll work with technology to capture the right look for advertisements and films. It’s necessary to gain some industry experience before you can become a film director.

As a film director, the average salary is nearly $63K. However, the salary can go much higher as you gain experience and industry knowledge.

Art Director

As an art director, you will work in a fascinating career. You will be in charge of the visual design and image design for a company. This may include the styles used for production, the graphics, any illustrations, and other types of art.

Art directors will oversee the planning and the design for advertisements and other visuals. This may include working with the packaging, film sets, and more. This position also oversees the approval of art submitted by the graphics team.

You will need at least a bachelor’s degree in art, photography, or design. It’s also necessary to gain some work experience in the art industry. With the right art director position, you can earn as much as $163K per year.

Top Entry-Level Art Careers

Art Teacher

Art teachers can get started right out of college with the right degree and art-based experience. Then, you will plan and develop the right lesson plan for your students.

You’ll work to help your students gain knowledge and the right skills in the art industry. Likely, you will also sit on college committees and advise students.

If you work as a high school art teacher, you may also analyze documents and illustrations. In addition, high school art teachers tend to conduct research and may even publish scholarly articles.

You will need a master’s degree for this entry-level art career. The degree can be in visual arts education, art history, or another area of art. If you want to work at the college or university level, you’ll need some work experience. Many colleges will require a doctoral program to become a professor in the art department.

There are many careers in art for teachers. Art teachers can earn between $45K and $88K per year. The salary will depend on the education level you teach and your experience as a teacher.

Multimedia Artist

While a multimedia artist can make a high-paying salary, this is also an entry-level position. You won’t need any training or job experience to enter this career in art. As one of the top jobs for those with a fine arts degree, a multimedia artist will create 2D and 3D images and models. Then, you’ll make them move and get them to appear however you prefer.

This type of position may include working with television, video games, movies, and other forms of entertainment and education. If you’re passionate about art, this is a great entry-level position.

You will need a bachelor’s degree to gain access to this career in art. As a multimedia artist, you can earn an average salary of $75K per year. Those at the top of this career path in art have the opportunity to earn as much as $140K per year.

Fashion Designer

While a career as a fashion designer might be an entry-level option, it can also pay pretty well. It’s a popular career for those with interest in art and fashion. This career path will put you in charge of designing patterns for shoes, clothing, and accessories.

You may be in charge of designing products for a specific type of clothing line. Designers will draft the clothing designs, select the fabric, and craft the items. You can earn a salary of more than $80K with some experience as a fashion designer. However, this is an entry-level position you can start with a bachelor’s degree.

Fine Artist

One of the careers in art many students will enjoy is a career as a fine artist. This type of work includes creating work for museums or selling it to the public. In addition, you may be commissioned to create specific pieces for businesses or private individuals.

As a fine artist, you will likely need a bachelor’s degree and good art skills. The average salary will be close to $50K per year.

More Jobs for a Fine Arts Degree to Consider

Industrial Designer

It might not seem like an art career, but industrial designers are very artistic. You will be responsible for designing and developing many different manufactured goods. In addition, you’ll meet with clients and work with the market research department.

Industrial designers will need to be skilled in drawing, have technical knowledge, and be good communicators. This type of position will have an average salary of around $66K.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers help to create graphics and images for companies. You can work for a company or start your own agency. Many work with website graphics, social media graphics, and other marketing graphics.

By using specialized computer programs or hand sketches, graphic designers can create the right images for any company. You will work closely with the marketing team.

This entry-level position does require a bachelor’s degree. The salary range for this career in art goes from about $33K to $60K per year.

Interior Designer

Combining the functionality of a space with the style and beauty necessary to create an aesthetically pleasing design, interior designers offer a necessary service. You may work with homeowners but may also work with businesses.

Many interior designers work as freelancers or start their own businesses. You may design sketches by hand or use a specific type of design software. This career in art includes selecting the right furniture and materials for clients.

You may specialize in a specific type of room, style, or structure. Interior designers will create a beautiful private home, public space, or office design by using fabrics, floors, wall coverings, lighting, colors, finishes, and other elements.

You will need a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree in interior design, computer-aided design, or drawing. It can be helpful to complete your master’s degree for some of the more advanced positions.

As an interior designer, you can make as much as $65K per year. If you go into business for yourself, the salary can be much higher.

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