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If you want to change careers or start something of your own online, it’s important to know the best skills to learn online. You don’t need a degree to become a freelancer or to work in many career options. Sometimes, the right skills will be plenty.

The online world opens up a wealth of possibilities. You can learn all types of skills online. Elon Musk even said, “Skills matter more than degrees.”

While this may be true, which skills should you learn online? Let’s look at the top list of skills needed to gain access to incredible careers. Of course, all of these skills can be learned online, too.

Best Skills to Learn Online

Top 17 Skills to Learn Online Today

1. Coding

Those with great coding skills can land jobs and work as freelancers in today’s world. You will open up many doors if you learn how to code. It’s one of the best assets you can have on your resume today.

Even if you don’t plan to become a programmer, understanding coding can help you land the right job. You will have the skills to work with artificial intelligence, help launch an app, or even create websites for clients.

Many employers value those with at least a basic understanding of coding. However, if you become very skilled at coding, you can demand a higher salary. Many jobs will open up if you learn the advanced coding languages and how to apply them properly.

2. Language Skills

Learning a second language makes you more valuable. This is a skill you can learn online pretty easily. There are many different language learning options out there to choose from. Depending on the type of opportunities you want to pursue, you may want to learn Spanish, French, Chinese, or another language.

Once you become fluent in the right language, you will open up new opportunities. Many employers are seeking bi-lingual individuals to add to their team.

You can do more than just work as a translator with a second language. It’s possible to provide written content for companies in the second language you learn. You can also tutor people or even teach the language online. This can give you a viable option to work for yourself online.

3. Writing Skills

One of the most necessary skills in today’s online world is writing. It’s one of the best skills to learn online. Everybody with a website/blog needs regular written content. It’s a great way to capture traffic, communicate with potential customers, and keep people coming back for more.

The written word is also used on social media platforms and offline marketing. If you can become highly skilled at writing, you will be more valuable to employers. Plus, it’s one of the best ways to become a freelancer online. Writers often work for themselves, set their own hours, and choose the projects they prefer to work on.

4. Programming Languages

Programming covers a wide variety of different types of coding languages. You can specialize in one programming language or learn several. Of course, the more you know about programming, the more valuable you can become.

It’s one of the top skills to learn online today. Many employers want people with at least a basic understanding of programming languages. Some are looking for those with very advanced skill sets in this area.

You can start with the Basics of Programming from Codecademy or the Introduction to Programming Nanodegree from Udacity. There are many online courses for programming languages to choose from.

5. Social Media Marketing

Of course, just about everybody is on social media these days. If you’re not on social media, you’re likely living in a cabin in the woods without electricity.

Learning social media marketing is a very valuable thing to do. This skill gives you the ability to work for a company as a social media manager or work as a freelancer. You’ll know how to post the right content, design the right ads, and how to interact on social media with the right course.

Those looking to become freelancers should learn social media marketing. Even if you want to be a freelance writer or an influencer, this skill can come in handy. Of course, you can also work as a social media marketing freelancer and help small businesses with their needs.

6. Graphic Design

Another very popular skill to learn online is graphic design. With the right design skills, you can create logos, images, and banners for websites. Companies need all types of images for social media and their websites in today’s world. This skill can come in handy.

Whether you become a graphic designer or you just add this skill to your arsenal, it can make you more valuable. The ability to create attention-grabbing graphics is necessary in the online world we live in today. This skill can allow you to work as a freelancer, too.

7. UX Design

A specific type of website design, UX design is a skill you can use to market yourself. It’s a type of design that puts the focus on the user experience. You will learn about market research, design, product development, and how to put it all together.

If you want to go into website design, learning UX design is a good choice. Many employers will hire UX designers based on their portfolios. You don’t have to have a degree to work in this field. With the right skills, you can make a nice salary working as a UX designer.

8. Blockchain

With the explosion of cryptocurrency, now is the time to learn blockchain. This open, distributed ledger allows transactions to be verified between two parties without being hacked. It’s a very popular type of technology today and it can apply to more than just cryptocurrencies.

Many industries are starting to use blockchain technology. In fact, the healthcare industry expects to use this technology at a very high rate, according to Business Insider Intelligence. It’s also being looked at as a way to track food distribution.

Blockchain technology might be the next bit disruptive force online. If you learn this technology, you might be able to command a very high salary in the near future.

There are several ways to learn blockchain online. Udacity offers a nanodegree, while Coursera offers a specialization class. Of course, there are many other options, too.

9. Digital Marketing

It’s a broad term, but digital marketing is the way of the future. Heck, it’s the way of right now. Many companies are ditching old offline marketing methods for cheaper and more effective online digital marketing options.

If you want to work for yourself, becoming a digital marketer is a great option. You can help clients will all types of online marketing including SEO, Pay-Per-Click, social media, and more. Digital marketers do a little bit of everything or they can specialize in one area of marketing.

Whether you take a few courses to gain the basics or you become highly skilled, you can market your digital marketing business with the skills you will learn. Udacity offers a nanodegree option, while Coursera offers a Digital Marketing Specialization course. Many other online learning platforms offer courses in digital marketing, as well.

10. Search Engine Optimization

A necessary skill for anybody in the marketing world, search engine optimization (SEO) is a booming industry. If you learn how to properly optimize content and websites to gain more exposure, your skills will pay you back time and time again.

This is one of the top skills you can learn online right now. Those in the SEO world become very valuable for their employers or clients. If you want to work for yourself, learning SEO is a great option.

11. Video Production Skills

YouTube, Rumble, and other video platforms have exploded over the past few years. Many companies and individuals are posting videos daily and need people with good video production skills. Whether you want to work for an employer or freelance, learning video production skills can make you very hirable.

You can learn how to sell a story through the video you produce. Of course, you will also learn video editing skills, which are necessary in today’s world. Many of the vloggers you follow on YouTube probably outsource the editing process. They may even have a video producer they use for some, if not all, of their videos.

With video production skills, you become more marketable. You can take on clients and work for yourself or land a job for a company using YouTube and other platforms for their videos online.

12. Photography

It’s so important for businesses to have the highest-quality pictures possible for their website and social media. If you learn the right photography skills, you can fill this need for companies.

Whether you become an employee or work freelance, learning photography opens up a ton of doors. Many different sites teach photography online. You will need the right equipment, but it is a worthy investment if you enjoy taking pictures.

13. Chatbot Development

Social media marketing has exploded and so have chatbots because of it. A chatbot is a type of software application that simulates a conversation with someone online. If you gain the skills to develop chatbots, you can land several different types of jobs.

There are many online courses and video tutorials that can teach you how to build a chatbot. These courses can also help you to optimize a chatbot for your client.

14. WordPress Skills

WordPress is the most popular website and blogging platform online today. With WordPress skills, you become very desirable for the right company or clients.

Writers often learn basic WordPress skills so they can post content for clients. However, you can also learn how to use WordPress on a more advanced level. This can be helpful if you want to design websites or fix technical issues for clients.

Having basic WordPress skills might be necessary for the job you want, too. Many companies use this content management system. If you work for a company using WordPress, you might need to log into the system often to make changes, upload content, or for other reasons. With at least basic WordPress skills, you can open up many doors.

15. Photoshop

This skill goes along with photography, but can also be helpful for designing memes and other online images. When you know how to use Photoshop to edit images, you become a valuable freelancer or employee. You’ll be able to better design and edit graphics for websites, logos, marketing materials, and more.

Adobe Photoshop is a very popular choice for photographers and digital marketers. Adobe even offers expert tutorials to help you learn how to use Photoshop. You can take advanced courses to become highly skilled and use your skills to boost your resume or work as a freelancer.

16. Statistical Data Analysis

Another excellent skill to learn online is statistical data analysis. You can use this skill to help in many different situations. Whether you need to analyze website traffic for marketing or analyze data for a news article, this skill can come in handy.

This skill can also help you land a good job as it’s a good resume builder. Many companies look for employees that can analyze data for them.

17. Podcasting Skills

Of course, we all know podcasting is very popular these days. It’s the modern version of the radio, only better. With the right podcasting skills, you can start your own podcast or help others with their podcast.

With your own podcast, you will be able to promote products and services, along with establishing yourself as a popular authority. You can also learn how to edit podcasts for others. This can help you become more marketable with the right type of employers.

There are many skills to learn online. Whether you want to boost your resume or you want to work for yourself, these 17 skills are the top options. When you learn one or some of these skills, you become more marketable. Some of the skills on this list can even help you market your own business as a freelancer.

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