Biology Degree Jobs: Top Careers for Biology Graduates

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The study of living organisms is the definition of biology. When you’re looking for a job after getting a biology degree, you need to know the types of careers you can go into. It might be a good idea to look into the jobs available for those with biology degrees before choosing this major.

Some of the biology degree jobs are entry-level, while others require some experience. You will also find some career paths requiring an advanced degree. However, there are plenty of careers for biology graduates. Let’s look at some of the top careers for those with biology degrees.

Jobs for Biology Majors

Most Common Jobs for Those with a Biology Degree


A career path that is pretty obvious for those with a biology degree can become a biologist. This type of career will have you applying what you learned directly. You will study organisms and their relationship within the environment.

As a biologist, you can specialize in botany, wildlife, marine life, and many other areas. It’s common for those with a biology degree to start with a graduate job as a biologist.

A biologist will earn an average salary of nearly $65K per year.


Another common job for those with a biology degree is working as a zoologist. If you want to work with animals, this might be a great choice. You can work with all kinds of animals, including lions, hyenas, elephants, monkeys, and more.

As a zoologist, you will study animals. You will likely study their physical traits and their ecosystems.

A zoologist can earn an average salary of about $62K per year.

High School Teacher

If you go to college for biology, you can become a high school teacher. This is a common career path as you will get to teach biology to the next generation. As a teacher specializing in biology, you can earn good pay, excellent benefits, and many other perks.

Biology teachers earn an average salary of nearly $60K per year.

Biological Technician

A rather common entry-level job for biology degree graduates, a biological technician is a lab assistant. You will need to use your lab skills and techniques to help with research. Most biological technicians will carry out studies and document the results.

If you graduate with a biology degree, this is a career option. Many graduates become biological technicians instead of going to graduate school. This can allow you to enjoy researching many different things.

Biological technicians work at medical schools, non-profit research centers, biotechnology firms, government agencies, and pharmaceutical firms. This position pays between $29K and $73K. The average salary is about $46K.


Working as a biochemist puts you in a very fast-growing field. You will likely work in biotechnology or biomedical research. This career path will allow you to help develop new products and execute studies.

While those with a biology degree can work as a biochemist, you will likely need an advanced degree. Taking courses in physiology and anatomy can help. As a biochemist, you will also need good writing and presentation skills.

Biochemists earn an average salary of about $94K. However, the salary range goes from about $50K to more than $180K based on experience and education.

Food Scientist

As a food scientist, you can help create food additives. This position is a common choice for graduates with a biology degree. You will conduct lab tests and analyze products for quality. It’s common for food scientists to work with government agencies, research institutes, and food manufacturers.

While many food scientists will pursue an advanced degree, it’s not required. You can start this career with a bachelor’s degree in biology. With an advanced degree, you can grow your career.

The average salary for a food scientist with a bachelor’s degree is about $55K per year.

Environmental Scientist

Another great career path for those with a biology degree, an environmental scientist will use biology, chemistry, and engineering. This position is all about solving environmental issues. For example, you may help with recycling, air pollution control, waste disposal, or even public health.

It’s common for environmental scientists to grow into a career in public policy. They partner with businesses and governments to help improve their practices. You can also start an environmental inspection business as an environmental scientist.

The average salary for this position is about $69K.

Conservation Scientist

A position you can enjoy with just a bachelor’s degree in biology, as a conservation scientist, you will study the quality of the land. This may include studying and managing parks, forests, and rangelands. It’s actually more common to get a degree in forestry, but a degree in biology can also lead down this career path.

If you want a career that allows you to spend time outside, this is a good option. You will do quite a bit of fieldwork. But, of course, you will also work in a lab and office, too. The average salary for this position is nearly $61K.

Highest-Paying Biology Degree Jobs

With a biology degree, you can enter into many different careers. However, if you want to enter one of the highest-paying careers with a biology degree, you will likely need to enter graduate school. After graduate school, you can enter into one of the following high-paying careers.


You can use your bachelor’s degree in biology as a step in the right direction toward this career. It’s a very high-paying career, but you will need to gain a doctorate to become a physician. This career path will earn you an average salary of $208K per year.


Another position you can enter into with additional education is one as a dentist. A bachelor’s in biology is a good start, but you will need a doctorate to become a dentist. As a dentist, you can earn an average salary of about $158K per year.


If you want to become a pharmacist, a bachelor’s degree in biology is a start. Then, you can use this degree to go on to graduate school. After earning a doctorate in pharmacology, you can enter this field. As a pharmacist, you can earn an average yearly salary of about $124K.

Biophysicist or Biochemist

This type of career is a great choice for those with a bachelor’s degree in biology. However, you will still need to go on to graduate school and earn a doctoral degree. After completing the necessary education, this type of career will pay an average yearly salary of about $91K.


Maybe you love animals, and you want to earn a high salary. With graduate school, you can earn a doctorate and become a veterinarian. A bachelor’s degree in biology is a great start. This type of career will pay an average salary of about $90K per year.

Frequently Asked Questions About Biology Degree Jobs

What type of companies hires those with a biology degree?

Many types of companies hire people with biology degrees. It’s very common for these types of graduates to work in the following industries:

Many local and federal government agencies and departments also hire people with biology degrees.

Which career fields are most common for biology graduates?

If you plan to get a degree in biology, it will open you to many different career fields. For example, biology degree graduates often go into the following fields:

It’s also possible to use this bachelor’s degree to enter into graduate studies. For example, many biology graduates will graduate from school for chiropractic medicine, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, or physiotherapy.

Do I need an advanced degree for a career in biology?

It depends. You might need an advanced degree to enter into some fields in biology. However, there are several entry-level jobs you can enjoy with a biology degree. In addition, an advanced degree can help you earn a higher salary and advance your career. Some career paths will require an advanced degree, however.

Will I need to complete continuing education courses with a career in biology?

You will likely need to complete continuing education courses once you get a degree in biology. The courses you will need depend on the career path you choose. For example, if you go into any medical career, you will need regular continuing education to keep your license.

What is the most common path for those with a bachelor’s degree in biology?

Most commonly, graduates with a degree in biology go on to graduate school. Some will work as lab assistants first but will end up going back to school. A master’s degree or a doctorate is the most common path.

After earning your bachelor’s degree, specializing is the best way to ensure you can earn a high salary. After that, you can go on to a master’s degree or a doctorate in one of many different fields.

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