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Speeding Tickets in Iowa
Recently, Rick Rilea and Timothy Riley were issued speeding tickets by Iowa’s Department of Transportation (DOT). So was 16-year-old Peyton Atzen, clocked at zipping through a 55-mph zone at a speedy 84-mph. Needless to say, they weren’t happy about the tickets, but they didn’t stop at a grumble. These drivers are just a few of
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Insurance Discounts for Females
Men and women were not created equal—at least when it comes to car insurance. Sure, there are many other factors that matter when it comes to car insurance, such as annual mileage and the number of safety features in your car, as well as personal information, such as age, occupation, and marital status. But the
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Shop Car Insurance Online
Too many buyers, looking for car insurance online may seem like a big task, but it’s actually a pretty simple process and an excellent way to compare quotes and find the best deal overall. Below is an overview of how to successfully shop for auto insurance online in order to save money every year. 1.
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Tips for Winter Driving
Recently, police in British Columbia pulled over a man who was not speeding, not exhibiting signs of intoxication, and obeying all traffic laws. Why was he formally escorted to the shoulder? His entire car—save a small tea-cup-sized circle on his windshield—was completely covered in ice and snow. If you’re looking at a picture, it’s a little
Reasons for Speeding Tickets
  Over the past three and a half years, a study was performed to gather information surrounding speeding tickets written by State Patrol officers in Minnesota. Precisely 224,915 tickets were analyzed. See what the study reveals below! How fast were most drivers who received speeding tickets going? Only 37 out of more than 220,000 were
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Organize Your Car
Are we the only ones who feel that our lives need a major overhaul sometimes? All too often, we’ve sensed the need to change our attitudes, our diet, our priorities, our hobbies… the list could go on and on. Reorganizing your priorities can be an incredible blessing, and we recommend you do some soul-searching and
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Holiday Driving Safety
  We know the real reason for the season, and we’re sure you do, too. (If you don’t, we pray you’re saved from an Ebenezer-Scrooge-style wake-up call.) What we’re not so sure about it how aware people are of the need for extra precaution while driving during the winter months. There are many reasons that
Right Mind On the Road
If your spouse is trying to distract you from your favorite show for a little attention, this is a good distraction, and we recommend for your marriage’s sake that you answer the call. It will be worth it. But one call we never recommend you answer is the one you receive on the road when
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Parent-Taught Driver’s Ed
Most states require young drivers to take a driver education course in order to be eligible for a driver’s license. Often, young drivers can take a driver’s course through their high school or through a private commercial provider. Most of these driver education courses consist of a certain, state-mandated number of hours of classroom instruction
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defensive driving benefits
Maybe you got surprised by that officer who “came out of nowhere.” Maybe the accumulated points on your driving record have you paying more for car insurance than you’d like. Maybe it’s been a while since drivers ed, and you have found yourself a little rusty. Whatever the reason, you’re in need of a driver
road trip budget
We all know that the journey is more important than the destination. But that doesn’t mean that you should invest so much in the journey that you have no money when you finally arrive at Disney World, the Grand Canyon, or your grandma’s. Stick to a road trip budget so that you can keep your
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certified pre-owned
When buying a used vehicle, it’s common to see some dealerships offering “Certified Pre-Owned” models. The certified models tend to cost more money, and you’ll have a harder time finding them than the other options. Before spending the extra money, take some time to learn what benefits such a model comes with, so you can
driving habits
Do something long enough, and it becomes a habit. Some are innocuous enough but others, not so much. We all have patterns that we fall into that on the surface seem harmless enough. The habitual coffee drinker won’t even cop to having a habit, but it’s better not to cross him until he’s had his
best tires for wintertime driving
With projected high temperatures near 90° this week, it is odd to sit here on in early October afternoon in Texas writing this blog post. However, I have survived enough Octobers to know that, climate change or not; it will be winter somewhere in America sooner rather than later.
pass your driving test
For a new driver, behind the wheel test day is a day filled with excitement and anxiety. If today is the date for you, it’s important to remember that you are not alone and that everyone you will see today at the DMV feels the same as you. Set yourself up for success by being prepared. Use this list steps to help get yourself ready for the big day.
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finding a lost traffic ticket
As if it weren’t enough to get a ticket in the first place, now you’ve misplaced it. Knowing that late payment will only mean more trouble for you, you work yourself into a full blown panic. Maybe it’s still in the glove compartment. Maybe it blew out the window. Maybe it’s that little ball of pink shreds you pulled out of the dryer. Now what?
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Nearly every American will one day obtain a driver’s license. It seems an almost inevitable right of passage. While there is some evidence that drivers are delaying getting licensed, it doesn’t mean that they won’t.
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oregon red light camera
Beaverton, Oregon has the reputation of being one of those cities that would be more than happy to write you a traffic ticket. This reputation has only become stronger with the invention and implementation of the red light camera. You probably know someone who has gotten a photo enforcement ticket, or maybe...
Driving Permit
The first step of learning something new is knowing where to begin. For people wanting to drive, that first step usually involves obtaining a learner’s permit.
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Driver Communication
For any interpersonal encounter to be successful, good communication must be present. Proper use of tone, symbols, expression and both verbal and body language can keep things flowing smoothly, and this is just as true on the roadway as it is in the bedroom or boardroom.
Road Trip Planning
As the summertime season is ticking away and with school and work routines about to get back to “normal,” you may be thinking about a quick getaway to wring out one last bit of summer fun. Road trips can be a great way to make memories. Make sure you go into your trip prepared to make only the kind you’ll want to remember.