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oregon red light camera
Beaverton, Oregon has the reputation of being one of those cities that would be more than happy to write you a traffic ticket. This reputation has only become stronger with the invention and implementation of the red light camera. You probably know someone who has gotten a photo enforcement ticket, or maybe...
Driving Permit
The first step of learning something new is knowing where to begin. For people wanting to drive, that first step usually involves obtaining a learner’s permit.
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Driver Communication
For any interpersonal encounter to be successful, good communication must be present. Proper use of tone, symbols, expression and both verbal and body language can keep things flowing smoothly, and this is just as true on the roadway as it is in the bedroom or boardroom.
Road Trip Planning
As the summertime season is ticking away and with school and work routines about to get back to “normal,” you may be thinking about a quick getaway to wring out one last bit of summer fun. Road trips can be a great way to make memories. Make sure you go into your trip prepared to make only the kind you’ll want to remember.
Car Seat Basics
Summer is quickly drawing to a close and, if he or she hasn’t already, your kiddo is headed back to school and you will be back to the daily grind of getting them there. Make sure that you have done all you can make that commute safe. That way you can turn your attention to worrying about other things like...
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Isn’t This a Driving Blog?!? Yes, dear reader, it is. The little critter seen skittering across the video poses a real problem for how we will drive in the future or, more accurately, how we won’t drive in the future. Wait, let me explain...
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First Tesla Model 3
People experience significant life changes every day. For example, statistics show that nearly 5700 and may be getting married and nearly 11,000 you may be welcoming a new baby into the world. You may find yourself in the 14,500 buying a new home or in the nearly 43,000 getting a new car. Speaking of those 43,000, only 30 of you will be getting this car.
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Motorcycle Safety Gear
Since I was a kid, I have had dreams in which I know how to fly. Not like a bird or a plane or Superman but, instead, in a way I can only describe as “sitting on the wind.” These nocturnal adventures feature me leaning back into a stiff breeze, lifting my feet and cruising effortlessly in a seated position. This probably explains my lifelong obsession with...
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odd driving laws
As you drive across the United States, it makes things easier that the basic rules of the road are the same from state to state. For instance, red always means stop, you can drive faster than the sign says and, it turns out, cars have turn signals for a reason. However, the concept of states’ rights (and personalities) has made for some interesting additions to the driving code.
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Renewing CDL
If life has taught us anything, it is that all things good things must come to an end, and a drivers license is no exception to that rule. If you are someone who drives for a living, staying on top of keeping a license current is especially important.
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DRL daytime running lights
You roll out of bed to a sunshiny summer day just made for cruising. You jump behind the wheel, buckle up, stow your cell phone and reach for your Ray-Bans. You’ve done everything to put safety first, right? Would you be interested to know that there is one more thing you can do that can decrease your crass chances by over 15%?
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DUI prescription drugs
In recent years, if American medicine has taught us anything, it’s that there is a pill for everything. Can’t fall asleep At night? Try this one. Can’t seem to get enough done during the day? Give this one a shot. The media airways are inundated with the snake oil pitching. Underneath a beautiful montage of happy people doing happy things, there is rapid-fire delivery of the price you might pay for this miracle cure...
Car Lover
When it comes to connecting with cars, people usually fall into one of three categories. Members of Category 1 view driving as a necessary evil and, if push came to shove, would be just as happy to take a bike or the bus. Category 2 drivers just love to drive, and the vehicle is unimportant as it is just a means to an end. But for those in Category 3...
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Red Light Camera Ticket
Across the country, more and more intersections are being equipped with photosensors that watch day and night for drivers who ignore traffic signals. These “red light cameras” snap a picture of the offender’s license plate and a citation is mailed to them. If you have found yourself in receipt of such a ticket, it’s something that you can't ignore.
Driving Stress
For many people, the worst part of a Monday morning is not found in starting a new work week but in the getting there. It’s hard to have a productive workday if you arrive in a bad mood. It’s even harder to get anything done if you don’t arrive at all because you’ve been in an accident.
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first time drivers getting older
I remember counting the days until I could get my license starting at about age 12. I recall not being able to wait to get behind the wheel. In contrast, today’s teens don’t seem as eager to hit the road.
pass your permit test
Fulfilling the requirements to get a drivers license can carry with it lots of stress. For some, the written test is a real nailbiter. Attempting to get past this first step of the licensing process has delayed many new drivers in their efforts to get behind the wheel.
Red Light Camera
Red light cameras. I’m sure your town probably has them, but it may surprise you how long these little technological wonders have been around. First developed in the 1960s, they received their first widespread attention in the early 1980s when a camera in New York caught images of a motorist striking a child in a stroller at an intersection.
Whether you are a believer in climate change or not, there is no denying the fact that your immediate climate is about to change as we approach the summer months. Excessive heat can be overwhelming, not just for the drivers and passengers of the vehicle, but on the vehicle itself.
another hazard of intersections
Negotiating an intersection brings with it a variety of aggravations and dangers. If the lights are not timed correctly, an intersection can add frustration to a daily commute, and there are few things in the world more irritating than the inefficiency of a four-way stop. Intersections have also proven to be dangerous places to drive.
minimizing driving distractions
There are few things in life that don’t come with both positive and negative features. For example, there are foods that are good for you and foods that are bad for you. Even the foods that are bad for you are generally okay in moderation. The problem is...