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Red Light Camera Ticket
Across the country, more and more intersections are being equipped with photosensors that watch day and night for drivers who ignore traffic signals. These “red light cameras” snap a picture of the offender’s license plate and a citation is mailed to them. If you have found yourself in receipt of such a ticket, it’s something that you can't ignore.
Driving Stress
For many people, the worst part of a Monday morning is not found in starting a new work week but in the getting there. It’s hard to have a productive workday if you arrive in a bad mood. It’s even harder to get anything done if you don’t arrive at all because you’ve been in an accident.
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first time drivers getting older
I remember counting the days until I could get my license starting at about age 12. I recall not being able to wait to get behind the wheel. In contrast, today’s teens don’t seem as eager to hit the road.
pass your permit test
Fulfilling the requirements to get a drivers license can carry with it lots of stress. For some, the written test is a real nailbiter. Attempting to get past this first step of the licensing process has delayed many new drivers in their efforts to get behind the wheel.
Red Light Camera
Red light cameras. I’m sure your town probably has them, but it may surprise you how long these little technological wonders have been around. First developed in the 1960s, they received their first widespread attention in the early 1980s when a camera in New York caught images of a motorist striking a child in a stroller at an intersection.
Whether you are a believer in climate change or not, there is no denying the fact that your immediate climate is about to change as we approach the summer months. Excessive heat can be overwhelming, not just for the drivers and passengers of the vehicle, but on the vehicle itself.
another hazard of intersections
Negotiating an intersection brings with it a variety of aggravations and dangers. If the lights are not timed correctly, an intersection can add frustration to a daily commute, and there are few things in the world more irritating than the inefficiency of a four-way stop. Intersections have also proven to be dangerous places to drive.
minimizing driving distractions
There are few things in life that don’t come with both positive and negative features. For example, there are foods that are good for you and foods that are bad for you. Even the foods that are bad for you are generally okay in moderation. The problem is...
texting and driving
As with any technology, the cell phone is a two-edged sword. If the technology had been available, I am sure that my parents would not have let me out of the house without one and I certainly made sure that my teens had one, especially after they got their driver’s licenses.
driving on ambien
Busy lives, stressful jobs and the overuse of cell phones before bed all contribute to make going to sleep difficult. Rather than focusing on the root causes, most Americans are content to simply throw a pill at the problem. In the past five years, over 60 million prescriptions have been written for sleeping aids.
the beginnings of car insurance
A requirement of legal and responsible adulthood, one of the necessary evils of our day is the purchase of automobile insurance. It is an unusual purchase as it is the only product you will ever buy hoping never to use. That being said, where did the idea of insurance start in the first place?
avoid traffic stop
You weren’t speeding, you remembered your turn signal, hadn’t cut anyone off and still those dreaded flashing lights came on behind you. If any of these usual suspects did not make you a suspect for a moving violation, chances are one of these other mistakes made you ripe for a citation.
motorcycle safety gear
For those who ride motorcycles, safety is a significant concern. While there are always threats posed by other vehicles on the road, there is much a motorcyclist himself can do to protect themselves out on the road. Many injuries can be avoided through the use of proper protective gear.
save insurance
Because of an aggressive (and creative) advertising campaign, almost everyone is familiar with the phrase “15 minutes could save you 15% on your auto insurance.” While 15 minutes with that company may or may not result in savings for you, there are some other ways that might.
Defensive Driving Course for Killeen TX
Did you receive a traffic ticket in or near Killeen Texas or Fort Hood? Or do near to Killeen and simply need a simple option to complete a defensive driving course? Check out our video FAQs to see if Approved Course’s online Defensive Driving Killeen Texas course fits your needs.
driver inattention
I couldn’t believe it. After more than three decades of legal, licensed driving, I failed my driving test. It was a little humbling, to say the least.
are EV's greener?
Since the advent of the electric car (EV), many arguments have been used to accentuate their positives. The one most commonly heard is that the EV’s are far more environmentally friendly than their gasoline-powered brethren. But is this really the case?
self-driving distraction
Since its inception, the Tesla automobile has garnered much media attention, some good and some bad. Perhaps the most tragic was the news last summer of a man involved in a fatality accident with an 18 wheeler that crossed the median on a Florida highway. The accident occurred while the car was in Autopilot mode.
more black ice
With the winter season upon us and colder temperatures become the norm, keeping safe on the road requires greater attention and the use of driving skills that have been neatly tucked away since last year. One of the situations that will get those skills dusted off in a hurry is the presence of black ice.
Image of car buried in snow
With 2000 comments and 6000 shares on Facebook, a Michigan man’s traffic ticket caused no small stir.
tickets down deaths up
Since 2010, Illinois state troopers have written fewer tickets every year. In fact, by the end of this year, the number will have dropped by 49%. while this will certainly equate to lost revenue for ticket attorneys, the defensive driving industry and the state, it may be leading to an even greater loss, the loss of life.