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360Training provides regulatory online training and certification for a variety of professions and industries. The goal is to provide state-approved training to help various professionals meet specific state-mandated training and certification requirements.

About 360Training

360Training currently has more than 4 million users across the world. The company was formed in 1997 as a learning center. But later expanded to include several brands, such as Agent Campus for the real estate industry.

Who Can Benefit from 360Training?

Some states require certain professionals to have hours of training. Without this training, it’s impossible to receive a license, certificate, or to work legally within the profession.

For example, Alabama requires 60 hours of approved real estate classes to earn a real estate license. In Alabama, any food establishment must have a certified food manager on-site at all times.

360Training makes it possible to receive online training that meets state-requirements.

If you were working towards a real estate license, you could use Agent Campus – which is 360Training’s real estate training division. And if you need certification for the food and alcohol industries, you could benefit from Learn2Serve – which is 360Training’s food and alcohol training division.

Here’s an in-depth look at some of the courses 360Training provides. Please note that you’ll choose the classes designated for your state. But for this article, Alabama is used as an example.

Online Real Estate Training (Alabama Example)

Most states require that you earn a real estate license before you can become a real estate agent. And in some states, you’ll need to complete continuing education (CE) classes before you can renew your real estate license.

360Training provides certified real estate classes via Agent Campus. You choose your state, see which classes or courses count towards the requirements, enroll, and complete the course.

As mentioned earlier, before getting a real estate license in Alabama, you must complete 60 hours of pre-license classes. 360Training has a course called “Alabama Pre-License Fundamentals.”

The online course is approved by the Alabama Real Estate Commission (AREC). And includes all 60 of the hours required to apply for an Alabama real estate license.

You receive a certificate of completion after successfully completing the course. And you’ll need this certificate to apply for your license.

You’ll start the course by learning about various real estate activities and careers. There’s also an in-depth look into which government agencies are responsible for regulating the real estate industry.

After learning some basics of real estate, more serious subjects such as forms of ownership, property rights, and real estate restrictions are covered.

There’s also a math portion that teaches formulas and calculations used specifically for real estate. This math is important when dealing with property descriptions and financing.

You’ll also learn about legal matters concerning real estate. Topics you’ll discuss include environmental issues, agency operations, property transfers, and contract law.

During the end of the course, you’ll learn about financing real estate, different types of loans, and the loan process.

And as the final step, you’ll learn about real estate laws and regulations specific to Alabama. For example, you’ll learn about the laws that regulate real estate agent conduct. You’ll also learn the consequences of conduct violations.

The course will provide information about applying for your license, renew your license, and what role the AREC plays in it all.

There are additional Alabama pre-license courses available. Choose the course that best fits your needs as required by your state.

For example, the basic Alabama real estate course includes everything included in the fundamentals course. The difference is the basic course includes training for the math portion of the Alabama real estate license exam.

The math training specifically focuses on using math in real estate situations. It adds an extra 3 hours to your instruction time, but there are no extra charges.

In this special math section, you’ll learn things such as calculating property values and commission rates.

There’s also a premium course that includes everything included in the basics and fundamentals courses. The difference is the premium course includes exam prep and client communications.

Exam prep courses are also available as a standalone package. For example, say you’ve completed your 60 hours of required classes at a local real estate school. All that’s left is for you to take the Alabama real estate exam to get your license.

In that case, you could enroll in the Alabama exam prep course. This course gives you an in-depth look into what to expect on the exam. You’ll also have access to study guides and practice exams.

After each practice exam, you’re able to review your answers. You can use this feedback to see which areas you need more study.

Note: The exam prep courses aren’t approved by any state or testing organization. They are optional courses to help you prepare for the exam.

Alabama also requires an additional 30 hours of classes after you pass the state exam. The license you earn after initially taking the state exam is temporary. To get a permanent license, you must complete an additional 30 hours of post-license classes.

360Training offers an online Alabama post-license course that helps you fulfill the 30-hour requirement. Topics covered include pitfalls and liabilities common in real estate, specifics of the real estate process and details about running a real estate business.

After completing the 30 hours, 360Training will submit proof of your coursework to the AREC. After your paperwork is in order – and you’ve met any additional requirements – you can apply for your permanent license.

To renew your Alabama real estate license, you must complete 15 hours of CE classes. 360Training offers a complete CE course that provides the needed 15 hours.

As you can see – using Alabama as an example – 360Training has all the courses you need to earn your Alabama real estate license.

Real estate courses are available for most states – but not all. Check AgentCampus by 360Training to see if courses are available for your state.

360Training also offers courses for professionals in the food and alcohol industries.

Online Food and Alcohol Training (Alabama Example)

Some states require professionals in the food and alcohol industries to have specific training or certification. 360Training provides courses to fulfill these requirements via Learn2Serve.

In keeping with the Alabama example, here’s how a food handler in Alabama can benefit from 360Training.

In Alabama, every food establishment must have at least one person with a food managers certification present at all times. Different counties have different names for this certification.

For example, one county might require a food handler’s card. But a different county might require a food protection card. Although the titles are sometimes different, they all require the same type of training.

To receive an Alabama food handler card, you must complete food safety training from an accredited organization. You must also pass the course examination.

If you were trying to earn this card in Alabama, you could take the food handler training online course on Learn2Serve.

The course teaches you about food safety issues and Alabama regulations. You also learn to store and maintain food properly. There is also an in-depth focus on handling food properly to avoid foodborne illnesses – such as food poisoning.

A final exam is given after the course. And a grade of 70 or higher is required to pass. Once you’ve passed the test, you’ll receive certification and an official food handler card.

Perhaps you want to manage or own a food establishment in Alabama. In that case, you’ll have to become a certified food manager (CFM) by passing the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) food safety certification exam.

360Training has a course that offers food safety manager training plus the ANSI exam.

The course provides 8 hours of online training covering topics like food safety principles, preventing foodborne illnesses, and properly storing food.

You can take the Food Protection Manager Certification Exam in your own home. All you need is a webcam, computer, and an internet connection. An online proctor will monitor your movements via the webcam to make sure there’s no cheating.

A score of 72 or higher is required to pass the exam. If you pass the exam, you can print your official food protection manager certificate.

ANSI accredits the online food protection manager exam. The Conference also approves the exam for Food Protection. The accreditation is accepted as valid in most states, but it’s wise to contact your local health department to see additional state requirements.

Although Alabama is used as an example, Learn2Serve has courses for various states. Since different states have different requirements, it’s important to make sure you’re taking classes for your state. Also, keep in mind that some states might not have any courses listed on 360Training.

360Training and Additional Areas of Study

Courses are available for a variety of professions and industries. Areas of study include:

  1. OSHA Campus for environmental and safety issues – features OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) safety training courses for construction industries.
  2. Power and industrial – compliance, skills, safety, and development training for people in the power and utility industry.
  3. Insurance agent pre-license – Most states require pre-license courses before a person can earn an insurance license.
  4. Insurance agent continuing education – Most states require additional courses for licensed insurance agents – usually required to renew a license.
  5. Harassment training – courses focus on how to recognize and avoid harassment in the workplace.
  6. Business skills – courses in communication, leadership, and project management to help business people strengthen their skills.
  7. Human resources – courses that help human resources professionals deal with conflict resolution and ethics.
  8. Trade and engineering – courses that help engineers, contractors, and electricians build skills in HVAC training and green building areas.

Courses and Expiration Dates

You don’t have to take a course as soon as you enroll. Sometimes life gets in the way. Something could happen to prevent you from immediately starting the course. That’s why you have up to 1 year in which to take the course. If there’s an exception to the 1-year rule, the course will mention it when you enroll.

The Subject of Refunds

You can request a refund within 72 hours of paying for a course. However, your request must meet the following requirements:

1. The payment was made no longer than 72 hours before requesting a refund. That means you have 3 days in which to request your refund.

2. You haven’t taken any portion of an exam or test. If your course includes an exam or test, don’t start either unless you’re certain you don’t want a refund. If you start any portion of an exam or test, you automatically forfeit your right to request a refund.

3. You haven’t received or requested a certificate of completion. If you’ve already requested a certificate of completion, then it’s assumed you’ve already completed the course.

4. You haven’t completed 50 percent or more of the course. Stop immediately if you start a course and decide you want a refund. If it’s determined you’ve already done half the course, then your refund request will get denied.

If you meet the above refund requirements, you can submit your refund request to 360Training via email. You must have your receipt and an explanation for why you’re requesting a refund.

360Training for Easy Online Access

Online training is a convenient way to get the courses and training hours that you need.