Computer Science Careers: The Top Job Opportunities

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If you’re considering one of the computer science careers, you’ll be entering a growing field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects this field will see an 11% increase over 10 years. The type of career you can enter in computer science depends on your degree.

There are jobs available for those with associate degrees and bachelor’s degrees. Some of the highest-paying jobs are also available for those with master’s degrees. Let’s look at some of the job opportunities in this field.

Careers in Computer Science

Top Computer Science Careers to Explore

Computer Hardware Engineer

If you want to be in charge of designing, testing, and developing computer components, this is the career for you. As a computer hardware engineer, you will work with routers, memory devices, circuit boards, and other hardware.

Going into this computer science career will require the right technical expertise. You will also need to be creative. As an avid learner, you will stay on top of the trends to create better computer hardware.

You’ll need to be able to perform comprehensive system tests. A big part of this job is making sure computer hardware is working correctly.

As a computer hardware engineer, you can earn an average salary of about $117K per year. This position will require a bachelor’s degree.

Web Developer

As a web developer, you’ll help with the technical aspects of websites. You’ll work on the structure of the site to ensure page views and visitors are maximized. Web developers often need skills in search engine optimization.

If you want to be a web developer, you’ll need good communication skills and creativity. You will also need to be familiar with multiple interfaces and browsers.

The average annual salary for a web developer is about $74K. While a bachelor’s degree is preferred, it’s not required. However, you can work as a web developer with the right certification and experience.

Computer and Information System (CIS) Managers

As a CIS manager, you will work in a higher-paid computer science career. This type of position means you will be overseeing the implementation of a company’s data systems and technologies. In addition, you will need to evaluate the networking, software, hardware, and technology resources for development and purchase.

A CIS manager will be in charge of hiring, training, and supervising staff. Therefore, good interpersonal skills and leadership skills are necessary.

CIS managers will enjoy a high salary of about $146K per year, on average. You will need at least a bachelor’s degree and some experience to become a CIS manager. However, it’s preferred to have a master’s degree.

Computer Systems Analyst

As a computer systems analyst, you will assess the computer system of an organization. In addition, you will be in charge of recommending software and hardware changes. Typically, the goal is to make the company more efficient with your recommendations.

You will need excellent communication skills for this position. It’s also necessary to have a curiosity for continual learning. With good business skills, you can become very successful with this career.

The average yearly salary for a computer systems analyst is nearly $91K. Therefore, a bachelor’s degree will be necessary for this computer science career.

Database Administrator

Analyzing and evaluating the data needs of users is the main task of a database administrator. In addition, you will work to improve data resources and how they are used. With good problem-solving skills, a database administrator can help to correct issues with the database. They also work to modify systems to fit the needs of the users.

The average salary of a database administrator will be about $94K per year. Becoming a database administrator will require at least a bachelor’s degree.

Computer Network Architect

A computer network architect will help design, maintain, and implement the company’s data communications systems. This may include working with local area networks, extranets, wide area networks, and intranets. In addition, you will assess the data sharing and communication needs of the organization.

As a computer network architect, you will likely evaluate services and products currently available. Part of the job includes testing systems before they are implemented. Therefore, it’s necessary to have analytical skills for this position.

As a computer network architect, you’ll earn an average salary of about $112K per year. Most computer network architects will have a bachelor’s degree and at least five years of work experience.

IT Project Manager

Another popular career for computer science graduates is one as an IT project manager. This type of position will coordinate a team of programmers and developers. The goal is to lead the team to project completion. Most projects will include analyzing technical problems and proposing solutions.

Good problem-solving skills are necessary. IT project managers also need excellent knowledge of computer and technology systems. You will also need good communication skills.

If you decide to become an IT project manager, you can earn an average annual salary of about $89K. A bachelor’s degree is necessary to become an IT project manager. It can improve your job prospects if you have a master’s degree, however.


As a webmaster, you will maintain websites and tackle tasks, such as design and data analysis. It’s a very popular career because it doesn’t require the same degree level as some of the other computer science careers on the list.

Webmasters can work for themselves or an employer. It’s possible to be a freelancer and take on multiple clients. Large companies also hire webmasters.

As a webmaster, you can make an average salary of about $82K. This position only requires an associate degree or a certification. However, more advanced positions will require a bachelor’s degree.

Computer Support Specialists

If you want to help customers and employees with computer-related issues, this is a good career path. As a computer support specialist, you will help with software issues, operating systems, and more. Some companies need computer support specialists to help employees, while others need them to help customers.

This computer science career will have you solving all types of computer issues. Therefore, you will need a deep knowledge of how computers work and the common issues users face.

This career has an average salary of $55K per year. You will likely need a bachelor’s degree to work as a computer support specialist. Some careers in computer support don’t require a degree. However, you will need a good understanding of computers to work in this career.

Computer Programmer

Another popular computer science career, as a computer programmer, you will write programs for computers. You will be in charge of writing the programs that allow a computer to function properly.

Computer programmers earn an average salary of about $89K per year. You will likely need a bachelor’s degree to become a computer programmer. However, this is an entry-level job not requiring any previous experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Computer Science Careers

Which job in computer science will pay the most?

The highest paying computer science career is one as a research scientist. This type of position pays a median salary of about $123K per year. With new technology, platforms, designs, and systems, this is an in-demand career.

Is there a high demand for people with computer science degrees?

Yes, those with computer science degrees are in very high demand. The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) believes this field will grow by 8% to 31% across the board. But, of course, some of the careers will grow faster than others. Regardless, those getting a degree in computer science are sought-after.

What can be done with a degree in computer science?

Most commonly, those with degrees in computer science will work for tech companies. Computer science careers often include working in design, analysis, and maintenance in the technology industry. While tech companies are the most common employer, it’s also common for government agencies to hire computer science graduates and other companies.

Which companies are the top employers of graduates with a computer science degree?

Google, Netflix, Twitter, Slack, the FAA, and CGI are some of the top employers with computer science degrees. Since technology companies are the top employers of these graduates, this likely comes as no surprise.

Is a computer science career a good choice?

If you’re the right type of candidate and it’s a career you want, it’s a great option. Computer science careers are in high demand, and they pay a very high average salary of $80K to $130K, or even more.

There are many computer science careers to consider. This is a growing field, and one anybody can enter with the right education. If you love computers and you have an analytical mind, this is likely a good career path for you.

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