Creative Paths on Approved Course

  • 17 Jobs for Creative People to Keep You Inspired

    Web Developers · Writers · Make-up Artists · Landscape Architects · College Art Teachers · Fashion Designer · Graphic Designers.

  • Careers in Art

    Photographer · Product Designer · Landscape Architect · Film Director · Art Director · Multimedia Artist · Fashion Designer · Graphic Artist

  • Careers in Photography

    Start your career in photography! Freelance · Fashion · Events · Sports · Science/Medical Travel/Nature · Advertising · Forensics · Funeral

  • How To Become a Blogger

    Choose a niche/blog name · Buy a Domain and Blog Hosting · Design and Customize Your Blog's Layout · Publish Your First Blog Post

  • How To Become a Book Editor

    Do you love to read and write? You might be ready for a career as a book editor. The average annual salary for all editors is nearly $70K.

  • How To Become a Freelance Writer

    As a freelance writer, you'll be running your own business. Yes, you should be a good writer, but the most important skill is marketing.

  • How To Become a Journalist

    Whether you're fascinated with politics, love the idea of reporting on sports, or have general curiosity, consider becoming a journalist.

  • How To Become a Professional Organizer

    As a professional organizer, you can help others and make a living at the same time. Let's view how to become a professional organizer.

  • How To Become a Singer

    6 steps to becoming a singer: Have a Strong Belief in Yourself · Consistently Work on Your Craft · Practice Often · Get a Go-To Song

  • How To Become a Voice Actor

    Do you love the idea of being the voice of a character? Maybe you have one of those voices everybody says belongs on the radio.

  • How To Become a Writer

    How to become a writer | Develop your writing skills · Read often · Get a degree (optional) · Create samples · Join a writing community

  • How To Become an Actor/Actress

    Perform in High School · Get an Acting Degree · Join a Local Theater · Get some Experience · Get Your Headshots Done · Create a Demo Reel

  • How To Become an Animator

    You will need to Finish High School · Get Your Bachelor's Degree · Start Adding to Your Portfolio · Get Experience · Get a Graduate Degree

  • How To Become an Art Teacher

    If you want to become an art teacher, you need the right education. First, it helps if you love art and want to help students learn about art.

  • How To Become an Artist

    To become an artist, a Bachelor's degree in graphic design, art design, or other closely related fields is recommended but not required.

  • How To Become an Audiobook Narrator

    Are you interested in narrating books for a living? You can literally get paid to read books out loud as an audiobook narrator.

  • How To Become an Event Planner

    Are you the type that can throw a great party or event? There are several steps to become an event planner, but a degree isn't required.

  • How To Become an Interior Designer

    Do you love the idea of being an interior designer? There are several steps you will need to complete before taking on this exciting career.

  • What Does a Movie Producer Do?

    A movie producer is responsible for launching the entire project from hiring writers, directors, and actors.