Criminal Justice Paths on Approved Course

  • How To Become a 911 Operator

    To become a 911 operator you must complete your application · complete 911 operator training · pass the exam · get qualified

  • How To Become a CIA Agent

    To become a CIA Agent you will need: Bachelor's degree · Master's degree (optional) · Learn a foreign language · Complete CIA training.

  • How To Become a Court Reporter

    Court reporters create a verbatim transcript of court hearings. Explore criminal justice career and learn how to become a court reporter.

  • How To Become a Court Stenographer

    As a court stenographer, you will likely create transcripts for testimonies, committee meetings, legislative sessions, depositions, and more.

  • How To Become a Crime Scene Investigator

    Are you fascinated with crime scenes? Have you always wanted to help solve crimes? Learn more about becoming a crime scene investigator.

  • How To Become a Criminal Profiler

    Steps to become a criminal profiler: Graduate high school, get a Bachelor's degree, complete training, gain experience, get an advanced degree.

  • How To Become a DEA Agent

    How to become a DEA Agent | Meet the basic requirements · Earn a bachelor's degree · Gain law enforcement experience · Apply at a DEA office

  • How To Become a Detective

    If becoming a detective has always been a dream of yours, how do you make it a reality? Learn how to start a career in criminal justice.

  • How To Become a Game Warden

    A game warden needs to finish high school, earn a college degree in a related field, and complete all necessary training before starting a career.

  • How To Become a Homicide Detective

    Become a Police Officer · Get a College Degree · Gain experience as a police officer · Pass the National Detective/Investigative Test (NDIT)

  • How To Become a Police Officer

    Maybe you've dreamed of being a police officer all your life. With the right training, you can start a career in criminal justice.

  • How To Become a Probation Officer

    Basic requirements to become a probation officer · Must be 18 years of age or older · Have a Bachelor's degree · Gain related experience · Complete training

  • How To Become a Profiler

    Steps to becoming a criminal profiler · Get a Bachelor's degree · Complete law enforcement training · Work in investigation · Get an advanced degree

  • How To Become a Secret Service Agent

    To become a secret service agent, you need a Bachelor's degree in criminal justice or a related field, and a graduate degree can help advance your career.

  • How To Become an Air Marshal

    A federal air marshal career is competitive, so earning an advanced degree can set you apart when you're applying for positions.

  • How To Become an FBI Agent

    You must be a U.S. citizen who is between 23 and 36 years old, with a bachelor's degree in a related field and two years of experience.

  • Law Enforcement Careers

    Careers include Police Officer · Investigator · Detective · FBI Agent · Secret Service Agent · Sheriff · Border Patrol · Game Warden.

  • Peace Officer vs Police Officer

    A police officer must be a member of the police force. However, a peace officer can be a member of the police force, but they don't have to be.

  • What does a Criminologist do?

    As a criminologist, you will spend time doing research, collecting information, and studying data to better understand the criminal mind.

  • What is a Correctional Officer?

    Correctional officers oversee and enforce the rules at a jail or prison. Physical strength and strong communication skills are essential.