Defensive Driving Benefits

Information Last Verified: July 20, 2021 by Jordan Fabel

Maybe you got surprised by that officer who “came out of nowhere.” Maybe the accumulated points on your driving record have you paying more for car insurance than you’d like. Maybe it’s been a while since drivers ed and you have found yourself a little rusty. Whatever the reason, you’re in need of a driver safety course and some defensive driving benefits. Fortunately for you, it won’t be as hard as you might think to get it done.

How Will You Collect Your Defensive Driving Benefits?

Driver safety classes are offered in both classroom and online formats. The state requirements will be met either way, and the cost for either version is nearly always the same. The choice comes down to your schedule and preferred learning style.

  1. In the classroom course, the work is completed in one sitting with an instructor using lecture (sometimes mixed with video) to cover the material. This method will require you to sacrifice a substantial chunk of your day. If you are a sit and listen kind of guy who mixes well with strangers, this might be a good choice.
  2. In the online course, the work is completed on your timetable. They can usually be taken on any type of internet-enabled device, and they all offer the ability to start and stop at your leisure. Online defensive driving comes in a variety of formats including full text, text with audio support, full video or somewhere in between.

online driving course exam

Completing the Course

Signing up for the course is a good first step, but to receive your defensive driving benefits, you’ll actually have to complete it. Proof of completion usually comes in the form of a test.

In most cases, this test will consist of multiple-choice questions you probably know the answers to already. Sometimes the test will be a final exam while with other providers the test will be broken into chapter quizzes. Passing the test (or tests) is required to get your certificate.

What to Do with That Certificate

Once you have received your certificate, get about the business of letting people know that you have. If you are taking the course at the largess of your local traffic court, get them a copy right away.

You’ll also want to shoot a copy to your insurance agent and possibly qualify for a premium discount. If you drive for a living, take it to your boss. Saving him some money on his insurance is an easy way to garner an “attaboy.”

Driver safety courses carry a fairly high bang to buck ratio. With very little time, money and effort, you can enjoy big defensive driving benefits.