Defensive Driving Killeen Texas

Information Last Verified: June 16, 2021 by Jordan Fabel

Killeen is the 21st largest city in Texas and the closest city to Fort Hood. Killeen is located just southwest of Waco, TX and straight west of Temple. Because of city size and nearness to Fort Hood, drivers in Killeen often receive a traffic ticket and in need of a Defensive Driving Killeen Texas option.

If you receive a ticket in Killeen, Texas, you don’t have to take your actual defensive driving course in Killeen. We have an online defensive driving course, approved and certified by the State of Texas. Many find this to be a more convenient option. You can complete this course whether you live in Killeen or simply received your ticket while traveling through. To complete your Defensive Driving Killeen Texas online course, you’ll simply need a computer and internet access.

FAQ About Our Defensive Driving Killeen TX Online Course

Will I see my auto insurance rates decrease if I take the Texas defensive driving online course that offers for Killeen?

Usually, yes. The best way to ensure this is true is to check with your Texas insurance agent prior to beginning your Defensive Driving Killeen Texas Online course. Several Texas insurance companies offer policyholders a 10% discount for completing a Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR)-approved defensive driving course.

We send every driver who completes their Killeen defensive driving course a second copy of their certificate of completion to provide to the insurance agent. We want to make things as simple as possible.

How long does it typically take to finish the Killeen Texas online defensive driving course by Approved Course?

Everyone works through the test at a different rate, but typically it takes less than a half-day or so. The good news is you do not need to complete the Killeen TX defensive driving course all in one sitting. All of your completed coursework is securely saved as you work through the defensive driving course on the cloud.

Because of this, you can stop and resume your test later as often as you need to until you complete the course. allows you to take the test for the section you just completed, rather than requiring you to remember everything covered in a giant final exam.

What happens if I don’t pass a certain chapter exam at the end of each section of my Killeen TX defensive driving course?

Simple. Any section not passed can be easily repeated and a re-test taken. You can keep repeating that section until you pass the test—though with our great instructional videos, we’ve found the need for a re-test is rare. Texas Law requires participants of all defensive driver courses to pass each section. We make it simple and easy.

Does Texas have a limit to how often or how many times I can complete a defensive driving class for my ticket?

Texas law allows drivers to remove one ticket from your record within a twelve-month period by successfully finishing a Texas defensive driving course. Do note, if you get an additional ticket in a city outside of Killeen, the limit to having the ticket removed is set statewide.

If you cannot remember the last time you used a defensive driving course to remove a ticket, please contact the Texas traffic court in Killeen to see if you are eligible to take the Texas defensive driving online course at this time.

What do I need to do to get my certificate after I’ve successfully finished with the online class?

Once you have passed each section of the internet defensive driving class for your Killeen ticket or citation anywhere else within Texas, will promptly issue your certificate of completion sent out via the United Sates Post Office.

Do I receive the same credit using the online version of the Defensive Driving Killeen Course as if I attended an actual defensive driving class in Killeen?

Yes, you receive the exact same credit. We’ve found that our online course is more convenient since you can complete the course at your own speed, when it works with your calendar, and in the comfort of your own home.

What is I received my ticket in another city but live in Killeen or vice versa?

If you received your traffic citation while passing through Killeen, but live elsewhere in the state, the defensive driving course can still be completed for credit. When you complete the course, we’ll mail you the needed certificate or you can send it to the Killeen traffic court.

Maybe you received a ticket in another Texas city, but live in Killeen or are stationed at Fort Hood. No worries. You can complete the course from your location, and simply mail your completion certificate from your Killeen or Fort Hood location to the city in which your citation was issued.

With an defensive driving online course, you can take an affordable and fully certified defensive driving class at a time that works best for you. Remember to complete the course before your court-ordered time limit ends.

Complete your defensive driving course and have that traffic ticket off your record.

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