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If you are looking for the course that drivers take to dismiss tickets and/or save money on their car insurance, you are in the right place.

  • TDLR/TEA Approved Course is 100% Online
  • Lowest Cost for TX Course Guaranteed
  • Option for Printing Your Certificate from Home!



Driver Safety Course Online for Ticket Dismissal

Our online 6-hour driver course has been approved by the TDLR and the Texas Education Agency and is accepted by every court in the state. With your certificate of completion, you not only meet the requirements to keep your driving record clean and may also be eligible for an insurance discount of up to 15%, good for three years. It is our goal to make completing this course as painless as possible with the hope of making our roads safer for everyone.

Interactive Learning with Easy-to-Read Text & Video

We know how boring it can be to take a driving safety course because we had to take them before writing this course. To be honest, most courses are such a headache that I for one would prefer watching some paint dry. This course contains the same content that is required by the TDLR and the TEA but is presented using video and text to help keep you engaged as you learn tips to becoming a better driver on Texas roads.

If you are out on the idea of reading anything, for just a few dollars more you can upgrade to our new 100% video course. Makes getting your driver safety course done as easy as watching TV!

Your Schedule, Not the Driving School's

Getting a ticket is bad enough, and sitting in a classroom all day to get it dismissed would be even worse. When you take your ticket dismissal course online, everything is done on your time and not someone else's. Not everyone can take their course during typical business hours, and we understand that. Our Texas-based customer service center is open around the clock every day of the year to make sure that we are here if you need help. There is no reason to waste away your weekend. Start your course today and finish it when you have time!

Fast, Simple and Affordable Texas Driving Safety

The freedom to come and go as you please is one of our customer's favorite features. Our system tracks your progress as you work through the course so when you want to take a break, you can just walk away. We recommend that you log out if you are using a shared computer. The $25.00 price is the lowest allowed by Texas state law. Don't fall for imposters, go with the best!

Our Driving Safety Course is Easy and Convenient

Now that more internet activity takes place on cell phones and tablets than on a traditional desktop, we decided to make it easy for anyone on any device to complete our course. Apple or Android, smartphone or tablet, taking your driver safety course online has never been easier than it is today.

Multiple Attempts = Multiple Chances to Succeed

Hit “submit” before you were ready? Take too long a break between lesson and quiz? Not as good a guesser as you thought? No worries! Our course offers you three opportunities on each quiz to review and retake, so your success is virtually guaranteed!

Free Same-Day Shipping Included at No Charge

If your court date is coming up soon and you need to get everything done now, we offer several options for rush certificate shipping including overnight and 2-day delivery for an additional charge. We are also one of the few providers in Texas that is approved to offer printable course certificates! Paying a little extra now will save you big money in the long run since you will wind up with extra court fees and increased insurance premiums if you turn your certificate in late.


Dismiss a Speeding Ticket

Have you recently heard the dreaded words "Do you know how fast you were going?" (In my best cop voice)

The good news is that part is over and now you just need to keep it from appearing on your driving record. Take a deep breath and when you're ready, click register now above to clear that ticket the easy way with ApprovedCourse.com!

TDLR/TEA Approved Online Driving Safety Course

Get started with your driving safety course online now and get rid of that ticket!