Driving Record

Did you know you can order your driving record or motor vehicle report? It can show you important information like if your license is expired or revoked, and traffic accidents that you’ve been involved in, your driving record points or other violations, such as DWIs or speeding tickets.


Warning: Most states do not provide free driving records. If a website states that you can obtain a free driving record, it may be a scam.


You may require a driving record for your insurance company, for a court proceeding, or for background checks. Each state has different types of records, which might include a motor vehicle report (MVR), a driving record, which can be certified or non-certified, a driving history report, often referred to as an abstract, or an online driving record.


Certain records may not work for your insurance agency or other investigative agency, so make sure to check with the party asking for your records which report they need - specifically, and by state.


Keeping a good driving record is important for insurance fees, securing good employment opportunities, and staying in good legal status. Stay informed by viewing your driving record with Approved Course!

What state driving record do you need?