New York Defensive Driving

Information Last Verified: February 22, 2021 by Jordan Fabel

New York Defensive Driving Course / PIRP

No more hassle and confusion! When you sign up for our Online New York Defensive Driving Course and New York State Point and Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP), all of your concerns melt away. No more transportation and scheduling problems traveling to a classroom – the classroom comes to you! Anywhere that you have internet access, you can remove points from your driving record and start receiving a mandatory 10% reduction of your insurance. Take advantage of our guaranteed, fast and easy solution to your PIRP problems by signing up today!

What Can a Defensive Driving Course Do for You?

With our convenient NYS PIRP course, you will be able to:

You don’t even have to report to the DMV – We’ll do it for you! The only thing you need to do once you complete the course is submit the certificate of completion to your insurance provider and start saving money!

Completed Defensive Driving Certificate Fast and Free

Why wait to start saving money and get your point credit? Finish the course by 3:00 p.m. CST and we will immediately send your information to your DMV so that you can enjoy your point reduction as quickly as possible. No need to fight the crowds or bureaucrats at the DMV! We also mail a completion certificate to you for free so that you can take advantage of the insurance discounts. If you wish to receive your discounts sooner than later, we also offer expedited delivery options for a reasonable fee.

Reduce Points in New York with a Defensive Driving Course

Our course meets the DMV – required 6 hours needed to reduce your points and insurance rates, but you don’t have to give up a solid six hours of your day to do it! The course is broken down into eight units with a short quiz at the end of each one. Work at it on your time, as your schedule permits. Each chapter will cover subjects like:

Take a quick 10-question quiz over what you just heard in each unit. When you complete the last quiz, you’re done! No big final exam at the end!

DMV Approved Course and Certificate

Our course is 100% approved by the New York State DMV, and since it’s all online, you set your own schedule according to your busy life. No need to worry about transportation and time conflicts going to a stuffy classroom. You can study whenever and wherever you choose. Take a break when you want. Take your class to the coffee shop or library, if you want. Just log back in and pick up right where you left off. The power is in your hands. The New York State defensive driving course has never been easier!

24/7 Customer Service When You Need It

We understand that our customers have other things going on in their lives besides defensive driving, so our customer service representatives are available to you whenever you need them, whether it be day or night.