Texas Teen Drivers Ed – Parent Taught Driver Education

Information Last Verified: February 24, 2021 by Jordan Fabel

Texas Parent Taught Driver Education Curriculum

Many parents we talk with say that teaching their teen to drive made things easier for both themselves and their child. With the parent teaching, the new driver is able to learn with an instructor they already know and the parent is able to relax knowing that their teen is ready for the road. It really is a win-win!

Teen Drivers Remember More Learning Online

Studies have shown that people learn better and have higher memory retention when they are given information in an environment which is comfortable and familiar to them. For teens between the ages of 14 and 17, this happy place is often online. This course was designed with them in mind. To target teens even more effectively, the course can also be taken from a downloadable app, giving students the flexibility to complete the course on the go.

Preparing Your Teen for a Lifetime of Safe Driving

While getting behind generates a great deal of excitement, it also carries with it a great deal of responsibility. As soon as a car is in gear, the driver is instantly in control of something that can easily become very dangerous. Learning the driving information and tips covered in this course will serve as an invaluable asset as your teen sets out on the road for the first time.

We Are Here to Help From Beginning to End

There is no easy way to say it, learning and teaching to drive can be a challenge. not to worry. We have partnered with Aceable.com, the newest and most innovative teen drivers ed provider in the nation. They understand that drivers ed isn’t something you do every day, so they are there for you every step of the way. If you find yourself stuck with a question or concern, they are available to lend a hand from 8AM to 9PM any day of the year.

Getting Started with Drivers Ed is Easy Online

Ready to get going? Just click “Register Now” and follow the prompts directly into your online course. Everything is set up to lead you through the process (including necessary forms and practice driving hints) from start to finish. You’ll have your teen headed toward their permit in no time with our fast, fun and convenient course.

Most states require young drivers to take a driver education course in order to be eligible for a driver’s license. Often, young drivers can take a driver’s course through their high school or through a private commercial provider. Most of these driver education courses consist of a certain, state-mandated number of hours of classroom instruction and a required number of hours of on-the-road driving experience.

However, the courses offered commercially (and even at the high school) can be expensive, time-consuming, and act as a real barrier to getting a license for students where driving classes aren’t local or affordable. The good news is that parents of such drivers can opt to teach their child to drive themselves through Parent-Taught Driver’s Ed.

Following a Strict Course

Parent-taught Driver’s Ed does not put the responsibility on parents alone to come up with all the wisdom and instruction needed to turn out a safe, responsible young driver. Instead, parents must follow one of the driving course programs approved by their state. Then, in conjunction with the state-approved program, the parent will administer classroom and on-the-road training.

IMPORTANT: Parents must have valid driver’s license and a driving record that meets state criteria before they can become course administrators

A Necessary Option

Some teens simply don’t have the time or the money to be able to take a driver’s ed course at their local school or through a private provider. For these teens, the only way to make it through a Driver’s Ed course that meets state qualifications is to take one administered by their parents. Though a parent-taught driving course is not an option everywhere, most states have several approved courses that can be administered by parents. Contact your local DMV and speak with one of their representatives to ask about parent-taught courses. Note that many DMV agents will redirect you to your state’s Department of Education or to your local Board of Education, as these agencies regulate new driver training requirements.