Education Paths on Approved Course

  • 6 Popular Careers in Education

    The most in-demand careers in education · Classroom Teacher · Special Education Teacher · School Counselor · School Principal.

  • ACT Prep Courses

    We reviewed the 5 best ACT prep courses including The Princeton Review and Magoosh. Who else made the approved course list?

  • Anthropology vs Sociology

    Anthropology and sociology are both fields that study humans. However, anthropology focuses on individuals while sociology focuses on society as a whole.

  • Babbel vs Duolingo

    Compare Babbel vs Duolingo when you want a language-learning program. Both offer great options with competitive pricing, which one is better for you?

  • Best Online Course Platforms

    We reviewed the 9 best online course platforms including Teachable and Kajabi. Who else made the Approved Course list?

  • Review is a great resource for grades pre-K through 5. Over 25,000 educational games, workbooks, and coloring pages available.

  • GED vs High School Diploma

    A GED and a high school diploma both offer proof that you have basic academic knowledge, and both have different educational and testing requirements.

  • GRE Test Prep Courses: Which One is Best?

    We reviewed the 7 best GRE prep courses including The Princeton Review and Kaplan. Who else made the approved course list?

  • How To Become a Guidance Counselor

    Learn how to become a guidance counselor and you can work with students, often high school students, to help them determine what to do with their future.

  • How To Become a Librarian

    To become a librarian you will need a master's or bachelor's degree in library science (MLS), depending on what type of librarian you will be.

  • How To Become a Principal

    Get Your Bachelor's Degree · Become a Certified Teacher · Gain Experience as a Teacher · Become a Vice Principal · Get your Master's Degree

  • How To Become a Professor

    To Become a Professor you need to · Get your bachelor's degree · Choose your subject specialization · Get your graduate degree · Gain experience

  • How To Become a Special Education Teacher

    If you have a passion for working with students with physical, learning, or behavioral disabilities, this is the career for you.

  • How To Become a Substitute Teacher

    To become a substitute teacher you need a high school diploma, a Bachelor's degree, and a teaching certificate before you can start your career.

  • How To Become a Teacher

    Finish high school · get a bachelor's degree · gain classroom experience · get your teaching certificate · get your masters degree (optional)

  • How To Become an Art Teacher

    If you want to become an art teacher, you need the right education. First, it helps if you love art and want to help students learn about art.

  • How To Become an Online Tutor

    Have you considered becoming an online tutor? Find out what it takes to start teaching remotely and earn extra money or begin a new career!

  • Jobs for English Majors: Starting Your New Career

    Careers for English Majors | Writer · Editor · Copywriter · English teacher · Librarian · Content Marketing Manager · Research Analyst

  • Public vs Private Colleges

    Public and private colleges both offer higher education, however, one of the main differences is that public colleges are funded by the state.

  • Rosetta Stone vs Duolingo

    Both Rosetta Stone and Duolingo offer language learning apps and online options. They teach in a different way and both offer different types of learning.

  • SAT Prep Courses

    We reviewed the 5 best SAT prep courses including The Princeton Review and Kaplan. Who else made the approved course list?

  • Staff vs Faculty

    Faculty is a term used to describe people that work at a school, university, or college. A staff is a group of employees who work outside of education.


    STEAM and STEM are two similar, yet different acronyms. They have to do with education and preparing students for college.

  • TEFL: Your Guide to Teaching English as a Foreign Language

    (TEFL) Teaching English as a Foreign Language online courses gives you the freedom to work at your own pace. Who made the approved course list?

  • TOEFL vs IELTS: English Language Proficiency Tests

    TOEFL and IELTS will assess reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills. Although they are similar, there are a few key differences.

  • What does a Historian do?

    A historian studies and interprets the past through ancient documents, artifacts, and the teachings of other historians.