Jobs for English Majors: Starting Your New Career

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Maybe you love the English language, and you want to major in English. There are many jobs for English majors you can enter into. Whether you’re just graduating or trying to choose your major, this list will help.

English Major Career Paths

Top Jobs for English Majors


It’s common for English majors to become writers. As a copywriter, you will create short-form content, such as content for websites and blogs. You may also work on creating emails, advertising slogans, and other types of content.

Many copywriters work at digital marketing agencies. However, they can also work as freelance writers with multiple clients. If you have a degree in English, this can be a great path.

Copywriters make about $70K per year, and there are many open jobs. You can work for yourself, or even work in-house for just one company.


Another common job for English majors is one as an editor. As an editor, you will oversee the written materials for a company. You will have many tasks to deal with, including working directly with writers. There are many different opportunities for editors. You can work for a publication as a book editor or even work for a company with their online content.

Editors need to have great communication skills. You will also need to have excellent grammar and writing skills. The average salary for an editor will come in at about $54K.

Public Relations Specialist

English majors often go into the field of public relations. As a public relations specialist, you will create a compelling story about your client to gain the media’s attention. This type of position requires great storytelling skills and creativity.

As a public relations specialist, you will likely need to write press releases and other messages. Therefore, excellent organizational skills are necessary. This job for English majors pays an annual salary of around $61K per year.

English Teacher

It’s rather common for English majors to become teachers. So whether you want to teach at the elementary, middle school, high school, or college level, you can do so with an English degree.

Along with traditional teaching, you can also teach English as a second language. This can be done abroad or online, depending on the type of position you take on. English teachers will need to complete teacher training or get a master’s degree.

As an English teacher, you can earn an average annual salary of about $45K per year. Some teachers earn more, especially with a master’s degree.

Content Marketing Manager

As a content marketing manager, you will create the company’s content strategy and implement it. You will likely work directly with writers and editors. This type of position can include many types of content, such as website content, press releases, and blog articles.

Along with creating content, you will also need to manage the promotional strategies for your content. This is a higher-paying job for English majors with an average salary of more than $70K per year.

Brand Strategist

Another higher-paying job for English majors is one as a brand strategist. You will work on the marketing team to help create brand awareness for the company’s products and services. In addition, you will oversee the design and tone elements of the marketing.

If you become a brand strategist, you will likely perform market research and help to create the marketing plans. Therefore, you will need to be very detail-oriented and creative. This type of position pays an average salary of about $71K per year.

Research Analyst

After earning a bachelor’s degree in English, you can enter into a career as a research analyst. This type of job requires you to discover, analyze, interpret, and present data for marketing purposes. You will likely need to specialize in one of the fields, such as education or information technology.

Research analysts can work as independent consultants or as full-time employees. With great attention to detail and good researching skills, you can enter into this career. This job for English majors pays an annual average salary of about $67K per year.


You may not have thought of a career as a librarian, but with an English major, you can become a librarian. With an appreciation for good literature, you can work with books as a librarian. You will need strong reading skills and the ability to review books quickly.

English majors can work as a librarian to help compile information for papers. Great organizational skills are necessary for this position. In addition, librarians help to create and set up efficient systems for shelving and cataloging books.

As a librarian, you can earn an annual salary of about $59K.

Grant Writer

When you create grant proposals, you have to tell a story. You will need to explain to funding agents why your client deserves the grant. This is one of the most unique jobs for English majors.

As a grant writer, you will likely review, edit, and modify submissions given to you from faculty or scientists. Therefore, excellent reading and research skills are necessary to become a grant writer. This is a big part of why English majors make great grant writers.

This career pays an average salary of about $51K per year. With the right skills and a degree in English, you can become a grant writer.

Social Media Manager

This is a job for English majors you might not have considered. With this career, you will ensure you get to use your time management skills and creativity. In addition, as a social media manager, you will help a company share the right content on all its social media channels.

It’s common for this type of manager to choose the content developers to work with. However, you can thrive as a social media manager with your English degree and great organizational skills.

New graduates will likely start out as assistants and work their way up. You can also work as a freelance social media manager. The average salary for this job is just over $50K per year.

Common Traits of English Majors

When you get a degree in English, you will bring plenty of marketable skills to the table. Some of the common skills of English majors include:

These skills are very sought-after for the common jobs for English majors above. However, they also fit with many other types of careers. Those who major in English can go on to graduate school to enjoy many other types of jobs, too, such as a career as an attorney or an advertising manager.

The skills you bring to the table can help you qualify for many different career paths. You will have the skills to work in many fields with this degree. Of course, it can also be a stepping-stone to a graduate degree program.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jobs for English Majors

What type of skills are necessary for jobs for English majors?

Most English majors will need to have many skills to gain the right job. Whether you go into a job as a teacher or another type of position, you need the right skills. Some of the common skills for this type of career include:

These skills will help you get a degree in English, along with a job.

Which type of minors helps complete your English major?

When you major in English, the right minor can help you complete your degree. Some of the best minors for your English degree including:

These minors can help you gain access to more jobs for English majors. You can also minor in business or finance if you want to go into one of those fields.

Do English majors need to continue gaining education?

Yes. Whether you get a bachelor’s degree and enter into a job for English majors or go on to graduate school, you’ll need to continue your education. This is especially true for those entering into a career as a writer. Whether you become a novelist or technical writer, you will need to continue to educate yourself about new writing styles and communication styles.

English majors commonly attend graduate school. This is because they can go into a more specialized career with a graduate degree. This is not the only option to continue your education, however.

There are several certificate programs you can complete after getting your English degree. These are usually designed for writers, but they can also fit many other areas. The American Marketing Association, the Content Marketing Institute, the American Writers and Artists Inc., and HubSpot offers several certificates to complete.

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