Wisconsin Failure to Yield Course


If you have received a Failure to Yield violation, our partners at I Drive Safely offer a convenient online course that is the most pain-free way to fulfill your Fail to Yield Traffic School requirement!

  • Fully Approved by the Wisconsin DMV
  • 100% Online - Work When It's Convenient to You
  • Easy to Use, Understand and PASS
  • Video Format - It's Like Watching TV!

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Emailed Proof of Completion!

Dismiss a Failure to Yield Ticket Online

We believe that after a driver gets a ticket that the hard part has already been done. Why spend the better part of an evening or Saturday morning taking care of the mandatory traffic school that comes along with it?

This course was created with busy people like you in mind. Most people don't have a spare two hour block in their schedule and, if they did, they probably wouldn't want to fill it with two hours of traffic school! If you don't have the flexibility to attend a traffic school class, then the online course is the solution for you.

Start and stop on your own schedule and your classroom is wherever you have an internet connection. You can even have the classroom in the palm of your hand - the course is not only compatible on computer, it works on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, too.

How Can I Be Sure I Need a Failure to Yield Course?

If you have received a failure to yield citation, the state of Wisconsin will send you notification of your traffic school requirement from wisconsindmv.gov/failureyield. The notice will direct you to choose a DOT approved course provider (like our partner) and will give you a date by which you must complete the course.

Be careful to get finished by that date. An online course allows you to take your time, but not more time than you have!

What to do When You've Received a Failure to Yield Violation

If you've received a ticket for failing to yield or another right-of-way violation, the state of Wisconsin may require you to take a certified Right-of-Way course. 

If your license is suspended, you can't drive until you've completed a Right-of-Way course. Our partners at I Drive Safely have a fully certified class you can take from the privacy of your own home. Click here to register.

What to Expect from Failure to Yield in Wisconsin

Say the word "school" and a lot of people's eyes glaze over. Put the word "traffic" in front of it, and you have to grab them a pillow. The state does have some topics they require us to cover, but we think you'll find that the animations, interactive multimedia, and videos that make up our course will make them bearable.

In fact, and your secret will be safe with us, you may even find them enjoyable.

Topics in the course include:

  • Wisconsin right of way statutes
  • Sharing the road with motorcycles, bikes, and pedestrians
  • Safely (and legally) negotiating school crossings
  • General rules and laws about yielding the right of way

We know all of this sounds pretty familiar, but who couldn't use a little refresher now and then?

But Doesn't School Mean a (gulp) Test?!?

Yes, our course does have a test. But, not to worry! After the course there is a 15-question, multiple choice test.

We are confident that the course will prepare you to pass it the first time with flying colors. If you were to fall below the state required 80% passing score, you can skip back through the course for a quick review and we'll give you a second try.

Ticket. Check, Course Completed. Check, Test Passed. Check. Now What?

Good news! If you've checked off those three things, we'll take care of the rest. As soon as you have successfully completed the course, we will notify the DMV that your "debt to society" has been paid.

No waiting for a certificate and worrying that it will be lost in the mail. If your driving privileges have been suspended you will be free to start the reinstatement process as soon as your course is complete.

Why Wait To Start On Your Wisconsin Failure to Yield Course?

Sometimes a driver's gotta do what a driver's gotta do. Why not get that "gotta do" done in the easiest way possible? Registration is simple and we've done our best to make the course as painless as traffic school can be.

If you get stuck and have a question about your course in the middle of the night, give us a call or shoot us an email, we are always here to help. We look forward to helping you get your "gotta do" did, er, done!

not boring defensive driving

Why Take Traffic School Online?

Truth be told, Traffic School never would have made your "to-do list", right? But, now that it's on your list, wouldn't you want to make it as convenient as you could?

Once upon a time, going to traffic school meant exactly that, GOING to traffic school. Carve out a hunk of your day, sit in a roomful of strangers and enjoy yourself, just like you did in that "favorite" high school class. You remember. The one taught by Coach Blahblahblah?

Traffic School online means no travel, no strangers and no blah blah blah. What's more, you never have to ask for a bathroom pass. You can take your course at one sitting, or in whatever bits of time you have. Log in and out as often as you like. We'll be here waiting when you get back!

A Wisconsin Failure to Yield Course the Quick and Easy Way!

Wisconsin Department of Transportation Approved For Ticket Dismissal