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by Jordan Fabel | Last Updated: November 30, 2021

If you want to become a licensed engineer, you will need to pass one of the FE exams. These exams can be rather difficult, but they become easier with one of the top FE exam prep courses.

The Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exams give you the ability to work towards becoming a professional engineer. you will need to pass at least one of these exams to earn your license. If you’re planning to take one of the FE exams, it’s time to get the right FE exam prep course.

FE Exam Prep Courses

Top 7 FE Exam Prep Courses Online

1. PPI2Pass

Since 1975, PPI2Pass has been helping engineers prepare for the FE exam. They were purchased by Kaplan Professional in 2018 and have become a part of Kaplan. However, the FE exam prep course is still offered by PPI in all six disciplines and general engineering. They offer exam prep courses with live online classes and OnDemand options. You can choose the discipline you prefer and get the right prep exam for your needs.

The Live Online Course Bundle is $1,795. This bundle includes instruction from professional engineers, full access to the PPI learning hub, a passing guarantee, and more.

If you choose the OnDemand Course Bundle, you will have multiple options. A digital-only subscription costs $195 with a weekly renewing option or $345 with a monthly renewing option. You can also choose the three-month for $975, the six-month for $1,375, or the one-year for $2,075. All three of the longer options don’t renew.

The OnDemand courses will provide lectures, test-taking tips, tutorial calculator lessons, flashcards, quizzes, and much more.

The most budget-friendly option from PPI2Pass is the Self-Study bundle. This bundle offers a weekly subscription for $59 per week or a monthly subscription for $149. You can also pay for three months of access for $399, six months for $649, or one year for $849.

With the self-study option, you get a customizable study plan, diagnostic exams, flashcards, a quiz generator, and more.

2. Civil Engineering Academy

Offering practical practice exams perfect for preparing for the FE Exam, Civil Engineering Academy is a great choice. They provide excellent accessibility with a large library of video-based lectures. You will also gain access to video exercises and much more.

However, this FE exam prep course is only available for the Civil FE Exam. If you want to become a civil engineer, this is a great option. You will get practice problems, course lectures, and so much more.

Pricing ranges from $297 to $897, depending on the amount of access you want.

3. School of PE

Another good choice for your FE exam prep is the School of PE. They were founded in 2004 and offer FE exam prep courses, along with PE and SE exam prep options. Passing rates with the School of PE are much higher than average.

Choose from live or on-demand courses.

The OnDemand courses include lecture videos and the ability to study at your own pace. You can send questions to instructors and you will also get calculator training. You can start with a course preview for free. Pricing for OnDemand access ranges from $290 to $1,390 depending on how long you pay for it.

When you choose the Live Online Review Course, you will get live, online lectures. Schedule the lectures online and view the recordings after, as well. This package also includes a discussion forum and calculator training. The cost is $1,090 and schedules are a bit limited.

While the School of PE does offer in-person options, they only offer these classes for the PE exam.

4. Capstone Learning

If you want a good online FE exam prep course, Capstone Learning offers a solid choice. You can work at your own pace and get tutor support if you need it. Capstone Learning offers a comprehensive option to help you get prepared for the exam.

Each course is $699 and offers more than 40 hours of training. You can take each module that’s included as many times as you need. Work at your own pace and get the preparation you need before taking the FE exam.


The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying does offer Fe practice exams and materials. You can get up-to-date FE practice exams for around $30 each with this option.

While they don’t offer any study materials, they do provide good exams. The exams are created by actual test creators and they come with free PDFs.

Each exam will have questions from past exams and will help to stimulate the format of the real exam. You can also get the FE Reference handbook from the NCEES for $20.

6. Udemy FE Civil Exams

Another option only offering choices for the Civil Exam, is Udemy. There are three practice exams you can get from Udemy for $149.99. These exams are rated at 4.6 stars out of 5. You will get full access to all three exams with a total of 131 questions across all three.

7. Excel Test Prep

The last option on this list is a great choice for those looking for a virtual or classroom FE test prep course. Excel test Prep offers excellent materials with in-depth, live online classes taught by experts in engineering.

Choose from an online option with hours of videos, a live online option with live online classes and videos, or a hybrid with actual live courses. The online-only option is $999. If you want the on-demand streaming course, the cost is $1,299.

While other courses may spend more time on FE theory, Excel Test Prep focuses on helping you pass the test. You will get all the materials you need to prepare for the test at a one-time fee.

Frequently Asked Questions About the FE Exam

What is the FE Exam?

The FE Exam or Fundamentals of Engineering Exam is separated into seven exams. It’s administered by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES). The seven separate exams cover the six different disciplines of engineering and one covers general engineering.

You will need to pass at least one of these exams, along with the Practice of Engineering (PE) exam to become a licensed professional engineer.

What is the average pass rate for the FE Exams?

If you take one of the FE Exams, you will have a 75% chance of passing. This is the pass rate overall for these exams. It’s a little bit higher than some of the other career tests out there, but the exams are still difficult.

How much can I earn as a licensed engineer?

TheĀ National Society of Professional Engineers puts the average salary without a PE license at about $94K. If you get your PE license, that average goes up to about $99K per year.

Only licensed engineers can submit drawings and plans, along with taking charge of work within the private sector. This means you will also gain many more career possibilities.

What is the common cost for an FE exam prep course?

You will find FE exam prep courses with a wide range of prices from about $500 to more than $2,500. Some courses offer better materials, while others might fit your specific learning style better. The cost for you will depend on which prep course you choose.

What are the different FE Exam options?

The seven FE Exams include:

These are the options you will have when you want to take one of the FE exams.

What happens if I fail the FE exam?

If you fail the FE exam, you will be able to retake it one more time within the same three-month testing window. It’s possible to retake the test up to three times in a 12-month testing period. If you don’t pass after three attempts, you will have to wait for the next 12-month period to begin.

Do I have to take the FE exam to become an engineer?

No, but without the FE exam and becoming certified, you won’t have nearly the same career prospects. Becoming a professional engineer is far easier with an EF and PE certification.

How much does the FE Exam cost?

You will pay $175 to take the NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering Exam. It’s also necessary to pay an application fee for your license in most states.

How long do I need to study for the FE Exam?

Every student is different. However, most will study for at least 12 to 14 weeks. Studying for at least three hours a day, five days a week is necessary during this time.

How long is the FE Exam?

The FE exam is 110 questions long and you will have 6 hours to finish it. You get 2 minutes for the nondisclosure agreement and 8 minutes for the tutorial. After that, you will spend five hours and 20 minutes taking the exam with 25 minutes of breaks.

If you want to become a licensed engineer, taking the FE exam will be a necessary requirement. With the right FE exam prep course, you can make sure to properly prepare for this exam.

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