How To Become an Information Security Analyst

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When you learn how to become an information security analyst, you’ll realize this is an important career. Found in the IT sector, working as an information security analyst is the right career path for the right person.

You will likely need the right education and on-the-job training. Of course, before you choose this career path, you should know the job duties. Let’s look at the job duties and the steps to become an information security analyst.

How To Become an Information Security Analyst

Job Duties of an Information Security Analyst

As an information security analyst, you will be a professional that protects data for businesses. You might work for a small or large company. With cyber-attacks on the rise, information security analysts are becoming more and more important.

You will likely work with other IT security professionals. Some of the common job duties you will take on include:

You will be the first line of defense for your company. If a cyber-attack or data breach happens, you will be the one there to help keep it from becoming a huge issue. Data breaches have cost companies millions and can hurt the reputation of the business.

How to Become an Information Security Analyst in 4 Steps

Step #1 – Choose the Industry You Prefer

You will want to start by choosing the right industry for you. Each industry is a bit different and will have different security rules. Choosing the right industry will help you get the best training possible to become an information security analyst.

Step #2 – Get Your Bachelor’s Degree

For most information security analyst positions, you will need a bachelor’s degree. This degree should be in cybersecurity or a similar major. Many online and offline universities will offer the right degree program for your needs.

Step #3 – Gain Certifications

After getting your degree, you can add additional credentials to your resume. With the right certifications, you will have a better chance of landing a position as an information security analyst.

Top certifications for this career include:

With the right certifications, you can build a resume employers will love. Most certifications can be completed online. You will likely need to pass an exam to complete your certification.

Step #4 – Get Your Master’s Degree (Optional)

You don’t have to have a master’s degree to become an information security analyst. However, it can help you learn a better position and make more money. A master’s program will last about two years and can be completed online. It can help to take courses in marketing, business, human resources, and finance, as well.

Common Skills You Need to Become an Information Security Analyst

If you want to become an information security analyst, you need to have the right skill. As your gaining the education and training you need, make sure to work on developing the following skills:

These skills are vital for those trying to become an information security analyst. If you want to be successful, develop the skills on this list as you gain education and training.

Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming an Information Security Analyst

How much can I make as an information security analyst? puts the average salary for an information security analyst at nearly $85K per year. You can also earn a bonus each year of around $5,000. Top employers will pay more than $125K for this position.

Your location will also play a big factor in how much you earn. Washington DC is the highest paying location with Atlanta, New York City, Irvine, and Boston all paying above the national average.

If you have the right skills, you can earn more as an information security analyst, too. Hadoop, C/C++, XML, Perl, and Shell Scripting can all add to your salary.

What type of benefits will I get as an information security analyst?

Your actual benefits will depend on your employer. Common benefits include health, disability, dental, vision, and life insurance. It’s also common to get a 401(k) and some employers offer matching. With some employers, you might get tuition reimbursement, commuter assistance, or even access to an on-site gym.

What type of hours do information security analysts work?

You will likely work a typical 40-hour workweek. The schedule you work will be similar to a 9-to-5 schedule on a daily basis. Sometimes, you may work some overtime, especially when dealing with a cyberattack. If something is time-sensitive, you may have to work longer hours.

What type of industries hire information security analysts?

You will find this type of position in many different industries. It’s common to work for a financial institution, a governmental organization, or in healthcare as an information security analyst. It’s also common to find this type of position in the insurance and education sectors. Many other industries will also hire someone for this position.

Do I need a college degree to work as an information security analyst?

While you might be able to get a job with just the right certifications, those types of jobs are few and far between. When you want to become an information security analyst, you will likely need a college degree.

About 75% of the people filling these positions have a bachelor’s degree. Another 9% have a Master’s Degree and 7% have an Associate’s Degree. Only about 8% don’t have a college degree and only about 1% have a Doctoral Degree.

Can I work from home as an information security analyst?

In many cases, you can work from home. It will depend on your company and what type of access they are willing to give you. Due to the recent world crisis, many more information security analysts are working from home now.

Is this career in high demand?

Yes, and as cyber-attacks continue to rise, this will become an even more important career. This position is expected to grow by about 32% over the next ten years. This makes it one of the fastest-growing careers you can enter into.

What type of positions might I work in before becoming an information security analyst?

If you want to become an information security analyst, you may end up working in one of the following positions first:

Some of these positions will get you started, while others will come later in your career as promotions.

Finding the right career for you is important. You will need to learn how to become an information security analyst if you want to enter this type of career. Use these steps above and you can enjoy a very rewarding career.

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