17 Jobs for Creative People to Keep You Inspired

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Jobs for Creative People

Are you a creative person? Are you trying to figure out the right job for you? Whether you’re an artist, a writer, or just someone with a creative mind, you can go into one of the many careers listed in this article and enjoy your work.

7 High-Paying Jobs for Creative People

Web Developers

As a web developer, this high-demand and high-paying job for creative people can earn close to $70K a year, on average. This job is expected to see about 15% job growth over the next five years. If you enjoy technology, along with designing and creating a website, becoming a web developer might be the perfect option for you.

It’s not necessary to get a technical degree to become a web developer. However, many companies want you to have at least an associate degree in web design or a related field. It can also help to gain certain certifications and to learn how to write code.


As a writer, you can earn a salary of more than $60K per year and put your creative muscles to work. There are many different types of writing positions ranging from freelance ghostwriters to journalists to scriptwriters. While a formal education isn’t necessary, many companies want you to have a bachelor’s degree in English, communications, or journalism.

However, if you plan to write your book and self-publish, you can do so without any type of education. Those becoming technical writers and working in fields such as medicine or engineering can earn a higher salary.

Makeup Artists

You can work as a makeup artist and earn an average salary of nearly $60K per year. This type of creative job comes in many different forms. For example, you can apply makeup for clients getting ready for weddings, proms, and other events. It’s also possible to create makeup for all types of movies, TV shows, and other types of performances.

There are many avenues to explore as a makeup artist, and you won’t need much formal education to get into this career. A cosmetology program may be helpful, and you will need to have a cosmetologist license. It may also be helpful to have a theater degree if you plan to work with stage makeup.

Landscape Architects

Earn a salary close to $70K per year as a landscape architect. This is one of the top jobs for creative people preferring to work outside in gardens and parks. You can work with private clients, and you may also work with the government on landscape designs for parks, backyards, business areas, and more.

If you want to become a landscape architect, you need a bachelor’s degree and a state-issued license. It’s common to work as an intern before getting your license.

Fashion Designer

This creative job pays an average salary above $70K per year. As a fashion designer, you will work to design new clothing, accessories, and footwear. In addition, you may be in charge of selecting patterns and fabrics for your designs and bringing them to life.

It’s common for fashion designers to have a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising or fashion design. You will also need a strong portfolio showing off your talent and your style.

Art Director

One of the highest-paying jobs for creative people is the job of an art director. This worker is responsible for the visual style of a company and will help organize the art, photography, and other design elements. In addition, they may work closely with the marketing department to produce items for print and television media.

Art directors can earn, on average, more than $90K per year and will likely need at least a bachelor’s degree.

College Teacher for Art, Music, or Drama

As a college teacher in one of these creative jobs, you can earn an average salary near $70K per year. This type of professor will teach courses within the department of their choosing, conduct research, and apply for grants to fund their research. It usually requires a Ph.D. to teach at this level, but a master’s degree might be enough at a community college.

Other Common Jobs for Creative People to Consider


As an illustrator, you will be right in the middle of a very creative career. Your job will include bringing scenes and characters to life for magazines, books, and other publications. The average salary for an illustrator is about $49K per year.

Illustrators can work with children’s books, medical books, marketing materials, or even draw scientific illustrations.

Graphic Designer

When you decide to get the necessary training to become a graphic designer, you open up a world of opportunities. You can work for a company and help design artistic images for marketing, their website, and other projects. It’s also very easy to become a freelance graphic designer and work for yourself.

It’s common for graphic designers to work in corporate offices, design studios, marketing agencies, and startups. Many even work from home.

It’s unnecessary to get a degree if you want to become a graphic designer, but a bachelor’s degree in graphic arts or graphic design can make you a more sought-after candidate. Your portfolio of design work will be a huge selling point when you start seeking a job.

Game Designer

If you love video games and you’ve always dreamed of putting your creativity into a video game, becoming a game designer is a great option. This is one of the top jobs for creative people looking to combine creativity with technology.

Game designers will work on the overall creative vision of the game and work closely with programmers to make the game come to life. It’s helpful to have computer programming, graphic design, storyboarding, and even writing to become a game designer. Most game designers work for software development companies, while some may work for educational companies.

If you want to become a game designer, you won’t need a specialized degree, but it can be helpful. A bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, computer programming, or game design can help you break into the industry.

Social Media Manager

While this is a bit of a newer type of job for creative people, becoming a social media manager can be a lucrative choice. As social media grows and continues to attract more and more people, it’s becoming one of the best ways for companies to advertise.

As a social media manager, you will manage the posting and advertising of your client’s social media channels. This can include designing graphics, writing social media posts, and creating advertisements for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

It’s common for a social media manager to work for digital marketing agencies and public relations firms. However, you can also become a freelancer and take on your own clients. A bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, public relations, digital marketing, or media communications is preferred but not necessary to become a social media manager.


Of course, if you love taking pictures, becoming a photographer is likely the right job for you. This is one of the most popular jobs for creative people, especially those looking to work on their own as freelance photographers.

You can specialize in taking pictures of people, events, objects, or places. There are several types of photography to choose from, including aerial, fine art, portrait, natural light, commercial, and more.

While some photographers work for media companies and portrait studios, more than 50% are freelancers. You will be responsible for taking the pictures and editing them and creating a final product.

Tattoo Artist

As a tattoo artist, you will sketch and ink permanent images onto your customer’s skin. You will need a state license to become a tattoo artist, and you will likely need to train under another artist to further your skills.

Concept Artist

As a concept artist, you will be a specific illustrator working for video game makers, movie studios, toy manufacturers, or even TV production companies. Typically, your artwork will not appear in the final product but offers inspiration for an animator, 3D artist, or game coder producing the final product.

Concept artists will use pencils or paints traditionally and may also use 2D or 3D software to create concepts other artists will bring to life. The average salary for a concept artist is around $60K per year.

Set Designer

Are you fascinated by the sets used in theater productions, on TV, or in movies? There is a high demand for set designers for all types, including advertising shoots, promotional events, music festivals, and more. Whether you want to design sets for a movie or other media types, this is a great job for creative people.

This creative career can range quite a bit, with some set designers working for low-budget independent films and others working for TV shows. The average salary is around $57K per year, and you will need good design skills and good communication skills.


Though a more technical choice when it comes to jobs for creative people, as an architect, you can design buildings of all types. While good artistic skills help, you will also need great math skills to become an architect.

Working with different building materials to construct homes, stores, factories, office buildings, and other structures is what an architect does. This type of position will require at least a bachelor’s degree and the average salary is nearly $90K per year.

Interior Designer

A popular career for those with a flair for furniture, lighting, and flooring, an interior designer works to help create a specific look inside the home or in a business building. It’s common for interior designers to use their skills to design the interior of private homes, hotels, airports, schools, hospitals, restaurants, and even office buildings.

In some states, you will need a license, and it can be helpful to have some education in a creative field or even in interior design. The average salary for this creative job is just over $60K per year.

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