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With technology taking off, you might be searching for online coding classes for kids. Getting your kids started with coding at a young age is the wave of the future. Not only can it help prepare your kids for a future career in Computer Science, but it can also help them learn to think logically and problem solve.

Coding, even if it doesn’t become a part of a child’s career, offers plenty of lessons applicable to life. It cannot be easily taught by a parent or teacher without any coding experience, however. Whether your kids are homeschooled, go to a private school, or are in public school, coding isn’t likely going to be taught to them.

As a parent, you might want your kids to learn to code. If this is the case, the best option is found through online coding classes for kids. Let’s look at some of the best options to consider.

Online Coding Classes for Kids

Top 7 Online Coding Classes for Kids

1. CodeMonkey

One of the top online coding classes for kids is CodeMonkey. This option offers a great choice for younger kids from kindergarten to eighth grade. With engaging challenges, helpful lesson plans, and lots of content, this option is great for homeschoolers and other students.

CodeMonkey teaches Coffeescript and Python at many different levels. Students can learn coding while playing games and going on adventures. The courses are self-paced to ensure children can learn at their own speed.

Lessons are short and simple with step-by-step instructions. It’s a very affordable option with plenty of content for the price. CodeMonkey offers an entertaining option for kids with puzzles and interactive games. This helps your kids stay focused as they learn to code online.

2. Tynker

With plenty of programming lessons for younger kids, Tynker is a great choice for beginners. It’s one of the online coding classes for kids that’s aimed at younger ages. There is no minimum age, but they believe kids in first grade will gain the most benefit.

Tynker helps students advance at their own pace through the many different classes and lessons. Kids can test their skills with the coding projects and put their knowledge to work.

3. iD Tech

Offering both online and in-person coding lessons, iD Tech is one of the top choices. They have more than 20 years of experience teaching kids how to code. With the lessons from iD tech, kids can learn essential skills, along with technical skills.

The online coding classes for kids from iD tech can even teach kids how to create their own games. They can learn how to build websites, develop problem-solving skills, and so much more. This option offers courses for ages seven to 19.

If you want a good option to teach coding to your kids, iD Tech offers plenty of courses. They can learn many different programming languages, CSS, HTML, how to build games, how to build websites, and so much more!

4. CodeCombat

One of the most affordable options is CodeCombat. This online coding option for kids offers parental controls and monitoring, which is very helpful. It’s an immersive game used to help students learn the necessary skills.

CodeCombat is free to start and does offer a subscription model for even more content. It’s a good option for homeschoolers and for kids of any age. However, it’s based on fantasy gaming, so if your child isn’t into fantasy games, they might not like this option.

With this online coding class for kids, your students can learn JavaScript and Python. It’s known as a popular option for schools and teachers, as well.

5. Create & Learn

Another top option for coding is Create & Learn. They offer online coding classes for kids designed by Harvard and Google experts. The classes are suited for any grade from kindergarten to seniors in high school. Courses are taught by U.S. teachers and classes are limited to just five students per class.

With more than 25 computer science topics, students can choose what they want to learn. Start with beginner coding languages, such as Scratch, and advance to other options, such as Python.

Create & Learn uses fun game development activities to help students learn. It’s an inquiry-based learning method, which helps students become more creative. Your kits will also develop better critical thinking skills with the online coding classes from Create & Learn.

6. Code Monster

A very easy and engaging option for teaching kids ages nine to 14, Code Monster is a good online coding class for kids. Students can learn programming skills for free including JavaScript. It’s not as advanced as other options, but the text-based coding platform is very straightforward.

Students get step-by-step instructions to learn coding from the basics to more advanced options. Code Monster will teach your kids how to create functions, loops, setting variables, and more. They can learn at their own pace, as well.

7. CogniCoder

Offering many different online coding classes for kids, CogniCoder teaches Scratch, Java, Python, cybersecurity, and more. The classes are taught by instructors from the USC Computer Science department. Each course will include plenty of fun, while students learn how to solve real-world issues.

Classes are taught over Zoom with small sizes of four to ten students. Every student gets the attention they need. Most courses are only two weeks long, which makes it easy to advance through programming classes.

CogniCoder offers beginning courses and more advanced options. Your students will be challenged throughout the online coding classes for kids from CogniCoder.

Top 4 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn Coding

While finding one of the online coding classes for kids is important, it’s also important to know why kids should learn to code. There are many reasons to teach your kids how to code. Let’s look at some of the top reasons why kids should learn coding.

1. Develops Problem-Solving Skills

Even if your child never uses coding as a part of their career, they will develop better problem-solving skills. All students need to be able to solve problems. When your kids learn how to code, they learn how to solve problems.

Online coding classes for kids help students use logic and creativity to solve issues they face. It’s one of the most important reasons your kids should learn how to code.

2. Teaches Better Critical Thinking

A skill often missed in many school classes; coding can help your kids learn critical thinking skills. Everybody should know how to think critically. When kids learn to code, they develop this skill faster and easier.

When kids learn coding, they have to take something vague and turn it into something more tangible. This means they must think through the problem and figure out what will work. Critical thinking skills are sought after by employers. Developing this skill at a young age can benefit your kids throughout school and their entire life.

Steve Jobs once said, “A computer is a bicycle for your mind.” Coding can help your child get on that bicycle and exercise their critical thinking skills.

3. The Future is Computer Programming

Many new jobs are found in the computer programming arena every year. Coding is becoming a skill more and more employers want. They desire people with the ability to write code, even if it’s not the main part of their job.

A child that learns to code early on will be at an advantage. Not only can it help later in school, but it can also give them an advantage in their future career. Many sectors, such as finance, health, technology, and retail are looking for people that have knowledge of coding.

4. Teaches Math in a Fun Way

Math can be rather boring for many kids. However, with coding, they can learn math in a fun way. Sometimes, it’s helpful for students to see how math will benefit them.

If your kids can take their coding and math skills and put them to use, they might learn even better. With some of the online coding classes for kids, they can even learn how to create their own online game.

When is the Right Age to Start Teaching My Kids Coding?

There isn’t really a perfect age to start teaching coding to kids. Many of the online coding classes for kids will offer levels starting at kindergarten. However, you can start around preschool, if you prefer.

Kids as young as five can start to learn basic coding concepts.

Which Programming Language is Best for Kids to Learn?

The coding language your kids learn isn’t as important as the concepts they learn. You want them to learn specific concepts and logic more than just a specific coding language. Often, Scratch and CoffeeScript are good beginner options. Later, your kids can advance to Python and Java.

When you want to teach your kids coding, finding the right online coding classes for kids can help. Many of the options listed above work great for homeschoolers, along with students going to public or private schools. No matter which option you choose, your kids will be able to learn coding and gain the many benefits that come with it.

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