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Marketing careers continue to evolve as our lives do. With the internet offering many new opportunities from digital marketing to social media marketing to SEO, the marketing world is completely different from 15 years ago.

If you’re considering becoming a marketing major or you’re about to graduate, you might be wondering what type of marketing careers are available? There is a long list of options and plenty of entry-level marketing positions out there. Let’s look at some of the common marketing careers you can enjoy.

Careers in Marketing

10 Highest-Paying Marketing Careers Available Today

Brand Manager

As a brand manager, you will be able to help companies with branding. You will likely work with companies looking to create a name for themselves, and you will likely be in charge of a team to help you. Your job duties will include setting the agenda and managing a team of market researchers and other marketers. Analyzing the data and developing the overall marketing strategy will also be a part of your duties.

Brand managers can make a very nice salary, with the average annual salary topping $130K. You will likely need a marketing degree and some experience to land a job as a brand manager.

Advertising Manager

As an advertising manager, you will work to develop and execute the marketing strategy. It’s a position with plenty of variety and may include quite a bit of travel. As an advertising manager, you may work with specific clients by conducting demographic research, identifying target markets, and implementing an advertising plan to reach those markets.

This marketing career requires some experience, and a degree in marketing, advertising, or business will likely be necessary. The average salary comes in around $130K, so it is a well-paying marketing career.

Public Relations Director

The public relations department will manage all communications between a company and its consumers, the media, investors, employees, and the general public. As the public relations director, you will be in charge of handling press releases and other communications. You will need strong communications skills to develop to aggregate content, analyze media, perform, and the ability to work with many types of people. It’s important to know how to communicate clearly in this position. A degree in business, communications, or public relations is preferred. As a public relations director, you can earn an average salary of about $111K.

Promotions Director

Marketing firms hire promotions directors to run their events and create programs to incentivize customers, such as samples, gifts, rebates, discounts, and more. You will likely be in charge of a promotion team, which will handle things like product endorsements, in-store displays, direct mail, and even special events.

As a promotions director, you will need to be creative. A degree in advertising, marketing, business, or public relations is preferred. The average salary for this position comes in around $106K.

Product Marketing Manager

You will be in charge of specific products to promote and likely a team to help you with the promotions. Product marketing managers will oversee many elements of the marketing strategy, including press releases, product demos, and basic advertising. They will need to know the target audience and how to reach them best.

Employers will likely want to see a bachelor’s degree and some previous experience with success developing a product campaign. This position pays an average annual salary of about $88K.

Sales Representative

One of the most common yet higher-paying marketing careers is the job of sales representative. Many sales reps don’t move into management simply because they are very good at what they do and can earn more money selling than managing.

As a sales rep, you will be in charge of increasing the sales of a product or service. There are many types of sales, with some getting paid 100% commission, and others paid a salary. If you have an outgoing personality, competitive drive, and you can handle rejection, sales might be a good fit for you.

The average sales rep will earn just about $100K per year if they work in the wholesale or manufacturing sectors selling a technical product.

Marketing Research Analyst

As a marketing research analyst, you will analyze data and consumer reactions to new products, services, packaging, and advertising. As you gather the data, you will put it into a presentation similar to an academic report. This type of marketing career will pay an average salary of about $74K per year.

Chief Marketing Officer

After gaining plenty of experience and potentially advanced degrees, you may qualify to become a chief Marketing Officer or CMO. This position will put you in charge of the marketing and advertising activities of the entire organization. You will create a marketing budget and manage it, along with managing an entire marketing team, including subcontractors.

If you climb the ladder and gain this marketing position, you can expect a salary of $94K to $342K.

Director of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to gain new clients and keep in touch with current customers. As the director of email marketing, you will implement the email marketing strategy to better connect with customers. You will also help to drive traffic to the website and increase brand awareness.

It usually takes significant experience with email marketing to land this position. It’s a higher-level position with an average salary of about $102K per year.

Content Marketing Director

As the content marketing director for a company, you will be the head of the content strategy. You will work with content writers and content marketers to implement the content development and marketing strategy. This may include written content, such as blog posts and eBooks, along with video content, social media content, and more.

Content marketing directors will likely need a bachelor’s degree or higher, and they will likely need to have a few years of experience as content creators. The average salary for this marketing career is about $95K per year.

7 Common Entry-Level Marketing Jobs

Marketing Assistant

As a marketing assistant will assist the marketing manager. You will need to have good writing and editing skills, along with experience with social media applications. Marketing assistants earn an average annual salary of around $41K.

Communications Specialist

As a communications specialist, you will assist the public relations staff, and you may also work with the social media marketing team. You will likely help create content and even press releases for the community. It’s possible you could be on a team working on planning company events and public appearances for executives.

As a communications specialist, you can earn a salary of about $28K per year.

Marketing Coordinator

A marketing coordinator will help track a company’s sales performance. They will attend trade shows and help to execute the marketing campaign through sales predictions and determining objectives.

A marketing coordinator will design content and often help with purchasing necessary advertising materials, with an average salary of around $45K per year.

Content Writer

If you’re a skilled wordsmith, you can become a content writer and enter into marketing. You will be responsible for creating blog posts, website content, and social media content. As a content writer, you may also need to have a strong knowledge of SEO best practices and a little bit of graphic design experience. Many content writers become freelancers and take on their clients. You can earn an average salary of around $48K per year.

SEO Specialist

If you have good internet marketing skills, you can enter the marketing industry as an SEO specialist. Your job includes helping a company optimize the web pages and content on their blog for the search engines. It’s common for an SEO specialist to perform keyword research, create content, write meta descriptions, and perform other tasks to help the website climb to the top of the search results.

As an SEO specialist, you can earn a salary of about $53K per year, on average.

Media Assistant

Media assistants are responsible for working closely with a media team to aggregate content, analyze media, perform administrative duties, and develop relationships with various media sources.


You can become a business-to-business matchmaker as a recruiter and help businesses find the right people to fill their positions. Instead of marketing a product or service, you will be marketing a person. Along with marketing, you will need good knowledge of human resources to become a recruiter. You may get paid a salary and a commission for each candidate you successfully place.

If you plan to major in marketing, it’s a good idea to have a marketing career path in mind. The right specialty can help land an entry-level marketing job and lead to one of the higher-paying marketing careers listed above.

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