Is Marketing Communications a good career path?

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A specialized marketing segment, marketing communications, also called MarCom, offers a great career path for the right person. This type of career will put you in charge of multiple communication channels to meet the client’s needs and establish a better business relationship with prospects.

A marketing communication professional will use many different tools, such as public relations, client servicing, personal selling, direct marketing, social media marketing, and advertising, to connect with clients and prospects. This type of career fits well with those looking to get involved with advertising, sales, promotions, and branding.

The main role of this career path is to promote a brand or product for better awareness among the target audience. Someone going into this career will likely work with many traditional advertising methods, along with digital marketing methods, such as TV, radio, blogging, vlogging, email, SEO, social media, website design, and more.

The main two objectives of marketing communication professionals are to shorten the sales cycles and create and sustain demand. Using the right price, product, placement, and promotion or the 4Ps of Marketing, a marketing communications professional can benefit any organization.

Communication Marketing Career Path Outlook

In today’s very competitive environment, it’s not enough to deliver a high-quality product with great service. An organization needs to get the word out and properly communicate with potential customers and current customers to stay competitive.

Marketing communications has a solid outlook due to creating brand loyalty and how much harder it has become. According to, careers in marketing and advertising are expected to grow by about 6% over the next 10 years. This is a faster growth rate than all occupations.

The growth of marketing and advertising, along with the wide range of job opportunities, will provide a very positive outlook for those seeking this type of career. With a marketing communications degree, there are many opportunities to explore, and the competitive market will likely continue to push the growth of this career.

Educational Requirements

The educational requirements for jobs in marketing communications depends on the actual job title. Most jobs will require some type of bachelor’s degree, typically in marketing, advertising, or communications. Other jobs will require experience.

For example, shows that a Communication Marketing Manager, which is an upper-level career, requires a bachelor’s degree and at least three years of experience in the field. It also comes with a median salary of $142K. In addition, companies want a candidate with excellent writing and editing skills, good communication skills, and a working knowledge of internet marketing.

On the other hand, a Communications Marketing Specialist doesn’t have the same requirements as a manager. While a bachelor’s degree is still likely required, you won’t need three years or more of experience to get started as a marketing communications specialist. Instead, you will become a preferred candidate with some experience in advertising, especially if you have experience with WordPress, SEO, analytics tools, and email marketing software.

Top 7 Jobs in the Career

There are several types of jobs found within the MarCom career field. So whether you’re just getting out of college or you have several years of work experience, and you’re looking for a change, there’s a position for you to consider.

The types of jobs found in this career field include:

Along with these job titles, a career in marketing communications may also include becoming a brand assistant, account coordinator, communications coordinator, or broadcast correspondent.

Benefits of a Marketing Communications Career

A MarCom career comes with many benefits, including the stability of knowing you will always have job opportunities as long as companies need to market products and services. In addition, there are many career opportunities throughout this field. Marketing communications professionals can work in many different industries, from e-Commerce to Healthcare, Media to Public Relations, Financial Services, and more.

As you move up to a higher-level position, another benefit of a MarCom career is the high pay. A Marketing Communications Manager can earn, on average, $142K per year, and many other positions pay well, too. While not all entry-level positions are high-paying, there is plenty of room for advancement in this career.

With a degree in Marketing Communications, you also open many doors with potential employers, but you can also become a freelance worker or start your own agency. So whether you want to work in the public relations side of things or the internet marketing arena, there are plenty of opportunities to work for yourself.

MarCom careers offer many benefits and provide several career paths to consider. A bachelor’s degree will help you gain entry into this lucrative field, and the right experience can help you land one of the coveted management positions with a six-figure salary.

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