North Carolina Traffic School

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Online 4-Hour North Carolina Traffic School

If a judge or district attorney from Guilford or Wake County has offered you the opportunity to go to traffic school, that would certainly be nice. Of course, it would be nicer still if you could skip sitting in that 4-hour traffic school class, wouldn’t it? Now you can do just that with our 4-hour traffic school online course.

North Carolina Traffic School

You already do so much from your computer: shop, stream movies, watch cat videos. Why not use it to erase your ticket, too? With online traffic school, it’s easy.

How Easy is Defensive Driving North Carolina? Read On!

The I Drive Safely 4-hour online course is divided into eight short chapters. Every chapter ends with a 10-question, multiple-choice quiz so you can track how well you’re doing and to prepare you to pass the 25-question, multiple-choice final exam. The state requires that you score an 80% or above to receive credit for the course, but our engaging video presentation is sure to help you pass with flying colors! And don’t worry if you fall short of that 80% the first time (or the second, third or tenth!). Unlimited retakes make this North Carolina video course a no-lose proposition.

What Will I Learn From North Carolina Traffic School?

Honestly, nothing you’ve never seen before but, hey, we could all use a little refresher now and then. During the course you will see videos that cover topics like:

Who is Eligible to Take Defensive Driving North Carolina?

Currently, the only drivers automatically eligible for this version of the course are those who have received citations in Guilford County and drivers aged 15-21 who have received citations in Wake County. Drivers who have received tickets in other cities or counties need to receive permission from their court to take our 8-hour North Carolina Defensive Driving Course.

You’re Never Alone

If you need us during your course, we are always here. Our customer support team is available 24/7, so give us a call whenever you have a question. About the course, we mean. As far as what you should have for lunch tomorrow, you’re pretty much on your own…

Jordan Fabel

Jordan Fabel

Covering different 'paths' that people's lives can take. Creative, foster parent, ticket dismissal, you get the idea. Exploring the requirements, certifications, exams, and obviously, approved courses along each path. I, personally, am the high school dropout son of two teacher parents. So how did I get here? That story takes more time. Coming soon!