OSHA Confined Space Training

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If you plan to take on a career that will include working in confined spaces, you’ll likely need to complete the OSHA confined space training. This type of training will help keep you safe during your workday.

Learning how to keep yourself and those you’re working with safe in confined spaces is a vital part of several jobs. With the OSHA confined space training, you will have the training you need. Let’s look a little deeper at this type of training and who needs it.

OSHA Confined Space Training

What is a Confined Space?

Any space not necessarily designed for people, but larger enough for a worker to enter is likely defined as a confined space. This type of space will also restrict or limit how you can get into and out of it. Confined spaces include the following:

If the space contains a hazardous atmosphere, walls that converge inward, floors that slow downward, contains materials that could engulf a person upon entering, or contains any other health or safety hazard, it is likely called a permit-required confined space by OSHA. This might include hazards, such as exposed live wires, unguarded machinery, or heat stress.

Why You Need OSHA Confined Space Training

The statistics about confined spaces are a bit alarming. More than 100 people are injured every year in a confined space, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Injuries happen most often in ditches, channels, trenches, or excavation. However, tanks, bins, and vats are also a common place for a confined space injury to happen.

Most Common Occupations Needing Confined Space Training

Some occupations will require you to get OSHA confined space training. The most common occupations for this type of training include:

It’s also common to need this training if you work as a material mover or a general maintenance worker.

What does the OSHA Confined Space Training Include?

The OSHA 8-hour confined space training can be completed online. It’s a requirement to gain the certification you need to work in these types of spaces. The course will include:

You can take the eight-hour course online and get the training certification you need. It will likely include a computer-guided lesson plan to work through the material with section quizzes. In the end, you will need to pass a test with a 70% score or higher.

While you can complete this training online, there are also options for on-side OSHA confined space training. This may be the right choice if you need to provide this type of training for multiple workers at one time. The on-site training needs to be taught by an authorized OSHA trainer. It will include the same subjects and can also be customized for those needing Cal/OSHA training.

Benefits of the Online OSHA Confined Space Training

1. Work at Your Pace

With the online version of the training, you get to complete the lessons at your pace. Work on your training when it fits your schedule. You don’t have to attend any in-person classes, so you can choose when you work on your training.

2. Start and Stop as You Need

If you only have 10 minutes, you can complete some training and stop. Most online programs will allow you to pick up right where you left off. This is a big benefit for those with busy schedules.

3. Do the Work from Home

There is no need to go to a specific location, on a specific day or days and sit in a classroom for your training. You can do all the training you need right from the comfort of your home.

4. Save Money

Most online versions of the OSHA confined space training are cheaper than classroom versions. While this isn’t always the case, you won’t have to spend money on gas to get to and from the location or waste any extra time commuting.

There are many benefits of the online version of OSHA confined space training. It’s a great way to get the training you need without wasting time or rescheduling other important things.

The Cost of OSHA Confined Space Training

The cost of the training you need will vary a bit. It may be $159 or $189, depending on the type of provider and the actual course you take. Some courses may be a bit more expensive or a bit cheaper, but this is a pretty standard price.

You might get to choose between a general industry course or a construction course. It depends on the provider you choose and the course you need.

Some courses are a bit more expensive because they offer more materials or an actual instructor. Others may be a bit cheaper because they are self-paced and the lessons are not live or taught by a live instructor.

It’s common to get an eight-hour course written by industry experts with customized activities and interactive lessons. Most courses are self-paced and will give you the scenario-specific training you need for the job sites you will be working on.

No matter which course you choose, it will likely cost around $189. This seems to be the average with some as low as $159 when they are on sale.

When you need the right training for your job, it’s necessary to get it in the best way possible. The OSHA confined space training online offers the best way to get the right training. You can complete the course from the comfort of your home, at your own pace.

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