Science Paths on Approved Course

  • 14 Best Entry-Level Jobs for Physics Majors

    There are entry-level jobs for physics majors available in many industries including aerospace, agriculture, healthcare and transportation!

  • 7 Exciting Careers in Science (and How to Pursue Them!)

    Have you considered a rewarding career in Science? Learn what degrees or certifications are necessary to pursue your dream!

  • Biology Degree Jobs: Top Careers for Biology Graduates

    With a Biology Degree You can be a Biologist · Biochemist · Zoologist · Environmental Scientist · Physician · Pharmacist · Veterinarian.

  • Forensic Jobs: Top Careers in Forensic Science

    Learn how to become a Forensic Pathologist · DNA Analyst · Ballistics Expert · Polygraph Examiner · Fingerprint Analyst.

  • Horticulture Careers: Popular Job Opportunities

    The top-paying horticulture career paths include Plant Pathologist · Ornamental Horticulturist · Horticultural Inspector · Plant Care Worker.

  • How To Become a Meteorologist

    The career of a meteorologist is an important and interesting one. When a big storm is coming, you'll likely be the one predicting it.

  • How To Become a Storm Chaser

    Are you looking for an exciting career filled with potential danger? Learning how to become a storm chaser might be perfect for you.

  • How To Become an Astronaut

    Have you been dreaming about becoming an astronaut since you were very young? Learning how to become an astronaut is an important first step.

  • How To Become an Astronomer

    Do Well in High School · Get Your Bachelor's degree · Get your Master's Degree · Get your Ph.D. · Complete a University Fellowship

  • MEL Science Review

    Introduce your child to science through MEL Science hands-on experiments. The program places an emphasis on physics or chemistry.

  • STEM Careers

    The ultimate guide to STEM careers; science, technology, engineer, and math. Find out what the leading career paths have to offer.

  • What does a Marine Biologist do?

    A marine biologist studies marine organisms, where they live, what they eat, and everything else that has to do with their natural habitats.

  • What does a Mechanical Engineer do?

    Are you considering going to school to become a mechanical engineer? If so, do you really know everything that a mechanical engineer does?

  • What does an Environmental Scientist do?

    Most environmental scientists will work to assess the environmental stability and health of a specific area.

  • What is a Botanist?

    Do you love plants? Are you an avid gardener? Then, learning what a botanist is might just lead you to the right career path.

  • What is a Paleontologist?

    Paleontology is the study of fossils and life from the past. Learn about the different fields and the degrees required to start your career.

  • What is a Scientist?

    Physicist · Biologist · Botanist · Meteorologist · Astronomer · Geoscientist · Computer Scientist · Political Scientist

  • What is an Archaeologist?

    Archaeologists study human history by digging up human and animal remains and artifacts to better understand culture and society.