How To Become a Singer

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You love to sing and you’re better than just a good karaoke singer. Maybe you’re wondering how to become a singer, on a professional level. While you might become rich and famous, you can enjoy a singing career without needing to be a celebrity.

There are many options when it comes to becoming a singer. We will look at some of the steps necessary, but it’s important to understand what you will be doing as a singer. It’s also important to know what type of singer you can become.

How To Be a Singer

Duties of a Professional Singer

It might seem rather self-explanatory when it comes to the duties of a professional singer. Of course, the biggest part of your job will be to sing. However, you may also have other duties, depending on the job you take on.

Some of the common duties of a professional singer include:

You may also have other duties, depending on the type of singer you become.

Different Types of Professional Singers

While you might think of becoming a singer as only those on the radio and at the top of the music industry. However, there are many different professional singing careers you can choose from. Here are some of the most common singing career options to consider.

Club Singer

When you become a club singer, you will sing in a nightclub or a lounge. This type of performer will need to sing popular hits fitting with the lounge or club they work in.

Cruise Ship Entertainer

As a cruise ship entertainer, you will travel on a cruise ship and perform. This type of signing position is a contract position, usually for six months or one year at a time. You may perform as a part of a show with dancers and other musicians.

Wedding Singer

You can perform at weddings for happy couples. This type of singing career often means you will work with a band or also be the master of ceremonies. If you want to sing at weddings, you will also need to get very good at creating music playlists and accommodating the bride and groom.

Opera Singer

As an opera singer, you will work with an opera and perform with others. You will likely need to hold a music degree and have experience performing to become an opera singer.

Band Member

When you become a member of a band, you will travel with the band and perform with them. You might provide backup vocals and play an instrument. Of course, it’s also possible to be the lead singer of a band.


Maybe you’re not just a singer, but also a songwriter. You can perform your own songs at open mic nights with hopes to become discovered.

Backup Singer

A backup singer will provide backup vocals for another artist. This is a very popular singing career and allows you to travel with the main artist. You will perform on stage with the artist and often learn some choreography for the performance.

Choir Singer

When you become a member of a choice, you will travel and perform at various locations. Several professional choirs are found throughout the world.

Session Singer

A session singer will work in a studio to provide vocals when recording a song or a soundtrack. They will not be a permanent part of a music ensemble or band. However, they can be hired to work on a specific project or for the studio. It’s common for session singers to play instruments, too.

Voice Over Artist

As a voice-over artist, you will record your voice for video production. You may perform a song in a study and it may be used in a movie. Several industries use this type of singer including those in marketing, film, radio, and even sports broadcasting.

Broadway Singer

Another type of singing career will include singing in musicals on Broadway. You might be a part of a traveling Groupe that performs a specific musical in different areas. Often, you will also need to have some theater experience to work as a Broadway singer.

Along with these professional singing options, you can also enter a similar career in the music industry, such as:

These career options may not all include singing, but can help you get into the music industry.

How To Become a Singer in 6 Steps

Step #1 – Have a Strong Belief in Yourself

You need to have confidence in your ability and you will need to believe in your dream. Becoming a singer isn’t easy and it will take hard work. Make sure you believe in yourself as a singer.

Step #2 – Consistently Work on Your Craft

Just like any other type of career, you need to continually work on your singing. Improving your singing is necessary. This can be done through practice and taking professional singing lessons.

The right singing teacher can make a big difference. You can even take singing lessons online to improve your voice and your singing.

Step #3 – Practice Often

Singing is one of the best ways to get better. Sing as often as you can. Sing in the shower, at karaoke, at open mic nights, and anywhere you can. It can also be helpful to learn how to play an instrument and practice it often.

Step #4 – Get a Go-To Song

You need a go-to song in case you are put on the spot. Choose the song that you know the best and one that shows off your talent. Sometimes, you will be put on the spot and you need a song you can turn to at a moment’s notice.

Don’t choose a song you cannot sing very well. Choose one that fits into your range well. You want to be able to bust it out at any time.

Step #5 – Get Used to Rejection

The music industry is filled with rejection and criticism. You will likely hear people tell you no more often than tell you yes. Some people that don’t even know music might throw out their criticisms.

You have to learn to ignore most of the criticism and only take seriously what can actually help you. Get used to being rejected and understand it might be a bit of a long road to becoming a singer.

Step #6 – Network as much as Possible

When you want to know how to become a singer, you really want to know how to network well. networking is a big-time help within the music industry. The more people you know, the more show opportunities you can get, and the better chance you have of making a career out of singing.

You want to develop a large network and become a known singer. If people know you’re a singer, it’s easier to find work.

While you can certainly make some YouTube videos and built an online following, you want to do more than this. Some singers want to sit around and wait to be discovered. You cannot become a professional singer if nobody knows how you are.

Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming a Singer

How much can I make as a professional singer?

The average hourly pay for a professional singer is about $21.25, according to Some positions will likely pay higher, while others may be lower. The type of singer you become will help to determine how much you earn.

If you’re a musician, you will likely earn a salary closer to $47K per year. Music directors, on the other hand, earn around $31K per year. Where you work and the type of professional singer you become will help to determine your actual pay.

What are some of the ways to become a famous singer quickly?

With technology advancing so fast and new platforms available, you might be able to become a famous singer on TikTok or YouTube. Social media has made it possible for anybody to reach a larger audience, even if you live in a small village in the most remote corner of the world.

Some singers set up a home studio and perform cover songs or even their own songs. Then, they publish the songs on YouTube or another platform. They can build an audience on social media channels to get their music out to the masses.

While there is no cut-and-dry plan for how to become a singer, there are some steps you can take. It’s not the same as just getting a degree and going into a career you have been trained for. However, some singing positions may require a degree or at least benefit from a degree.

Look at the type of singer you want to become and the best path to enter that career. Network as much as you can and practice your skills as often as possible. Perform whenever possible and you will be well on your way to becoming a singer.

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