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If you’re thinking about installing a steam room or a sauna, it’s necessary to choose the right option. You can add a touch of luxury to your home with the right one. Both offer excellent benefits, but they do it in a different way.

Before you try to make the decision between a steam room and a sauna, you should know the differences. Let’s look at the benefits of both and the differences between both.

What is a Steam Room?

A steam room will also be referred to as a Turkish bath. The temperature level is usually between 110-degrees and 120-degrees. It will also have a humidity level close to 100%.

Since the humidity level is so high in a steam room, you won’t sweat as much, even though you might feel like you are sweating.

What is a Sauna?

The North American Sauna Society defines a sauna as a room heated to around 150-degree to 195-degrees to cause sweating. A sauna will have a lower humidity level than a steam room, but will still have some humidity. It will use heated rocks to control the temperature.

Saunas will use dry heat from electricity, gas, infrared light, or wood. Often, there will be rocks within the sauna heater, but sometimes they are only decorative.

Steam Room vs Sauna: The Main Benefits of Both

Both steam rooms and saunas offer plenty of benefits. Some of the benefits will be the same, while others will only fit with one or the other.

Steam Room Benefits

Sauna Benefits

Steam Room vs Sauna: The Cost

When it comes to the cost comparison of a sauna and a steam room, you will need to look at both the initial installation and the ongoing cost. It might not be as simple as just installing a sauna or steam room in your home. There’s a bit more to it.

When you decide you want a custom steam room, you can expect the cost to range from $2,500 to $8,000 before installation. Of course, the size of a sauna or steam room will determine the cost.

A sauna is a bit more cost-effective, especially if you can install it yourself. However, even if you can do the installation yourself, expect to hire an electrician for some parts of the installation.

Which is Easier to Install?

A professional installation is likely necessary for a steam room or a sauna. It’s not that easy to install either of these rooms.

While a sauna is a bit easier to install, it will still require quite a bit of work. You will need to have light switches and heat controls installed. A plumber and an electrician may be necessary if your sauna will operate on gas. If you choose an infrared sauna, it will be the easiest option to install.

With a steam room, you will have a more complex installation process. This type of room will require drainage. However, if you have an existing show you want to turn into a steam shower, this is a pretty easy option.

The Difference in Size Between a Steam Room and a Sauna

Steam rooms and sauna comes in different sizes. Both can be customized to fit your specific needs and the space where you want to install the room. However, it can be helpful to understand the standard sizes for both of these.

The size can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Choosing Between a Steam Room and a Sauna

When you want to make the decision between a steam room or a sauna, looking at the benefits is helpful. It’s also necessary to look at the installation process, the cost, and any other factors important to you. Both offer plenty of health benefits, with some similar benefits, but some different, as well.

There are many reasons to install a steam room or a sauna. You might even be able to add value to your home with one or the other. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, you will likely gain benefits, such as better blood circulation, better immune support, and stress relief.

Before you make your final decision, consider what you really want out of your steam room or sauna. There are great benefits to both, but one may fit your needs better. It may also depend on where you plan to put it in your home.

It’s not an easy decision to make. If you want to install a steam room or a sauna, just make sure you understand what you’re getting for your money.

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