Alabama Traffic School


Dismissing a ticket in Alabama has never been easier and if you would like to keep your money in your pocket and not your insurance guy's, this is the way to go. With an Alabama traffic school course from our partners at I Drive Safely, you can enjoy these (and other) benefits:

  • Dismiss a Citation Quickly and Easily
  • Complete Our Class on Your Schedule
  • Keep Your Car Insurance Premiums Low
  • Available Anywhere, Anytime, All the Time



Alabama Traffic School Online

We know that taking a court-ordered Alabama defensive driving course is probably not an item high on your “to-do” list. If you choose to take a traditional classroom course, you will be faced with inconvenient schedules, rooms full of strangers and boring lectures and that only makes it harder to make yourself go. If you’re looking to dismiss a traffic ticket or to reduce your auto insurance rates, why not choose an easier way? With an I Drive Safely 100% online Alabama traffic school course, everything you need is available at the click of a mouse, right from the comfort of your own home.

Easy Because It’s Self-Paced

This course has been tailored specifically to accommodate your busy lifestyle. There’s no traveling to an inconvenient classroom or sitting in that room for most of a Saturday. All you need to meet the requirements for your AL traffic ticket dismissal is to sit back and enjoy these great benefits from our course. If your calendar only has bits of time here and there, with our course you can:

  • Log in and out whenever you like
  • Take breaks and work when you want
  • Start back right where you left off
  • Tailor your course in the way that suits you best

The course gives you the flexibility and freedom to decide your pace of study. You may choose to get your ticket dismissed in just one sitting, or you might want to take your time. You can do a chapter at two in the morning or at two in the afternoon at home then pick up where you left off later at a coffee shop or library. Computer, smartphone or tablet, in a rush or at your leisure, it’s all up to you, whenever and wherever you want.

Which Courts Recognize Your Defensive Driving Course?

This course is officially approved by the following Alabama courts to dismiss a traffic citation:

  • Covington County
    • Covington County District Court
    • Lockhart Municipal Court
  • Dale County
    • Daleville Municipal Court
    • Napier Field Municipal Court
    • Ozark Municipal Court

Get your ticket somewhere else in Alabama? Many courts will grant permission to take our course for your ticket dismissal needs. We suggest giving a call to the court to request approval. 

An Alabama Defensive Driving Course You Might Actually Enjoy

The course is not only flexible, it’s fun, too. The course is broken into 8 short chapters, each one easy to complete and understand. The chapters focus on different aspects of Alabama driving, such as:

  • Alabama road signs and traffic laws
  • Helpful defensive driving techniques
  • Driving skills for use in unexpected situations

The course was developed by a team of learning theory experts and education professionals to make it as engaging and comprehensive as possible. Every chapter employs a combination of engaging multimedia teaching tools, including videos, audio, animations and graphics, to help you learn the material quickly. There are short, 10-question, multiple-choice quizzes at the end of each chapter, preparing you for the 20-question, multiple-choice final exam. Don’t let the quizzes and test worry you. Yes, the state requires that you score at least 80% on each one, but we give you as many tries as you need to make that happen!

Auto Insurance Discounts for Alabama Traffic School

Turns out, you don’t even need a ticket to benefit from this course. Many insurance providers offer discounts for drivers who voluntarily complete a driver improvement course like this one. Contact your agent and see if your company offers these discounts. You may find that even a small discount will pay for the course many times over.

Your Alabama Defensive Driving Certificate of Completion

Once you complete your course, there’s no waiting for your certificate to be approved and processed. We get to work preparing your Alabama defensive driving certificate of completion immediately after you pass, and send your completion certificate to you FREE by US Mail. If you complete your traffic school course by 3PM Central time, we’ll send it the same day. If time is of the essence and you need it to the court sooner, you can choose from one of our low-priced FedEx delivery options and get it the very next morning.

Our Customer Service Team is Here with Answers

If you have questions about our online defensive driving course, the Alabama ticket dismissal process or just about Alabama driving laws in general, give us a call. Our customer satisfaction team is available 24/7 to assist you in any way they can.

defensive driving for alabama drivers

Why Take Defensive Driving?

If you have made your way here as most people do, you're probably looking for a way to make a ticket disappear. Keeping a ticket off of your driving record can save your wallet. Insurance rates can skyrocket once a citation shows up on your record.

Even people who haven't received a ticket can benefit from a defensive driving course. Most insurance carriers lower premiums for policyholders who complete a defensive driving course. They consider a better educated driver is probably less likely to be involved in an accident, so the company saves money insuring that driver. If your company doesn't pass those savings along to their policyholders, you might want to consider shopping for another company.

Whether you are taking a course for ticket dismissal or insurance savings, you will also be taking the opportunity to refresh and restore your driving skills. This will make you, your family and everyone you share the road with safer, so what's the harm in that?

Alabama Defensive Driving - The Simple Way, Online!

Approved for many courts throughout Alabama.