Arizona Traffic School


Tickets happen to the best of us. Why not choose  an online Arizona traffic school course, the best way to get that ticket dismissed?

  • Convenient, quick, and easy to complete
  • Fully approved by Arizona Supreme Court
  • 100% Online – an affordable time saver
  • Available 24/7 – you make your schedule
  • Processed same-day, and delivered for free



A Traffic School Alternative for Arizona!

Having a traffic ticket dismissed can wreak havoc on your schedule, provide you with confusing class materials, and worst of all, cause you to sit in a class that seems like an all-day traffic jam. You make the call, and set the terms with our 4-hour defensive driving course. Quicker and easier than you ever imagined, your ticket is a thing of the past. Our online Arizona traffic school course satisfies court-ordered parameters and will have you on your way to:

  • Ticket dismissal and point reduction (must produce a copy of your citation)
  • Avoid ticket being filed with the DMV
  • In spite of your violation, insurance rate increase is avoided

And most importantly, you will zip through the defensive driving process with a minimum of effort. The state required course is only four hours long and the entire process is online. You'll never dismiss a citation more quickly, easily, or affordably.

Complete Arizona Defensive Driving Your Way

The benefits of our online defensive driving course make your life “simply simpler.” We work hard to ensure that your experience is hassle-free and not a burden for you. With you making the calls, study at your own leisure, and make the class schedule fit yours! Finish in one sitting or digest the class a little at a time. Log in and log out. And as long as you have wi-fi available, you can even pick the location.

Fully Approved by the Arizona Supreme Court

Don’t take our word for the quality of our online driving school, ask The Arizona Supreme Court yourself! They have fully approved the quality of our class to satify traffic school requirements! Our course engages students in areas such as:

  • Practices that make you a safer driver
  • How driving under the influence endangers everyone
  • The traffic laws and driver expectations in Arizona

Think your defensive driving experience is going to be a drag? Think again! Our course combines interactive and experiential learning in a format that is informative, yet entertaining. Our professional educators make it happen, utilizing animation, graphics, and an all-inclusive multimedia presentation. Experiencing all these options will assist you in retaining what you learn, and make you a qualified, responsible driver for years to come.

As per the Arizona Supreme Court requirements (they just LOVE tests), you will complete a brief, 25-question multiple choice final exam at the end of your class. With a score of 80% or higher, you will become a graduate (cap and gown not included). If for some reason the dog ate your homework, you didn’t study enough, and you do not pass the first time, you are afforded a second attempt at the exam. Very rarely do our students not score the minimum required 80% on their first effort.

Do I Qualify for Online Arizona Traffic School?

Why yes, you do! That is, if you are an official Arizona resident, no matter in what county you choose to reside. A July 3, 2015 ruling gives you the opportunity to dismiss one traffic violation each year. Simply put, 12 months have to have passed since the date registered for your most previous traffic violation.

But Wait! There’s more!

  • Only minor, non-criminal moving violations (no crashes) qualify you for defensive driving.
  • You must finish your course seven days prior to the court date you will find on your citation.
  • If you hold a Commercial Driver’s License, you cannot use this course to dismiss a ticket.

So, if you match up with the above-listed requirements, you may step right up, and book a reservation to defensive driving heaven! (OK, it’s not THAT good)

Your Insurance Rates May Go Down

Following the completion of the course and receipt of your certificate of completion, contact your insurance agent to inquire about a possible Arizona defensive driving discount. It’s the only way getting a ticket might even SAVE you money!

Don’t Stress The Details . . . We Got This!

Upon successful completion of your online defensive driving course, we will process your certificate of completion in a flash; usually the same day. We then notify the court for you, each and every Wednesday (excluding holidays). If you’d like a copy of your certificate to frame and hang over your fireplace, or send to your insurance agent in your Christmas card, we’ll even send it out to you for free. Could it be ANY easier?

We’re Always Here

Even if you wake up at 3:00 am wondering anything defensive driving related, we promise to be just a phone call away. You don’t even have to calculate the difference in time zones (Who can do that at 3:00 am anyway?). We eat, breathe, (but never sleep) defensive driving, and we are available to you via telephone 24/7. Ask us anything you need. If we don’t know the answer, and it applies to Arizona defensive driving, how to sign up, and much, much more, we’ll do everything we can to find it for you.

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But I Don’t Live In Arizona!

Well maybe you should! But if you can’t and aren’t an Arizona resident, and received a citation within the state, you may still be eligible to take defensive driving to have the ticket dismissed.

If you take our course, (Arizona state-certified), you can sit comfortably in front of your Vermont fireplace wearing a smoking jacket and take the course online, unless of course, you’d just like to come back to Arizona for grins.

NOTE: You must contact the court that is listed on your traffic citation to ensure they approve your defensive driving course choice. And as always, don’t forget that your course must be finished a week (seven days) prior to the court date listed on your citation.

Arizona Defensive Driving - the Fun and Easy Way!

100% Arizona Supreme Court Approved