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When you’re ready to become a real estate agent, you might be comparing Aceable Agent and The CE Shop. These are two of the top online real estate schools you can find. They both offer pre-licensing education for new real estate agents.

While both of these options offer what you need to become a real estate agent, they are very different. Even though you can get to your end goal with Aceable Agent or The CE Shop, they offer different options.

If you’re ready to choose the best real estate school for you, it’s time to compare these two options. Let’s look a bit closer at what Aceable Agent and The CE Shop offers.

Aceable Agent vs The CE Shop: Comparing Important Aspects

When it’s time to look at what both of these real estate schools offer, you probably want to start with a little information about each.

Aceable Agent has been around since 2017. It has grown to become one of the best options for your real estate education. Even though the company hasn’t been around very long, they know what they are doing.

The CE Shop, however, has been around for many years. They have received many awards and have been providing online education for a real estate agent for quite some time.

Before you decide between Aceable Agent and The CE Shop, it’s important to compare both. Let’s look at some of the most important categories.

Aceable Agent vs The CE Shop: Availability

The choice between Aceable Agent and The CE Shop all starts with availability. If one is not available in your state, but the other one is, the decision becomes rather simple.

Aceable Agent is available in 13 states including:

They also offer continuing education courses in New York and Texas. If you’re not in any of these states, Aceable Agent won’t work well for you.

The CE Shop, however, offers pre-licensing courses in 39 different states. They also have continuing education in all 50 states. While Aceable Agent might fit you better, if it’s not available in your state, The CE Shop is a great option.

When it comes to availability, The CE Shop is the winner of this category. Pre-licensing education is available in three times as many states and continuing education is available in all 50 states.

Aceable Agent vs The CE Shop: Education Offered

Another comparison you may need to look at is the type of education offered. Aceable Agent and The CE Shop both offer pre-licensing education and continuing education. However, Aceable Agent only offers continuing education in two states. They do have some post-licensing courses, but these are only found in a few states, too. Aceable Agent also offers some professional development courses.

The CE Shop also offers post-licensing education and courses to help you upgrade your license. These courses will vary from one state to another, but they are offered by The CE Shop.

The winner for this category is The CE Shop. Not only do they offer more continuing education options across all 50 states, but they also offer additional real estate education options.

Aceable Agent vs The CE Shop: Cost

The cost is a bit harder to compare just Aceable Agent to The CE Shop. It’s best to look at your specific state when comparing the cost.

Typically, Aceable Agent will range from about $80 to $490 for your pre-licensing courses. The CE Shop tends to have prices from $150 to $600 for the pre-licensing course. Let’s compare both options for Texas to get a better idea of what the cost comparison looks like.

In Texas, the regular price for the pre-licensing course from Aceable Agent is $525. At the time of writing, the course was on sale for $420. This is the cost for the basic course. Aceable Agent also offers a Deluxe course for $693 (on sale for $520) and a Premium course for $871 (on sale for $610).

The CE Shop offers the following pricing for the pre-licensing education in Texas:

It’s also important to note that The CE Shop offers a payment plan, while Aceable Agent doesn’t.

Along with the pre-licensing course, you will need a post-licensing course in Texas. This course will need to be completed in the first year of being an agent. This might not apply to all states, but for the sake of comparing the cost of Aceable Agent vs The CE Shop, it’s important to look at all the courses.

The post-licensing course in Texas comes in packages ranging from $389 to $455. Aceable Agent offers two bundle packages for $429 to $474.

Both offer continuing education in Texas, as well. Aceable Agent offers continuing education courses ranging from free to $89. Many CE courses are $26 and they do offer two bundles for $45 and $89.

The CE Shop offers continuing education courses ranging from $29 to $59. They do offer several packages to choose from ranging from $55 to $129, as well.

There is no clear winner in the cost category. While Aceable Agent is a bit cheaper for pre-licensing courses, they are a bit more expensive for post-licensing courses. The CE courses are pretty comparable at both.

Aceable Agent vs The CE Shop: Courses & Features Offered

Of course, you should know what you are getting for the cost with Aceable Agent and The CE Shop. Both offer multiple packages with different features. All packages from both online real estate schools will include the 180-hour pre-licensing course.

Packages from Aceable Agent

Depending on which package you choose, you will get specific features.

Packages from The CE Shop

All packages from The CE Shop include business eBooks from experts, career resources, downloadable resources, digital flashcards, a real estate glossary, and a study schedule.

Both Aceable Agent and The CE Shop offer comparable packages. However, they are a bit different. One is not necessarily better than the other.

There is no winner in this category between Aceable Agent and The CE Shop. They both offer excellent features and course materials, but in a bit of a different way. One might fit better with what you prefer than the other.

Aceable Agent vs The CE Shop: Student Reviews

The student reviews are great for both Aceable Agent and The CE Shop. Both have positive reviews out there with a rating well above four out of five stars.

When you look at Trustpilot reviews, Aceable Agent has a very high 4.9 out of 5-star rating. It’s difficult to find a negative review of this online real estate school. About 90% of students rated Aceable Agent as Excellent, while another 9% rated the company as Great.

The CE Shop has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating. They are not quite as high on Trustpilot as Aceable Agent. About 84% of students rated The CE Shop as Excellent with another 10% rating them as Great.

Aceable Agent wins when it comes to the student reviews. It’s difficult to find a negative review online about this school. While The CE Shop has a very high rating, as well, Aceable Agent has a higher and better rating.

Aceable Agent vs The CE Shop: Exam Passing Rate

It’s rather important to pass your real estate exam. You will take two exams including one national exam and one state exam. You must pass both to get your real estate license, in your state.

The exam prep options offered by Aceable Agent and The CE Shop help you prepare for the exam you will need to pass. The pass rate says quite a bit about the online real estate school and the materials they provide.

Aceable Agent states, on their website, they have a 77% pass rate. They state that the combination of all other real estate exam prep options has a pass rate of 62%.

The pass rate from The CE Shop depends on the state. For Texas, they have a pass rate of 69%. They compare this rate to several other real estate schools, which are all lower than 60%.

Both Aceable Agent and The CE Shop provide higher passing rates than many other schools. They are also much higher than the overall national exam pass rate and state pass rates.

If the percentages on their websites are correct, Aceable Agent wins this category.

Aceable Agent Pros & Cons

When you choose Aceable Agent, you’ll encounter some good things and some not-so-good things. Most of its good, however. Let’s look at the pros and cons to better understand what Aceable Agent offers.



There are some cons, but for the most part, Aceable Agent offers a great choice for your online real estate education.

The CE Shop Pros & Cons

If you choose The CE Shop, you’ll get plenty of benefits. This online real estate school offers pros and cons you might want to consider.



The CE Shop offers many good benefits and plenty of pros to outweigh the cons.

Aceable Agent vs The CE Shop: Which is Right for You?

The decision to choose Aceable Agent or The CE Shop will depend on where you’re located. If you’re located in one of the states where Aceable Agent and The CE Shop are both offered, you will have to make this decision. If not, you might only have The CE Shop available to you.

When you have both of these top online real estate schools available, the decision might depend on what you prefer. Aceable Agent has higher reviews, better pass rates, and a lower cost, usually. However, The CE Shop offers some features you won’t get from Aceable Agent and they have been around longer.

There isn’t a wrong or right answer between Aceable Agent and The CE Shop. One may fit your learning style or preferences better than the other. Take the time to look further into both options and choose the online real estate school that fits your needs best.

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