Financial Paths on Approved Course

  • Accounting Certifications: Choosing the Best Options for Your Career

    Whether you're looking to make more money or even switch career paths, the right accounting certifications can offer just what you need.

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Exam Review Courses

    The AICPA reports that more candidates fail than pass the four parts of the exam. CPA review courses can help, but which one doesn't suck?

  • CFP Exam Prep Courses

    We reviewed the 5 best CFP Exam prep courses including Kaplan and Zahn Associates. Who else made the approved course list?

  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Prep Courses

    Finding the best CFA Prep Courses, with the right studying and preparation, you can pass all three levels and enjoy a rewarding career.

  • EA (Enrolled Agent) vs CPA (Certified Public Accountant

    Enrolled Agents and CPAs are both tax professionals with different qualifications. A CPA needs more school and typically earns more money.

  • Enrolled Agent Exam Prep: Passing on the First Try

    When you're ready to take the enrolled agent exam, you want to make sure you can pass it on the first try. EA exam prep courses can help you.

  • Financial Risk Management (FRM) Exam + Certification

    You must pass the two-part FRM exam to start your journey towards becoming a Financial Risk Manager. Two years of work experience also needed.

  • FRM Exam Prep Courses

    Top 4 FRM exam test prep courses include · Bionic Turtle · Kaplan Schweser · Wiley Efficient Learning · ApnaCourse · AnalystPrep

  • How To Become a CFP

    If you want to know how to become a CFP (Certified Financial Planner), it starts with understanding the education requirements.

  • How To Become a Claims Adjuster

    To become a claims adjuster, a degree in insurance and risk management is essential before getting licensed and gaining experience.

  • How To Become a Financial Advisor

    You can't just become a financial advisor without the right education and experience. Let's review the steps to becoming a financial advisor.

  • How To Become a Hedge Fund Manager

    How to become a hedge fund manager | Finish high school · Get a bachelor's degree, get a master's degree, gain experience, get certified.

  • How To Become a Loan Officer

    Loan officers help people apply for and qualifying loans. Checking the credit of clients and other factors to ensure they are eligible.

  • How To Become a Tax Preparer

    To become a tax preparer | finish high school, complete training/certifications, get your id number from the IRS, get your tax preparer license.

  • How To Become an Accredited Investor

    Accredited investors have access to investments that others with less wealth do not. Specific income levels are required to qualify.

  • How To Become an Actuary

    If you're an analytical person, you might want to learn how to become an actuary. This is a high-paying career that is in high demand.

  • How To Become an Insurance Adjuster

    Learning how to become an insurance adjuster is a great way to enter a high-demand career with a multitude of opportunities.

  • How To Become an Insurance Agent

    As an insurance agent you must finish high school · Get a bachelor's degree (optional) · Complete training · Become licensed · Gain experience

  • Is Accounting a Good Career Path?

    There are many different types of accounting, and the two main fields are private or public. But is accounting a good career path?

  • Is Finance a good career path?

    Start your career in finance as a commercial banker, investment banker, financial planner, or public accountant. Which degrees are necessary to start?

  • Is Insurance a Good Career Path?

    Careers in Insurance · Actuary · Claims Adjuster · Sales Agent · Risk Consultant · Insurance Underwriter · Policy Processing Clerk · Insurance Investigator

  • SIE Exam Prep

    We reviewed the 6 best SIE Exam Prep courses including ExamFX and Kaplan. Who else made the approved course list?

  • The Top Careers in Finance

    The most in-demand finance careers · Financial Advisor · Budget Analyst · Financial Advisor · Actuary · Credit Analyst · Loan Officer.

  • What does a Bank Teller do?

    A bank teller provides professional customer service by completing daily financial transactions such as cashing checks and making deposits.

  • What does a CPA do?

    If you love working with numbers and you're very detail-oriented, becoming a CPA might be the right career decision for you.

  • What does a Financial Analyst do?

    You'll do more than basic accounting. Financial analysts deal with all types of numbers every day. Great for those who enjoy math and data.

  • What does a Financial Manager do?

    As a financial manager, you will be responsible for maximizing profit and current value, along with maintaining growth and minimizing costs.

  • What does an Accountant do?

    An accountants job is interpreting financial information for individual clients, businesses, and organizations. What are the different types of accountants?

  • What Is a Certified Management Accountant?

    A CMA is an experienced professional who is certified by The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) to manage corporate finance.

  • What is a Mortgage Broker?

    How to be a mortgage broker | Get a degree in finance or accounting · Complete a training course · Get your mortgage broker license · Build your network

  • What is an Enrolled Agent?

    An EA (enrolled agent) is a tax expert. Enrolled agents have the authority to represent taxpayers regarding matters dealing with the IRS.