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Are you trying to get your Nebraska real estate license? Do you need one of the best online real estate schools in Nebraska? These schools will offer the pre-licensing courses you need and much more.

Some of the top online real estate schools in Nebraska also offer exam prep. You might even find one that offers continuing education courses. Before you choose the right school for you, look at our list of the best online real estate schools in Nebraska.

Best Online Real Estate Schools in Nebraska

Top 6 Online Real Estate Schools in Nebraska

1. Real Estate Express

Accredited by ARELLO and IDECC, Real Estate Express is the top online real estate school in Nebraska. There are plenty of reasons why this is the top option. When you choose to work with Real Estate Express, you get a school with a very high rating from past students. They also provide everything you need with four different packages:

The Basics – this package gives you the 30-hour pre-licensing law course, along with the principles and practices course. you will also get the six-hour developing professional conduct and ethics course, two real estate eBooks, and instructor support for $299.

Exam Preparation – With this package, you get everything The Basics offers, along with exam prep and a pass or don’t pay guarantee for $374.

Exam Preparation Plus – This package gives you everything in the Exam Preparation package, along with the live exam crammer series, a real estate dictionary, and an instructor Q&A for $449.

Ultimate Learning – The most premium package, this one gives you everything in the Exam Preparation Plus package, along with a printed textbook and a one-year professional development membership for $524.

Any of these packages will get you closer to getting your real estate license. Often, all packages from Real Estate Express are discounted up to 30%.

2. VanEd

Another good option for your online real estate school in Nebraska is VanEd. They provide the online pre-licensing course you need with free eBooks and a five-day free trial. If you’re a veteran, you can even get a 40% discount.

There are two options to choose from and they are often discounted. These options include:

Both packages include a personal academic advisor, live customer support, digital flashcards, a real estate glossary, a downloadable eBook for each course, and live instructor support. You can also use a payment plan for either course option.

The pre-licensing courses and exam prep options are also available individually.

3. Larabee School of Real Estate

Get an online real estate course you can enjoy at your own pace with this option. Larabee School of Real Estate gives you the ability to complete your pre-licensing course on your schedule. You can even get the exam prep you need with this option.

You can complete the 66-hour pre-licensing course with this option. They provide all the right courses for you to complete with three 30-hour options and the 6-hour Developing Professional Conduct and Ethical Practices course.

This online real estate school in Nebraska offers an in-class option and an online option. The courses for the in-class option are priced individually and range in price and schedule.

The online option offers a package with everything you need to complete your pre-licensing requirements. This option is $550. You can also purchase the individual courses for $275 each.

4. REEsults Coaching School of Real Estate

Take your pre-licensing course through Zoom with nine sessions to complete it. You will spend $247 to get the pre-licensing webinar instruction per course. you will need to take two of the three courses for a total of 60-hours. The courses offered include:

Each of these courses is $247. You will attend nine four-hour sessions with each one. This means you will pay a total of $494 and attend 18 total 4-hour sessions to complete this requirement.

You will also need the six-hour pre-license Conduct & Ethics Practices course. This course is held in one session and costs $77.

5. Mbition

Mbition doesn’t offer the pre-licensing courses in Nebraska. However, they do offer two national real estate exam prep options. The basic option is $59 and will give you more than 1,000 practice questions with several helpful features. You can upgrade to the master exam prep package for $129. This option gives you a MathMaster course and the exam prep toolkit.

6. The CE Shop

Another good option for your exam prep is The CE Shop. They offer the Exam Prep Edge for the national portion for $75. Sometimes, this is discounted to $60, however.

Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming a Real Estate Agent in Nebraska

How much can I earn each year as a real estate agent in Nebraska?

According to, you can expect to earn around $86K per year as a real estate agent. This is the average earnings in Nebraska. However, the range can go from about $35K to nearly $150K. has a salary range from about $26K to $92K. They put the median salary at nearly $44K per year for a real estate agent in Nebraska.

What are the fees I will pay to get my Nebraska real estate license?

You will need to pay an application fee of $135, along with an exam fee of $150 to get your Nebraska real estate license. If you have to retake the exam, it will cost another $150. It’s also necessary to buy the pre-licensing courses. These can range from around $200 to more than $600.

What are the basic requirements to get a real estate license in Nebraska?

You must be at least 19 years of age and have a high school diploma or GED to get your real estate license. Nebraska also requires that you have a criminal background check done, along with fingerprinting. As long as you meet these requirements and complete the other necessary steps, you can work as a real estate agent.

How long will it take you to become a real estate agent in Nebraska?

While the pre-licensing course takes 66 hours, you will also need to go through the application process. This course can be completed in two weeks, but often will take students longer. In some cases, it can take three or four months to complete the pre-licensing step.

You will also need to complete a background check and pass the exam. The entire process will likely take between three and four months to complete.

What can I expect on the real estate exam in Nebraska?

The real estate exam in Nebraska will consist of 130 total questions. It will have 80 questions on the national section and 50 on the state section. you will have four hours to complete the entire exam.

You must get 60 of 80 questions right to pass the national section. It’s necessary to get 38 of 50 questions correct on the state section to pass. Your results will be available immediately after you complete the exam.

Can I take the real estate exam online?

No, you will need to take the real estate exam at a PSI assessment center in Nebraska. There are a few locations throughout the state including:

These four locations offer the Nebraska real estate exam.

Is the Nebraska real estate exam difficult?

Yes, it’s known to be a difficult test with about 56% passing the first time. If you’re not properly prepared for this exam, there is a good chance you will fail. A retake will not only cost you money but also time.

If you want to make sure you pass the first time, get a good exam prep course. With a good exam prep option, you might even get a pass guarantee.

When will I need to renew my real estate license in Nebraska?

Every two years, you will need to pay the renewal fees and complete a renewal application. Before you can renew, you will also need to complete the correct continuing education courses.

A total of 18 hours need to be done with six coming from a list called the “R” courses. The other 12 hours are electives.

If you’re ready to enter a career in real estate, you need the proper licensing. Meeting the requirements will be easier with one of the best online real estate schools in Nebraska.

You can complete the necessary pre-licensing requirements and even your continuing education requirements each renewal period. The right school will help you on your way to your new career.

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