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Are you looking to change your career and become a real estate agent in VA? With one of the best online real estate schools in Virginia, this becomes much easier. You won’t need to sit in a classroom to complete your pre-licensing requirements.

Before you choose just any online real estate school in Virginia, make sure you consider the right factors. Let’s look at a few tips to help you choose the right school for your real estate license.

Virginia Online Real Estate Schools

How to Choose the Right Online Real Estate School in Virginia

There are plenty of things to consider when you evaluate each online real estate school in Virginia. Many of the things each school offers will be similar. Each will offer the pre-licensing courses you need, but they might have a different format, cost, or some extras you like.

Before you choose the right school for your needs, make sure you consider the right factors. Always read the online reviews to check the reputation. Past students will tell you quite a bit about the school you’re considering.

Along with the reputation, it’s important to look at the cost. You might not have the budget for a more expensive course, even though it offers advanced training. Make sure you consider what you can afford, as well.

Of course, you also want to look at the class schedule, if you’re taking live online courses. Many online real estate schools will offer self-paced programs without a schedule, too. However, if you prefer live online courses, they need to fit your schedule.

With these things in mind, you’ll be able to better evaluate the following top online real estate schools in Virginia.

Top 10 Online Real Estate Schools in Virginia

1. Aceable Agent

As one of the top online real estate schools in Virginia, Aceable Agent is a great option. You will be able to complete the 6-hour real estate course and pass the exam with this school. Choose from three different levels:

When you want to become a real estate agent in Virginia, Aceable Agent is a great choice. You can complete the required real estate course and pass your exams with any of the three packages they offer.

2. Real Estate Express

Another well-reviewed real estate school you can choose is Real Estate Express. This online option offers online packages and Livestream packages. Both are very well done and offer everything you need to become a real estate agent in Virginia.

The online packages range in price from $169 to $435 with regular discounts making the cost much lower. All courses will include the 60-hour Pre-License Course. When you upgrade, you will get different types of exam prep and you can even get a printed textbook.

Livestream options are also available for $435. This package is also discounted regularly. With the Livestream course, you can choose your schedule. If you choose six-hour sessions, you can complete the course in just a few weeks.

No matter which option you choose, you can get the online education you need to become an agent.

3. Mbition

With the help of Mbition, you can complete the 60-hour principles and practices of the real estate course you need. This online real estate school in Virginia offers everything you need for an affordable price. Often, packages are discounted up to 15% off the regular price.

Choose the most budget-friendly package called the Silver Solution for only what you need. This option costs $210 and includes the 60-hour course, MathMasters, and support.

If you upgrade to the Gold Solution, you’ll pay $236. This package will include exam prep for the national exam and a Pass The First Time Guarantee.

Those looking for the best package possible will pay $263 for the Platinum Solution. This package will give you the real estate exam prep toolkit, along with an introduction to the profession course.

No matter which course you choose, you’ll be able to become a real estate agent in Virginia. There are also plenty of continuing education courses offered through Mibition.

4. Kaplan

Kaplan is a complete source for online real estate education in Virginia. They offer prelicensing courses, continuing education courses, broker courses, and post-licensing courses. No matter what you’re looking for, they have it.

You can buy the 60-hour Real Estate Principles course for $210 by itself or get it with Master Exam Perp for $348. There is also a Career Launcher Package, which includes the Real Estate Accelerator for $548.

The post-licensing courses start at just $19 per course or you can get a full 30 credit hours for $159. If you need continuing education courses, a 16-hour package is $54 or you can buy 4 credit hour options for $19 and 8 credit hour options for $29.

Kaplan has everything you need, whether you want to become an agent, have already become an agent, or you’re a broker.

5. The CE Shop

When you decide you want to become a real estate agent, The CE Shop is a good choice for your 60-hour Virginia Salesperson Real Estate License course. They boast a 71% pass rate for both national and state exams, which is much higher than the overall average.

Choose from four packages with different benefits. The most basic package just gives you the prelicensing course, while the upgrades offer exam prep and a pass guarantee. You can even get a 30-hour VA sales post-licensing package with the premium option.

Prices for The CE Shop range from $209 to $399, but there are often discount offers up to 25% off. All packages will provide digital flashcards, a study schedule, and other resources.

6. RealEstateU

You can get the 60-hour course you need in Virginia in audio format from RealEstateU. It’s $99 and comes with infographics, supporting documents, and a glossary to help you learn.

Along with the course, you can add exam prep for $49. The exam prep course will give you plenty of real estate exam questions to work with, along with 6 sample tests for the national and state exam.

If you want an actual textbook for your course, it’s available for $19.99, as well.

7. Moseley Real Estate Schools

Since 1972, this real estate school has been helping aspiring agents. They now offer online courses, along with their classroom courses. You will find prelicensing, post-licensing, and continuing education courses from Moseley Real Estate Schools

Choose the online package is $420, but you can get a 20% or 30% discount from Moseley. This package will allow you to work at your own pace and gives you 12 months to complete the course. You will get exam prep and unlimited final exam retakes, too.

If you prefer classroom courses, you can choose from 150+ locations in Virginia. The tuition is $590 with discounts up to 30%.

8. Hondros College

If you want to take your real estate course from an actual college, Hondros College offers what you need. They are a mostly online college offering prelicensing courses in Virginia. Hondros boasts an 89% passing rate if you choose a package with CompuCram, which is their version of test prep.

Get just the necessary course for $279 or choose the course with exam prep for $329. Often, they offer deeply discounted prices with about $100 off each package.

The exam prep option gives you unlimited practice exams. You will also get simulated national and state exams to help you prepare.

Both packages include practice questions and a full glossary. Of course, you will get the necessary pre-licensing course with both packages, as well.

There are several great online real estate schools to choose from in Virginia. No matter which one you choose, you can get the help you need to pass the national and state exam to become a real estate agent.

As you look at each school, consider how you prefer to learn. Some options only provide audio courses or text courses. Others will give you video options and even live streaming options. Choose the Virginia online real estate school that best fits your learning style and your budget. This will help to ensure you have a better chance at success with the program or course you choose.

9. Act Web Real Estate School

Act Web Real Estate School, located in Reston, VA, is a licensed Virginia school approved by the Virginia Real Estate Board and DPOR since 2003. The school provides an online pre-license course to obtain a real estate license in Virginia. The company also provides exam prep, continuing education, and job placement. The family-owned company has 5-star google reviews.

The instructor, Paul Hartke, is also a Virginia broker and Virginia attorney who is available to answer any questions during the license course. He provides a highly popular review after the course exam to help prepare students to pass the PSI exam. He has compiled his own PSI Exam Secrets package, which is a short summary of each subject that students will have on both the national and state portions of the PSI license exam. Paul’s wife, Constance, provides administrative assistance and is available to answer questions about the course.

10. 360 Training

360training is a leader in regulatory-approved online training and certification across a wide range of industries and professions in the United States. They focus on regulated training that helps ensure the health, safety, and financial security of customers and employees for the communities they serve. With more than 6 million users worldwide, their integrated strategy of content, regulatory rigor, technology, and service helps organizations and professionals qualify for jobs, manage their careers, and ensure they fulfill compliance requirements.

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