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Finding one of the best online real estate schools in Iowa offers the right choice to get your real estate license. When you’re ready to become a real estate agent, you need to take a pre-licensing course. You will also need to pass the exam.

A good real estate school will offer the right pre-licensing course for your needs. In addition, you might be able to get the necessary exam prep. Let’s look at a few of the best online real estate schools in Iowa to help you decide.

Best Online Real Estate Schools in Iowa

Top 7 Online Real Estate Schools in Iowa

1. Mbition

The self-starter will love this online real estate school in Iowa. You get a self-paced, online course from Mbition perfect for anybody looking to get their license fast. Of course, this option fits well for busy people trying to fit their course in where they can, too.

Whether you have a busy schedule or you want to fly through the pre-licensing course, Mbition has the right option for you. With each course, you will get technical and instructor support. The packages include:

No matter which package you choose, you will be better prepared for your career in real estate.

2. Kaplan Real Estate Education

When you choose the Real Estate Principles and Master Exam Package from Kaplan, you get one of the best courses online today. Kaplan is known for excellent online education options. They provide just what you need to get your Iowa real estate license.

The package they offer is $399 and includes:

You will get everything you need exactly for 5the mandatory 36 hours of live instruction you have to have in Iowa. Once you complete this course and the live instruction, you’ll be ready to become an Iowa real estate agent.

3. Real Estate Express

If you want to choose a very convenient online real estate school, Real Estate Express is a great option. This school offers plenty of online, self-paced packages to choose from. Whether you want just your pre-license course or you want the course and exam prep, they offer it.

The four packages offered by this online real estate school include:

You can often get these packages at a deep discount of up to about 20%.

4. The CE Shop

Another good option for your online real estate education in Iowa is The CE Shop. They boast a 96% student satisfaction rate. You can complete your pre-licensing education in as little as three weeks with this online real estate school.

The CE Shop offers four self-paced, online options, which include:

Along with the features mentioned for each package, you will get additional resources. All packages include career resources, digital flashcards, a study schedule, and more.

5. Center for Real Estate Excellence

A continuing education school found in Des Moines, the Center for Real Estate Excellence is a gr3eat choice. They offer an online, self-paced option, along with live Zoom lessons. You can complete your pre-licensing education through this online real estate school in Iowa.

The school is known for excellent teachers and has plenty of positive student reviews. You can start with a free informational session to see if they fit with your needs.

The live Zoom courses offer specific set schedules. They don’t always have these classes available, as they fill up fast. However, the online, self-paced option is always available.

You can take the Iowa Real Estate Professional Track v2.0 course for $395. This course will give you everything you need to become a real estate agent in Iowa. Along with the pre-licensing course, you will get video segments and access to the QBank for exam prep.

6. Prep Agent

A good option for your exam prep, Prep Agent offers plenty of features. you can gain access to national and state practice questions for just $59. This will give you one week of access if you need to cram for the exam.

If you need a month to study, you can spend $79 and gain access to video and audio lessons. This option also provides interactive flashcards and an exam prep eBook.

For $99, you can get one year of full access to everything they offer. This includes live webinars five days a week and hundreds of recorded hours of webinars.

When you need to study for your real estate exam, the right exam prep can help. Prep Agent offers a great option to help you prepare.

7. McKissock Learning

A very popular name in the real estate industry, you can get your education from McKissock Learning. They have been around since the 1990s. With the courses from McKissock Learning, you get plenty of video lessons, audio lessons, course handouts, and more.

Choose the flexible online learning options from this online real estate school. You can also get one-on-one instructor assistance if you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming a Real Estate Agent in Iowa

What is the average yearly salary for an agent in Iowa?

Since real estate agents are paid on commission, the salary will vary quite a bit. Many agents will work part-time and make a smaller salary than those working full-time. However, puts the average salary at about $87K per year.

Those working for top brokerages in Iowa can earn quite a bit more. Top agents earn more than $100K per year with many earning over $120K per year. offers a similar average salary of nearly $86K per year. They put the range for real estate agents at $31K to about $136K in Iowa.

What are the basic requirements to become an Iowa real estate agent?

If you want to become a real estate agent in Iowa, you need to be 18 years of age. You will also need to have a brokerage company or firm to sponsor you.

Those wanting to go into real estate will need to complete the pre-licensing course, pass the exam, and pass a background check. It’s also required to get Errors and Omissions Insurance.

How long will it take me to become a real estate agent in Iowa?

The amount of time you need to become an agent will depend on how fast you work through the pre-licensing course. While it’s possible to complete the course in three weeks, most students won’t. It will likely take you two or three months to complete a self-paced or instructor-led course.

Along with completing the pre-licensing course, you will need a few weeks for the rest of the process. The background check and application process can take some time to complete.

What can I expect with the real estate exam in Iowa?

The Iowa real estate exam consists of 120 total questions. The national section has 80 questions, while the state section has 40 questions. You will need to answer 56 questions correct on the national section and 28 correct on the state section to pass.

You will get two hours to complete the national section and one hour for the state section. The fee to take the exam is $90 and if you fail it, you will pay another $90 to retake the exam.

When you’re ready to become a real estate agent in Iowa, you will need to complete the pre-licensing course. The easiest way to do this is through one of the best online real estate schools in Iowa. Consider the options above and choose the right one for you.

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