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If you’re trying to enter a career in the securities industry, you’ll need to pass the FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) SIE (Securities Industry Essentials) Exam. This is the first step you will need to take. While you don’t need to work for a member firm to take the exam, you must be prepared. It won’t be easy, but the right SIE Exam prep course will help you get ready for this big exam.

It wasn’t long ago that you needed to be sponsored or have a contingent job offer to sit for the necessary financial exams. Then, however, the SIE exam came along, and now, you can use this exam to make sure the securities industry is for you.

The right prep materials will go a long way in preparing you. So when you’re searching for SIE Exam prep materials, you want to choose the right option for you. Let’s look at some of the top courses to help you choose.

SIE Exam Prep

Top 6 SIE Exam Prep Courses

1. Solomon Exam Prep

Solomon Exam Prep is a top choice, offering many different options for all types of budgets and learning styles. You can get everything you need, including live classes. So whether you want to work at your own pace or follow a lesson plan, this is a great option for you.

Solomon Exam Prep offers all their materials separately or bundled into packages. Choose from four different packages, including:

Essentials Package – Get the online study guide and exam simulator for $99.95.

Video Premium Package – Get the online study guide, exam simulator, and video lectures for just $144.37.

Audio Premium Package – If you prefer audio over video, this package gives you the online study guide, exam simulator, and audiobook for $152.87.

Total Package – Maybe you want it all. With the total package, you get the online study guide, exam simulator, video lectures, audiobook, and flashcards for just $215.80.

If you don’t want a package, you can buy any options individually. The pricing for individual options includes:

You can also add a live three-hour class to any package or buy one separately for $149.95.

Solomon Exam Prep gives you pass probability technology, too. This AI technology will measure how ready you are for the SIE Exam. After taking the five practice exams, you can see your probability in the Solomon Pass Probability tool.

2. Kaplan Test Prep

If you want to prepare for the SIE exam fully, Kaplan test prep is a good choice. In addition, you can choose from two self-study options, either an in-person or an online option. The packages from Kaplan include:

Kaplan is a very well-known name in test prep. However, when it comes to SIE Exam prep, you can certainly get plenty of value with a package from Kaplan.

3. ExamFX

With three packages to choose from, you can decide which type of test prep you want. ExamFX offers SIE exam prep with the following options:

If you use ExamFX and score at least an 80% on their guarantee exam but fail the SIE exam within three days, you get a full refund.

4. Securities Training Corporation

Securities Training Corporation is another top choice for your SIE Exam prep course. You will get the STC Pass Guarantee with every package, along with everything you need to prepare for the SIE Exam properly. Choose from the following three options:

Securities Training Corporation also offers virtual classes for $199. You can purchase just the flashcards for $65, the supplemental exams for $49, or the on-demand lectures for $145, as well.

5. Knopman Marks

Offering a unique option, Knopman Marks has seen 99% of their students that pass their benchmark SIE exam will pass the actual exam, too. In addition, they offer a single package with 14+ hours of video lectures, a training center, digital flashcards, an online question bank, and much more.

The SIE Exam prep from Knopman Marks comes in at $250. However, you can add the SIE All-Access Pass for an additional $225, as well. This will give you access to instructor-led live classes.

The All-Access Pass gives you access to the group onboarding calls, review sessions, and blended classes. If you prefer to learn with an instructor, this is a great option.

6. Securities Institute of America, Inc.

Offering a 90% pass rate, Securities Institute of America has been a trusted expert for more than 25 years. They give you a pass guarantee and plenty of features within each package they offer. Choose from three different packages, including:

All three packages include phone, email, and chat support. With each package, you will also get the pass your exam or get your money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions About SIE Exam Prep

How long will I need to study for the SIE exam?

You will likely need many hours of study time to prepare for the exam fully. Most students will take several weeks or months to prepare. It’s recommended that you study for at least 50 hours before taking the exam. If you don’t have a strong financial background, you will need more time.

What is the current pass rate for the SIE?

The SIE exam pass rate was 82% as of August 31st, 2019. Those taking it the first time had a passing rate of 74%, according to

What is the cost to take the SIE exam?

The cost to take the SIE exam is $60.

How much will an SIE prep course cost me?

You can choose from a variety of options for your SIE prep course. They start at $50 for a very basic option. If you want a complete package, expect to spend $100 and $300. Many of the lower-cost options are self-guided prep courses.

How many questions are on the SIE?

The exam will consist of 75 total questions. You will have one hour and 45 minutes to complete the exam. A passing grade of 70% is necessary, or you will have to retake the exam.

What will the SIE exam cover?

The SIE Exam is an introductory level exam. It will cover four sections with the following topics:

You can learn more about the topics and how they break down by visiting FINRA.

What happens if I fail the SIE exam?

If you fail the SIE Exam, you will need to wait 30 days before taking it again. After the third failed attempt, you will have to wait for 180-days. Any additional failures will also incur a 180-day waiting period before you can retake the exam.

When you want to go into a career in the securities industry, you will need to pass the SIE exam. However, you can pass it on the first attempt with the right preparation. Choosing one of the top six SIE prep course options above will help to ensure you’re better prepared for the exam.

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