AceableAgent Review: A Top Online Real Estate School

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Are you ready to get your real estate license? When you’re trying to start a new career, choosing the right online real estate school makes a difference. AceableAgent offers a great option with many great reviews from past students.

AceableAgent Review

AceableAgent is an online real estate school created by some of the best real estate agents in the entire country. It’s backed up by the Ace the Test Guarantee, and they even have a the highest percentage of students passing the state licensing exam on the first try out of all schools with more than 100 annual exams passed in Texas!

If you want to make sure you fulfill your real estate license requirements, AceableAgent offers the right choice. It’s available in select states and offers you the opportunity to work at your own pace, online, to get your real estate license, and start your new career.


Industry leading exam pass rates from a team of the best from NASA, Harvard, and MIT, AceableAgent is Legit!

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What is AceableAgent?

Based out of Austin, Texas, AceableAgent is an online real estate school for anybody looking to learn about real estate and become licensed. It’s a top choice for those seeking a better solution compared to sitting in a classroom to fulfill the necessary course hours for your real estate license.

Instead of going to class, you can attend the courses on your home computer or mobile device and work at your pace. The AceableAgent platform allows you to take a quick ten-minute course or knock out a longer course when you have time. If you’re a working mom, a busy dad, or just want to work on your own schedule, AceableAgent is a great way to get your real estate license.

Courses from AceableAgent are delivered in PDF format with supporting video formats to make learning easier. You get real estate courses tailor-designed by top-producing agents to make it easier for you to learn complicated real estate processes fast.

AceableAgent has helped thousands of students pass their real estate licensing exams and start a new career. You cannot start working as a real estate agent without passing the licensing exams. If you’re ready to start a new career in real estate, AceableAgent is for you.

Where is AceableAgent Available?

Not all states have approved the AceableAgent courses. However, many have, and there is a federal course, as well. AceableAgent is available in the following states:

All of these states have approved the AceableAgent pre-license courses to fulfill the coursework requirement for your license. Each course includes exam prep for both state and national exams, along with expert support seven days a week.

AceableAgent Review: The Courses

Before you choose AceableAgent, it’s a good idea to look a bit closer at what the courses offer. Let’s look at the California Real Estate Course a bit closer.

This course allows you to learn at your own pace, and it’s 100% approved by the California Department of Real Estate. You will be able to fulfill the 135 hours of content required for your license when you choose this AceableAgent course.

With this course, you will fulfill all the requirements to get your California real estate license. This means you can start working in the real estate business once you pass the exam.

Features of the Course

When you take the AceableAgent real estate course, you will get everything you need to be properly prepared for the licensing exam and a new career. The courses come with study materials to make things easier. They are comprehensive yet straightforward, making it easy for even the average student.

AceableAgent provides easy-to-understand and fun content to make it easier for students to grasp the material. The online approach allows you to work at your pace and sync all platforms, including your PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. You can access the materials and pick up where you left off, even if you’re waiting in line at a store or restaurant.

With AceableAgent, you gain access to incredible support, as well. The team behind this online real estate school works hard to ensure you have the support you need when you need it.

If you’re looking for a flexible way to gain the knowledge you need to pass the real estate licensing exams, AceableAgent is a great option. Many past students have left glowing five-star reviews of the course and now have successful real estate careers.

AceableAgent Review of the Cost

The cost of the AceableAgent real estate course depends on your state. Some are higher than others. Here’s what the current pricing based on each state looks like:

Comparing this cost to the cost of a traditional real estate school and you’ll be able to get your real estate license for much less. Traditional school can cost more than twice as much and, in some cases, nearly three times as much as the AceableAgent online real estate school.


Industry leading exam pass rates from a team of the best from NASA, Harvard, and MIT, AceableAgent is Legit!

  • Pre-Licensing Courses
  • Continuing Education
  • Real Estate Training Courses
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Comparing AceableAgent to Traditional Real Estate School

When you’re ready to become a real estate agent, the right school makes a difference. Looking at AceableAgent and traditional real estate schools will give you a better idea of what to expect. Let’s look at how they compare in Virginia.


The cost is very different. In Virginia, AceableAgent cost $199. Traditional real estate school may cost as much as $550.


With AceableAgent you can work around your schedule and take the courses at your pace. Traditional real estate school requires you to attend actual classes on a set schedule.


Work with AceableAgent course materials from anywhere you want. You can complete the work at home, during breaks at work, or anywhere you have access to the internet. Traditional real estate school requires you to go to a classroom to take the classes.


Traditional real estate school takes about three weeks to complete, and it’s like working a full-time job. With AceableAgent, you can work at your own pace and complete the courses as fast or as slow as you want.

With AceableAgent, you save money and you gain the ability to control your time. There’s no class schedule you must adhere to, and you don’t have to sit in a classroom hoping the teacher is good at teaching real estate. Instead, you can trust a program created by excellent real estate agents that have been in your shoes before.

More Than Just Real Estate Pre-Licensing Courses

AceableAgent isn’t just an online real estate school to get you licensed. Yes, they offer excellent exam prep and everything you need to pass your licensing exams. However, with AceableAgent, you gain access to so much more.

If you want to become a successful real estate agent, it takes more than just getting a license. While your licensing courses are required, some of the best courses offered by AceableAgent come after you’ve gotten your license.

Million Dollar Real Estate Team

One of the best courses offered by AceableAgent comes from Chris Watters and Bradley Pounds. This course shows you how to create a real estate team and rise to success faster than you might have thought possible.

You’ll enjoy discovering the Seven Pillars of a successful team model with this video-based course.

The course is $99, and for many, it will be one of the best five-hour courses they ever take in real estate.

Proven Path

Another excellent five-hour course offered by AceableAgent, the Proven Path course helps you find success in real estate. Experts provide a formula-based model to ensure you know how to find success in the real estate industry.

You will discover the methods used by the top agents and how to leverage your business. This course runs $197 and will provide you with the knowledge you need to build a quality lead pipeline that never ends.

Listing Appointments

A three-hour class designed to help you find more listings, the Listing Appointments class might be the most important class you ever take. You’ll learn pre-appointment steps you must take, how to ask the right questions, and how to control the price conversation. This $79 class is a must for any new real estate agent seeking success.

Be the Neighborhood Expert

A three-hour video course with Jason Edwards, Be the Neighborhood Expert will help you learn how to become an expert in specific neighborhoods in your location area. You’ll learn how to use geographical farming, some of the main mistakes agents make when farming neighborhoods for new leads, and how to apply a proven marketing system to ensure you always have great listings.

This $247 class is a great choice for those looking for a proven method to generate plenty of new leads in real estate.

Continuing Education Courses from AceableAgent

Along with the licensing exam courses and the classes found above, AceableAgent also offers real estate continuing education bundles. As a real estate agent, you have to keep up with a certain amount of continuing education credits. It varies from state to state, and you can take the classes you need online from AceableAgent.

Most states offer specific bundles for agents and for the legal side of real estate. You can also take classes individually, with some Mandatory CE classes offered and others optional. Let’s look at Texas and what’s offered with the continuing education courses.

Agent Bundle

This CE course bundle includes all 18 hours you need for your continuing education requirement. You will get all the content you need with an up-to-date course for the current year, all TREC-approved.

Legal Update Bundle

No need to sit through eight hours of classroom courses with the Legal Update Bundle. This bundle will fulfill some of your CE credits in Texas.

Mandatory Individual Courses

If you don’t want to do a bundle for continuing education. The mandatory courses offered in Texas by AceableAgent include:

Along with these three mandatory CE courses, AceableAgent also offers:

These courses range from 2 to 5 hours and will help you fulfill your continuing education requirements.

CE courses vary from one state to another, but AceableAgent offers just what you need to complete your course work at your pace, online, without having to sit in a boring classroom.


Industry leading exam pass rates from a team of the best from NASA, Harvard, and MIT, AceableAgent is Legit!

  • Pre-Licensing Courses
  • Continuing Education
  • Real Estate Training Courses
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What Makes AceableAgent So Great?

While the many four and five-star reviews from past students show the success of AceableAgent, it’s necessary to look at some of the reasons why this online real estate school is the best choice for you. Some of the best things about AceableAgent include:

It’s easy to see why so many students love AceableAgent. The only real negative thing about it is the simple fact that AceableAgent isn’t available in all 50 states yet. However, they are expanding and might be coming to your state sometime in the near future.

AceableAgent Review Frequently Asked Questions

What makes AceableAgent so appealing to students?

Anybody with a busy schedule knows how hard it is to commit to taking classes for a few weeks. If you have a full-time job, this can be difficult to do and can become exhausting fast. With AceableAgent, students get to work at their pace and on their schedule.

Learning something new isn’t easy. However, when you try to learn it after a long day or week at work, you won’t have the capacity to soak up the information you need. Choosing to learn the real estate business at your pace makes AceableAgent a top choice for students when they are fresh.

The courses are also cheaper than traditional real estate schools and offer better content. You can use the quizzes and study materials to ensure you pass your licensing exam the first time.

Is AceableAgent a Real Online Real Estate School?

Yes. They only offer courses in states where they are approved for official licensing. Thousands of students have used AceableAgent to become real estate agents, and you can too!

What is the Ace the Test Guarantee?

AceableAgent is backed by the Ace the Test Guarantee, but what is this exactly? This guarantee ensures if you take the state licensing example three times without passing, you get your money back. Just fulfill these three requirements for a full refund:

  1. Complete the entire course for your state and the exam prep
  2. Score at least 85% on one of the practice tests in the exam prep section
  3. Take the state licensing example three times within 90 days of finishing the exam prep and fail it all three times

AceableAgent makes this guarantee because they have such a high success rate. Most students will pass on the first try, and the rest will likely pass on the second try.

A Highly-Rated Online Real Estate School

While the parent company Aceable started out offering online driver’s education courses, AceableAgent has become a highly-rated online real estate school. The company has an incredible reputation with high four and five-star reviews from most students. It’s known as one of the newest and best options online for completing the coursework necessary to get your real estate license.

With thousands of positive reviews of AceableAgent, it’s quickly becoming the go-to choice for new real estate agents. Not only does the content make it easier to pass the state licensing exam, but new agents also gain access to excellent courses to help build an actual career.

Real estate is a cutthroat business and not for the faint of heart. There are plenty of agents competing for listings in just about every market across the country. With the AceableAgent pre-licensing courses, you can become not just an agent but a successful agent. Of course, the additional courses offered will give you more of the tools you need to find lasting success in the real estate industry.


Industry leading exam pass rates from a team of the best from NASA, Harvard, and MIT, AceableAgent is Legit!

  • Pre-Licensing Courses
  • Continuing Education
  • Real Estate Training Courses
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