AYPO Real Estate Review

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When you’re ready to get your real estate license, reading this AYPO Real Estate review will help you make the right decision. AYPO Real Estate is one of the many options to take your real estate pre-licensing courses online. It stands for At Your Own Pace, which makes it a very convenient option.

The goal of AYPO Real Estate has the goal of providing the right courses for your licensing. If you’re looking to complete your real estate licensing courses, this might be the right option for you. Let’s look closer with our AYPO Real Estate review to help you make the best decision for you.

AYPO Real Estate Review

A Review of What AYPO Real Estate Offers

While you can certainly use AYPO Real Estate for your pre-licensing courses, they also offer continuing education courses, exam prep, and mortgage loan originator continuing education courses. All of these options are offered by AYPO Real Estate to help you get what you need through online courses.

If you’re trying to earn your real estate license, you can do that through AYPO Real Estate. You can also keep your license current by getting the continuing education courses you need for renewal.

Main Benefits Offered by AYPO Real Estate

When you choose AYPO Real Estate, you get to work at your own pace. That might be the main benefit, but there are several other benefits you can enjoy including:

These benefits and many more make AYPO Real Estate very popular with students.

Pre-Licensing Course Reviewed from AYPO Real Estate

The real estate pre-licensing course from AYPO Real Estate offers everything you need. It will vary in price and length a bit from one state to another. Let’s look at the Florida pre-licensing course offered by AYPO Real Estate to get a better sense of what’s offered.

Florida Real Estate 63-Hour Pre-License Course

This course covers the 63 required hours for the Florida sales associate licensing course. It comes in at a cost of $80 and offers everything you need to get your Florida real estate license.

The basic package includes:

You can upgrade for $199 to the Deluxe Florida Real Estate 63-hour Pre-license course. This upgrade will give you everything you get in the basic package, along with:

Regardless of which pre-licensing course you choose, you’ll be able to get everything you need to meet your state’s pre-licensing qualifications.

Along with the course, you can also choose to add Exam Prep to help you study. The Florida Real Estate Associate Exam Prep option is $75. This package includes:

This exam prep will give you everything you need to pass the licensing exam the first time.

While these are the costs for the pre-licensing course and exam prep in Florida, the prices will vary in other states. Typically, the price depends on the length of the course. For example, the 180-hour Texas Real estate Sales Agent Package is $149, but it’s also much longer compared to the Florida course.

Continuing Education Courses from AYPO Real Estate

When you need to renew your real estate license, there are plenty of continuing education courses offered by AYPO Real Estate. They vary in price, depending on the length. Let’s look at a few examples of these CE courses for Florida.

Florida 14-Hour Complete CE Course

This course offers 14 continuing education credits within one package for just $19. You will get all the credits you need to renew your license with 3 hours of Ethics and Business practices, 3 hours of Core Law, and 8 hours of Elective courses.

Florida 45-Hour Sales Associate Complete Post-License Course

For $99, you can get the 45-hour course, which is specifically for your first license renewal in Florida. You will go through a review on many of the most crucial areas when it comes to professional real estate practice. This course will cover licensing and educational requirements, real estate finance, documents, contracts, marketing real estate services, fair housing laws, and much more.

Other continuing education courses offered in Florida include:

All of these courses offer CE credits you can use towards license renewal in Florida.

The continuing education courses for other states will help you to renew your license. The pricing will be similar to these courses, but the courses will fit with what’s required in your state.

Mortgage Loan Originator Continuing Education Courses from AYPO

Maybe you’re a mortgage loan originator looking for continuing education courses. AYPO Real Estate offers the courses you need. To keep things consistent, let’s look at the MLO continuing education courses offered in Florida.

8-Hour Safe Core and Florida Law 2021 MLO Package

For $79 you get the full 8 continuing education hours you need to renew your license annually. This package includes all of the following:

This package will cover everything you need for your license renewal.

AYPO Real Estate also offers a similar package for those late to complete their continuing education courses. This package will cover the same type of topics and help you get the CE credits you need for $70.

Other MLO continuing education courses offered by AYPO Real Estate include:

No matter the MLO continuing education course you need, AYPO Real Estate offers an online option.

The courses will vary from one state to another, based on the requirements of your state. Prices will also vary but should remain similar to what’s offered in Florida.

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Frequently Asked Questions About AYPO Real Estate

Which states is AYPO Real Estate available in?

One of the biggest issues with AYPO Real Estate is its limited availability. They only offer pre-licensing courses in six states including:

Exam prep from AYPO Real Estate is also only offered in these states.

However, AYPO Real Estate does offer continuing education courses for mortgage loan originators and real estate in many other states.

Does AYPO Real Estate offer a pass guarantee?

No. AYPO Real Estate does not offer a pass or no pay guarantee like some of the other online real estate pre-licensing courses. If you’re worried about not passing the exam, you probably want to get the exam prep offered by AYPO to ensure you’re well prepared.

Does AYPO Real Estate offer in-person courses?

No. AYPO Real Estate specializes in offering 100% online courses you can complete at your own pace. The courses are self-guided, which allows you to work on the courses on your own schedule.

How does AYPO Real Estate compare to other real estate schools online?

AYPO Real Estate tends to have higher online reviews from customers than other schools. They also have a price match guarantee, which isn’t offered by other real estate schools. Plus, the pricing starts at a very low cost compared to other schools, which can be much more expensive.

There are plenty of online real estate schools to choose from. For some, AYPO Real Estate is likely the right choice. It’s a very budget-friendly option with everything you need to get your real estate license. However, if they don’t offer pre-licensing courses in your state, you will need a different option.

Those seeking a self-paced online real estate school will love AYPO Real Estate. Make sure you look at the packages offered and consider using the exam prep to make sure you pass the real estate exam in your state.

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