Best Online Real Estate Schools in Texas

by Jordan Fabel | Last Updated: November 29, 2021

With the real estate industry in Texas booming, you might consider becoming a real estate agent or upgrading to a broker. Online real estate schools in Texas offer a great way to enter the real estate industry or even get your broker’s license if you’re already an agent.

There are several great choices if you want to complete your Texas real estate schooling online. Finding the best online real estate school in Texas for your needs might not be so easy, however. Let’s look at some of the top real estate schools you can attend online in Texas and what you should know before you enroll.

Best Online Real Estate Schools in Texas

Top 5 Texas Online Real Estate Schools

1. Real Estate Express

Known as one of Texas’s top online real estate schools, Real Estate Express offers a user-friendly option with all the materials you need. It’s a great choice for those looking to work at their own pace without needing to attend scheduled classes. You can even choose the 90-Day Boot Camp, which will provide videos to help you earn more money as an agent in your first three months.

Real Estate Express offers multiple packages ranging from $507 to $797. You can choose from four different levels offering the right experience for your needs.

The Basic level provides a good choice for those looking for a self-paced, no-frills online real estate course.

If you upgrade to the Exam Preparation course, you will gain access to the Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee, along with the 90-Day Book Camp for test prep. The guarantee and boot camp can be beneficial if you struggle with test anxiety or need extra preparation materials.

Choosing the Exam Preparation Plus option will give you everything you get with the Exam Preparation package. Still, you also get the post-licensing 90 hours of coursework, which will be required after you pass the exam.

Setting yourself up for success now and into the future can be done with the Ultimate Learning package from Real Estate Express. This package gives you all the benefits of the Exam Preparation Plus package, along with all the CE courses you will need to take for your first four years as a real estate agent in Texas.

Our Top Pick
Real Estate Express Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express has earned a reputation as the top real estate school online. With nearly 50,000 online reviews from past students, it’s known as the right choice for those seeking a real estate license.

  • Get My License
  • Upgrade My License
  • Continuing Education
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With Real Estate Express, you get access to industry experts when you have questions. This can be a priceless feature, and it’s provided in all of the packages. It’s important to note that it’s only available with the highest-priced package from Real Estate Express if you want a printed course textbook.

2. Aceable Agent

A no-frills option perfect for those looking for a basic pre-licensing bundle at an affordable price, Aceable Agent offers the next best online real estate schools in Texas. They provide an all-inclusive pre-licensing bundle package for $422. This course provides everything you need, including instructor support and the Ace the Test guarantee.

One of the unique things Aceable Agent provides is the ability to complete the Broker Agent Match Survey. This survey offers students the ability to have their survey shared with a network of real estate brokers in Texas, which can help new agents find the right broker fast.

AceableAgent AceableAgent

Industry-leading exam pass rates from a team of the best from NASA, Harvard, and MIT, AceableAgent is Legit!

  • Pre-Licensing Courses
  • Continuing Education
  • Real Estate Training Courses

Aceable is a leader in online education.

We may earn a small commission if you use this link at no additional cost to you.

Those seeking the most basic, no-frills option will love Aceable Agent. They offer additional CE courses, including the Texas Sales Agent Apprentice Education Course, but these are priced separately.

3. Mbition

Another option with plenty to offer is Mbition. This online real estate school in Texas offers unlimited practice exams and several other great benefits for new real estate professionals in Texas.

You gain access to instructor support with 24-hour response times and virtual classrooms to help you get your questions answered. While Mbition offers some of the better courses, you cannot access their content on a mobile device from an app yet. However, they provide different formats, including animations, text, video, and interactive options for your courses.

You can also take advantage of some of the other training materials they offer, such as the Math Prep program. This can help you sharpen your skills as you go into the industry of real estate.

Mbition offers four options ranging from $489 to $879. The basic option is text-based, while the upgraded option provides exam prep, a printed textbook, flashcards, and more.

4. Allied Real Estate Schools

One of Texas’s oldest online real estate school options. They provide live support with access to instructors and all the courses you need to meet your licensing requirements.

Some students find the material from Allied Real Estate Schools to be a bit boring compared to others. They also have a lower pass rate than Allied Real Estate Schools, offering a high-quality choice, one of the top two choices on our list at just 53%. Real Estate Express and Aceable Agents both have pass rates of more than 70%.

However, Allied Real Estate Schools offers a lower cost with options below $400. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly online real estate school in Texas, Allied Real Estate Schools might be the right choice for you.

5. Kaplan

A good choice and a name most have heard of, Kaplan offers online real estate courses in Texas. They provide many options with on-site classes and live class options. Kaplan offers four packages ranging from $389 to $989.

The Home Study Solution class is their basic option, which offers text-based lessons and a PDF textbook. This package also provides quizzes and learning activities.

The OnDemand Solution, Live Online, or Live Class will provide more support for those looking for more support and access to instructors. The Live Online and the Live Class have live online time with instructors, with the Live Class being an actual meet in-person option with a community college format.

If you’re looking for a classroom feel, the Live Class option from Kaplan might be the right fit for your needs.

Champion School of Real Estate

Many people in Texas have used Champion Real Estate over the years. In fact, 53% of all sales agent exams taken over the last 2 years were taken by their students! They are BIG.

Unfortunately, their student’s success on the sales agent exam is lower than the overall average of providers in Texas. Check out our Champion School of Real Estate review for more details on everything they offer.

What Should You Know Before Enrolling in an Online Real Estate School in Texas?

According to the Texas Real Estate Commission, you will need to complete 180 classroom hours. Allied Real Estate Schools offers a high-quality choice to take the real estate licensing course in Texas. The classes you need to take will fit into specific categories, including:

Even after you get your real estate license in Texas, you will need to take more classes. You will have a total of two years to complete an additional 90 hours of coursework under the category of Sales Apprentice Education. You will also have to complete an additional eight hours of Texas Real Estate Commission Legal Updates classes.

All real estate agents in Texas will need to complete Continuing Education or CE courses, as well. A total of 18 hours of CE courses must be completed every two years to keep your license. Ten of your hours can be electives, but eight hours will always need to cover the Texas Real Estate Commission Legal Updates.

Many of the online real estate schools in Texas offer both licensing courses and continuing education courses. You can take many of your CE courses online, making it easy and convenient to meet the requirements of a Texas real estate license.

Do you Need an Online Texas Real Estate School?

Yes, unless you prefer to sit in a classroom for the 180 hours of pre-licensing courses. If you don’t take the pre-licensing courses, you won’t qualify for the Texas real estate exam, which you need to become a licensed real estate agent in Texas.

The alternative to online real estate schools in Texas is sitting in a classroom. This option is often slower, and you have to work your schedule around the time of the course. You could be giving up Saturdays for several weeks or giving up your nights to complete the courses.

When you choose an online real estate school in Texas, you can work at your pace and when it works for you. It’s even possible to take vacation time from your current job and use that time to complete the Texas pre-licensing courses online faster.

For most soon-to-be Texas real estate professionals, taking the pre-licensing courses online makes the most sense. You won’t need to adjust your schedule, and many of the online real estate schools in Texas offer additional tools to help you prepare for the real estate licensing exam. Plus, you can take your continuing education courses and other helpful real estate courses online through Texas online real estate schools.

How to Choose the Right Online Real Estate School in Texas

When it comes to an online real estate school in Texas, there are many choices. Finding the right option can be a challenge. When choosing an online real estate school in Texas, you’ll find that most online real estate schools have various tiered packages to choose from. Be sure to read all the information provided for each package because they can vary greatly in price. With options tailored to fit the needs of people at all levels of experience, each package will include specific tools and materials you may or may not need.

What type of learning style are you?

Whether you prefer learning with others in a classroom setting or doing things online on your own time, online real estate schools in Texas give you a choice.  As you look at our list of the top five online real estate schools in Texas, you’ll have a better idea of which learning style is best for you.

The four main types of learning styles you will find available are explained below.

You should also consider the importance of test prep; because it is essential! In addition to the 180 hours of education courses, you will also take a state exam prep course, and many companies include reading/study material. If you prefer using something tangible, check with the Texas real estate schools you’re considering to see who offers a textbook with their course. Textbooks are not required, and not all schools provide hardcopy course material. If you prefer to do everything online, enjoy instant savings by not purchasing a book!

FAQs for Online Real Estate Schools in Texas

How long will it take me to get my real estate license in Texas with an online real estate school?

You will need to finish 180 class hours, which covers six categories. The Texas Real Estate Commission only allows you to spend up to 12 hours per day in the classroom. If you work at the maximum number of hours with no breaks, you can complete all 180-course hours in 15 days.

While this is possible, for most real estate professionals in Texas, it will take closer to eight or ten weeks to complete the courses and prepare for the exam. Those with the time and the ability can complete the work much faster, so the typical range for completing the course through an online real estate school in Texas is from 3 to 10 weeks.

Is the real estate exam in Texas difficult?

Yes, it’s a challenging test to pass, with about 57% passing the test on the first try. While it’s a difficult test, it’s certainly not impossible. With the right studying and the right online real estate school in Texas, you will be well-prepared, and you can pass the Texas real estate exam.

How much can I make as a real estate agent in Texas?

An average real estate agent in the state of Texas will make $88,257, according to Those with more than ten years of experience make more than $104,000 on average per year.

However, if you look at, they state the average real estate agent in Texas will make between $41,261 and $53,724. It’s important to note, real estate agents in Texas work 100% on commission with no base salary.

Do any of the real estate courses in Texas ever expire?

Yes, real estate courses from an online real estate school in Texas can expire. Once you’ve completed the pre-licensing courses, you will have up to one year to take the Texas real estate exam. If you fail to take the exam or don’t pass it within a year, you will need to retake the pre-licensing courses.

Each of the top 5 online real estate schools in Texas is a bit different. Consider your learning style and the amount of support you desire before choosing the right one for your needs.

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