How To Get a Real Estate License in Texas

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From the outside looking in, getting your Real Estate License in Texas seems rather difficult, but it is doable. With these steps, you can rest assured that you will be well prepared for the exam, learn what the costs will be, and find out how much you could start earning yearly.

Texas Real Estate License

Requirements for Getting Your TX Real State License

5 Steps to Getting Your Texas Real Estate License

Step 1: Complete 180-Hours of Pre-Licensing Courses

180 hours may seem like a lifetime, but with the ease of online courses, you can breeze through them at your own pace. Finding an approved provider for your Texas Real Estate Pre-Licensing courses can be overwhelming, but here are our top picks to help ease the burden.

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Our Top Pick!

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You can skip this step if…

  • you have received a Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate, you can send your transcript in with your application to Pearson Vue. 

Step 2: Apply For Texas Real Estate License Exam

Once you have completed your 180-hours of Pre-Licensing courses through a TREC-approved provider, you will be able to send in your application for the Texas Real Estate Exam. TREC will review your application, and if you are eligible, you will receive an Eligibility Letter.  

An Eligibility Letter is an acceptance letter from TREC letting you know that you can continue on with your Real Estate License journey. 

You will receive an email 2-3 weeks after submitting your application. The letter will contain your TREC ID number, which you will need to set up your fingerprinting appointment and schedule and take your Exam. You will also receive information on contacting Pearson Vue to obtain a copy of the Candidate Handbook.

Step 3: Submit Fingerprints and Pass a Background Check

Now that you have your eligibility letter from TREC, you can make a reservation to get your fingerprints taken. You will need to schedule an appointment to do this, and you will need your TREC ID number. 

It is recommended that you use electronic fingerprinting because it is faster and more accurate, and least likely to cause any delays. There will be a fee for fingerprinting.

Once the DPS has your fingerprints and the FBI clears your background check, you can make an appointment to take the Texas Real Estate License Exam.

Cost breakdown to get licensed:

Pre-Licensing courses vary in cost – $499- $1,029

Fingerprint fee (roughly) – $28.25

Application fee – $185

Exam fee – $43

Total – $755.25 – $1,285.25

Step 4: Pass the Texas Real Estate License Exam

Now that you have completed the pre-licensing courses and have passed the background check, you are ready to take the Texas Real Estate License Exam. 

You will need to make a reservation online by going to, or if you would rather call, you can do so by calling (800) 997-1248. Reservations must be made at least 24 hours before the desired exam date. You will also need to pay the fee at this time. You can not make a payment at the test center. You will need your TREC ID number to make a reservation.

The TX Real Estate License Exam consists of 125 multiple-choice questions. 85 of those questions will cover the National portion, while the other 40 questions will be State specific. 5 questions for the National portion are preset questions and do not count toward your score. These questions gather information and help develop future versions of the exam. 10 of the state questions are also preset questions. You will have 150 minutes to complete the National portion, and 90 minutes to complete the State Specific portion. 

To pass the National portion of the exam, you will need to answer 56 questions correctly out of 80. (minus 5 for the preset questions)

To pass the State portion of the exam, you will need to answer 21 questions out of 30. (minus 10 for the preset questions)

Bring This

2 forms of ID* – 1 government-issued photo ID (Driver’s License, Passport, Military ID, or Green Card) and 1 with your name and signature. (Social Security Card, Credit Card, or Employment/Student ID)

Calculator – You may bring a silent solar-powered calculator (with no letters).

*If your name on the registration is different from your identification, you need to bring proof of name change.

Don’t Bring This

Do not bring any personal items!

  • Your phone, watch, wallet, hat, and jacket must be left outside of the testing area.
  • You will need to leave everything in your car or put them in a locker (electronics turned off) until the completion of the exam.

The test center will provide everything you need for the exam.

When you complete the exam you will receive a score report marked “pass” or “fail.” If you have passed you will receive a license document from TREC by email in 5-10 business days. If you have failed you will receive diagnostic information on your scores and where you can improve next time you take the exam.

You will only need to re-take the portion in which you failed, as long as it is within 1 year of the date the application was filed with TREC. You only have 3 attempts to pass the exam; if you fail all three times you will have to take additional qualifying courses before you can submit a new application. 30 hours if you fail either the National portion or the State portion, 60 hours if you fail both portions.

Is the TX Real Estate License Exam Hard?

The exam pass rate for Texas is around 60% which means it is difficult, but not impossible. We recommend checking out Aceable Agent; they have a significantly higher pass rate of 76% for the real estate exam!

Step 5: Find a Broker

Now that you have your license, you will need to find a brokerage firm to work with, so you can become an active agent. You can start by finding contact information and introducing yourself, sharing a little about yourself and your goals. You have the freedom to choose a broker that best suits you, whether it be commission rates, types of real estate, or company standards.

Once you have found a brokerage firm that you want to grow your business with, you need to submit an application online with a sponsoring broker to make your inactive license active and start building your clientele. 

Congratulations, you are now an Active Licensed Real Estate Agent in Texas! Take time to celebrate your accomplishments and dream about your new future!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Texas Licensed Real Estate Agent make?

You can make an average of about $64,000 per year. On the high end, you could make up to $170,000 a year.

How long does it take to get your Real Estate License in Texas?

It can take 3-6 months from start to finish to complete the process. It may take longer for some people or even less time for others; it just depends on your schedule and how much time you can spend studying. 

Do I need to renew my Texas Real Estate License?

A license is only good for 2 years in Texas; you will be notified 90 days prior to the expiration date and will have to pay a fee of $110.

The first time you renew, you will need to complete the Sales Apprentice Education requirements. 

Are there any Continuing Education or Post-Licensing Courses?

Yes! You will need to take continuing education courses every two years. You will need a total of 18 hours; 8 hours of TREC Legal Update I and II, 3 hours of contract-related coursework, and 7 Hours of elective CE.

How do I get a Commercial Real Estate License in Texas?

All you need is an active Texas Real Estate License to sell commercial properties.  

Does Texas offer Reciprocity?

No, Texas does have any reciprocity with any other state. If you want to sell real estate in Texas, you will have to go through all the steps outlined in this article.

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