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Gaining the life coach certification and training you need doesn’t have to be difficult. There are many options online to help you get the certification you need to become a life coach. No matter the area you want to enter as a life coach, you need the right training.

With a good life coach certification and training program, you can gain the necessary skills. These programs teach skills including problem-solving, communication, and working with clients in multiple settings. While anybody can label themselves as a life coach, it means very little without the right certification.

The right life coach certification program will be accredited by the International Coach Federation. You will be able to apply for ICF credentials after you complete the program. There are many good life coach training options to choose from.

What Does a Life Coach Do?

Who Should Become a Certified Life Coach?

If you’re considering going into the career of life coaching, you want to make sure you’re a good fit. Whether you want to work for someone else or start a life coaching business, you want to be a good fit. This career requires the right skills.

A life coaching certification program isn’t going to be cheap. If you’re just looking to increase your knowledge of life coaching, this might not be the right option for you. It’s also not the right fit for those with no intention of working with clients as a life coach.

However, if you have a desire to help people, life coaching might be the right choice for you. There are many different areas you can go into as a life coach. With a strong desire to help others and good communication skills, this might be a good career path for you.

Life coaches should also have self-starter skills. These skills are helpful if you want to go into business for yourself. You’ll need to be able to run your own business if this is the path you want to go down.

Top 5 Life Coach Certification and Training Programs

1. Coach Training Alliance

This online life coach training option is one of the best you will find. They offer self-study options at affordable prices. It’s a cost-effective program with many different styles of teaching. With the Coach Training Alliance, you gain the training you need for real-life coaching.

The CTA has certified more than 10,000 coaches. They offer a six-month program, which is accredited by the International Coach Federation. You will complete five hours of training each week over 22 total weeks. There are 12 group mentoring sessions and weekly telesessions, along with a private forum.

Compared to other options, the Coach Training Alliance offers one of the most affordable choices. It costs around $3,500 for the six-month program. You can pay monthly or all at once.

2. Certified Life Coach Institute

The Certified Life Coach Institute offers the ability to get certified in three days. It’s ICF accredited and has certified more than 9,000 coaches. This affordable program offers a short timeline to become certified.

The first level from the Certified Life Coach Institute is the three-day level one course. If you want to join the ICF, you’ll need to complete the level two course, which is 60 total hours of training.

The CLCI is one of the most affordable programs you will find online. The level one course costs $995 while bundling both courses costs $1,995. Courses are offered over Zoom and classes tend to fill up rather quickly.

3. ClientWise

If you want to gain the life coach certification and training necessary for financial services coaching, this is a top option. ClientWise Certified Financial Services Coach Training Program offers an option for financial professionals. It’s an ICF-accredited financial coaching program. You’ll attend teleclasses over six months, but this is not a self-paced course.

The program offers both in-person and virtual sessions over a total of six months. You will need to attend a two-day intensive workshop led by a financial professional. There will also be weekly 90-minute virtual sessions you will need to attend.

4. Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching or iPEC offers a good life coach training option. When you want to start a new career as a life coach, this is a good option to consider.

The program is based on Core Energy Coaching, which is a process from iPEC that focuses on leading clients to make choices based on the way they feel and think. You’ll earn a Certified Professional Coach title once you complete the course.

When you pay for this program, you’ll gain access to an entire library of resources. This resource offers techniques and tools to help you help your clients better. The program will educate you on marketing, branding, and launching your new coaching business. It’s ICF-accredited and offers virtual live options.

The big drawback of this program is the cost. It’s the most expensive on the list at $11,950 for the entire program. They do offer monthly payment options and iPEC loans to help out.

5. Coach U-Core

The Essential Fast Track Program from Coach U-Core is created to teach you everything necessary over six days of live classes. It’s an in-person option you can use to gain the life coach training you need. While this six-day intensive program can get you ICF certified, you can actually retake the courses multiple times for a total of six months.

Students looking for an option that’s not an online self-study course will like Coach U-Core. The cost of the program is $5,095 for the Essential Fast Track Program. They also offer a Professional Essential Program. If you choose both options, it will cost $8,360.

These five life coach certification and training programs offer good choices. If you want to become a life coach, any of these programs can help give you the training you need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Life Coach Certification and Training

Is certification necessary to work as a life coach?

No. Anybody can call themselves a life coach. However, if you don’t have the right training, it can be difficult to help people. With a reputable life coaching certification program, you can gain the credentials necessary to attract clients.

It may not be necessary to gain a certification, but with ICF credentials, you’ll be able to attract employers and clients.

What’s the average cost of a life coaching certification program?

A life coach certification and training program may cost as little as $995. However, these programs can go up to as much as $11,950. It depends on the type of course you choose. In-person courses tend to be more expensive than virtual classes.

You will also need to spend an additional $300 to gain an ICF credential. Make sure you choose a program with the right materials and an experienced instructor.

Are there different types of life coaches?

It’s common for life coaches to choose a niche. Coaches may specialize in an area they already have experience in, such as finance or business. Some coaches decide to become career coaches, while others may remain as a general life coach.

Most life coaches will choose to coach others in an area they already have experience. For example, if you’ve worked in marketing, you might become a life coach for small business owners needing help with marketing.

There are many reasons to become a life coach. Life coach certification and training from the right institution will help you get the training you need. Make sure you choose an ICF-accredited program so you can apply for an ICF credential after completion.

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