PCAT Test Prep: Using PCAT Practice Tests to Study

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When you’re preparing for the Pharmacy College Admissions Test or PCAT, you need the right PCAT prep course to help. This test is designed to examine your abilities and skills when it comes to entering pharmacy college. Many of the programs looking to admit students will use your PCAT score as one of the main deciding factors.

The PCAT is a mandatory test for anybody who wants to become a Pharmacist. You will need to take this course as a part of admission into a college pharmacy program. If you don’t score well, you might struggle to get into the right program for your specific needs.

PCAT Test Prep Courses

Top 7 PCAT Prep Courses Online

1. Kaplan

One of the most recognized names in test prep, Kaplan offers a great PCAT prep course online. The course includes 120 hours of online instruction and practice, along with a personalized study plan. You will gain access to five full-length practice tests, along with several quizzes and many interactive video workshops.

With these materials, you can study better for the PCAT and become far more prepared. Kaplan also offers practice test packages and tutoring for the PCAT.

There are two categories for PCAT prep courses from Kaplan: Self-Paced and Live Online. The self-paced option puts you in control and allows you to set your own pace for studying. With the live online option, you will attend online classes with PCAT experts at scheduled times.


Choose from the Self-Paced or the Self-Paced Plus options. The basic option is $899 and the Plus option is $1,299. Both of these options include:

If you choose the Plus option, you will also gain access to 3 hours of 1-on-1 tutoring and the Math Foundations Self-Paced course.

Live Online

The Live Online PCAT prep course also offers a basic and a Plus option. The basic option is $1,199 and the Plus option is $1,599. With both programs you get:

The Plus option gives you three hours of tutoring and the Math Foundations Self-Paced course, too.

If you need additional tutoring or you simply prefer to study with a tutor, Kaplan also offers online PCAT tutoring starting at $1,999. You can purchase up to 40 hours of online tutoring and it will also include practice tests, live-streamed courses to fit your schedule, and hundreds of hours of on-demand instruction.

2. UGO Prep

Maybe you don’t have much time to prepare, but you want to make sure you can score high on the PCAT. With UGO Prep, you get a 14-day PCAT prep program to help you study in a smaller amount of time.

Benefit from powerful practice questions and authentic simulated exams covering the same material as the real tests. They also give you reading material to help cover each section and to make studying for the PCAT easier.

The PCAT exam prep option from UGO Prep includes:

You can get this course for $59.99 for one month of access, 3 months of access for $69.99, or Lifetime access for $74.99.

3. Crack The PCAT

A complete option for your PCAT studying, Crack The PCAT offers more than 100 hours of videos with over 2,400 practice questions. They have a brand-new edition with updated material and the ability to actually practice the PCAT. With Crack The PCAT, you even get a PCAT score guarantee.

You can try this PCAT prep course for free before you buy it. It’s one of the most comprehensive options on the market and offers everything you need to learn the right material before the test.

The Crack The PCAT program costs $499, but they often run specials with prices around $300. You will gain access to full-length tests, diagnostic tests, video crash courses, flashcards, and so much more with this PCAT prep course.

4. Study.com PCAT Test Prep

Another good choice for your PCAT test prep comes from Study.com. This course offers lessons in each area you will need, which can help you prepare for the actual test. There’s a quiz with each lesson to assess how well you’re learning the material, as well.

When you choose the PCAT Test Prep program from Study.com, you get 62 chapters of materials including PCAT flashcards, course practice tests, and more. You can take a practice test before you buy and even try it out risk-free for 30 days. Lessons offer multiple ways to learn and each lesson lasts, on average, 8 minutes. A total of 648 lessons are available to help you with your self-paced studying for the PCAT.

5. Varsity Tutors

Maybe you prefer online tutoring from someone that’s taken and passed the PCAT. If you learn best with one-on-one instruction, Varsity Tutors offers several great tutors for the PCAT.

You can get the tutoring you need in the areas that matter most from an instructor that has actually taken the PCAT before. When you want to make sure you score well, Varsity Tutors offers the right tutoring options for your needs.

6. PCAT Prep Class

A fully updated option for your PCAT prep course online is PCAT prep class. This program offers study guides and practice exams from a team with more than 26 years of experience with PCAT prep. This is a self-study program that will arrive in the mail for $275.

The program covers all the necessary topics with manageable study guides and timed practice tests. You also gain unlimited email contact with expert PCAT instructors. While this isn’t an online PCAT prep course, it’s a great option for those looking for an affordable self-study program with all the right materials.

7. Peterson’s PCAT Prep

When you want a good option for your PCAT prep course online, Petersons offers a monthly subscription plan starting at just $39 per month. You’ll gain access to three full-length PCAT practice tests, along with the ability to figure out where you’re weakest.

This program also offers plenty of study materials to help you prepare completely for your upcoming exam.

You can choose to subscribe for just one month for $49 or choose the three-month option for $45 per month. They also offer a six-month option for $39 per month, which is one of the lowest prices online for a PCAT prep course you will find.

A Few Things to Know Before Taking the PCAT

Before you plan to take the PCAT, it’s best to know a few things so you can formulate the right strategy. You want to know what’s on the test, how long it will take you, and the coursework you will need to complete first. Any good PCAT prep course will help you understand these things.

It’s also important to sign up and start studying as soon as possible. Go through the study guides or other study materials you get with your prep course and find out what you’re not great at. Some students forget to study the materials they struggle with and only focus on areas they are familiar with. This is a mistake.

Don’t look at the PCAT as an experiment, either. If you think you can do well without studying, you probably won’t do very well and it will cost you time and money. You want to practice and prepare as best you can to ensure you can get a high score on the first try.

Frequently Asked Questions About PCAT Prep Courses

Is the PCAT difficult?

For many students, the PCAT can be rather difficult without the right preparation. When you are fully prepared for this test, you won’t have the same level of test anxiety and it becomes less difficult. The right PCAT prep course can ensure you’re ready to take the PCAT and you can perform well without feeling stressed.

What is considered a good score on the PCAT?

The PCAT is scored on a range from 200 to 600 with the median score being 400. Usually, a score of 430 or higher will put you in the 90th percentile. A good score depends on your goal and the type of college you are trying to get into.

Some programs require a higher score on the PCAT for admission than others. The higher your score, the more likely you will have your choice of top schooling options.

The University of Texas at Austin requires at least a 420 score on the PCAT and they are considered a top-tier school. On the other hand, the University of Florida requires a 380 score and they are considered a mid-tier program. The required score will vary from one school to another and you should know what the school you want to attend expects.

How much studying is necessary for the PCAT?

Most students spend between one and three months studying for the PCAT. The amount you study depends on your goals and the PCAT prep course you choose. Taking a practice test before you start studying can help you assess how prepared you are now and set up a good study schedule.

What is the cost to take the PCAT?

The cost of the PCAT is $210. If you don’t score high the first time, you will have to pay to take it another time. If you register late or you need additional transcripts, you will pay more.

How often can I take the PCAT?

You can take the PCAT up to five times. It’s offered six times per year and you will want to plan out any retakes with the admissions for the school you’re applying for. When you register for the PCAT, you can have your scores automatically sent to three colleges or universities, as well.

When should I take the PCAT?

The PCAT isn’t an exam you can just take whenever you want. It’s offered a few times throughout the year and you want to time it right for admissions, but also to give yourself enough time to prepare.

Most students will take the PCAT during their senior year of an undergraduate degree program. You will want to make sure you take the PCAT before your school application deadlines, which are commonly in May or early June, depending on the program.

It’s also possible you want to take the PCAT early enough to give yourself a second shot at it in case you don’t score so well the first time. Take this into consideration when planning the timeline for taking the PCAT.

What will be included in the PCAT?

When you take the PCAT, it will be a standardized computer test split into five sections including:

Each section will test your knowledge and abilities in a different way with the writing section asking you to come up with solutions to problems and describe those solutions through an essay. Other sections will test your problem-solving skills, while some sections will provide multiple-choice questions.

It’s a long exam with many questions you will need to answer over several different sections. Proper preparation will keep you focused and confident on exam day.

Final Word About Online PCAT Prep Courses

When you want to get into a top pharmacy college, you need to make sure you score high on the PCAT. With a higher score, you’ll have a better chance of admittance. Choosing the right PCAT prep course can help to ensure you’re fully prepared for the PCAT.

As you take this very important test, you don’t want to suffer from test anxiety. Use one of the top PCAT prep courses above to get ready for exam day and you’ll be more confident when you take the PCAT.

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