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The MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is necessary to attend medical school in North America. However, with the right MCAT Prep Course, you can score high and get into the medical school of your choice.

More than 80,000 people take the MCAT every year in America and Canada. Each school has different requirements for admittance, and some require a higher score on the MCAT than others. In many cases, a high MCAT score is just as important as your undergraduate degree and GPA.

Scoring higher on the MCAT is vital for most future medical school students. When you choose one of the top MCAT prep courses, you will have the tools to score high. As a result, you’ll be better prepared, less anxious, and you’ll be able to score higher to gain admittance into medical school.

MCAT Test Prep Courses

Who Should Get an Online MCAT Prep Course?

The MCAT prep courses available online are perfect for anybody looking to be well prepared for the test. The MCAT exam is one of the most important tests you will ever take if you attend medical school. It’s very challenging, and getting a high score is necessary for admittance.

With the right MCAT prep course, you get the ability to learn the material and focus on areas you struggle with. You will also be able to better prepare with practice tests and assess your strengths and weaknesses as you study.

If you struggle with test anxiety, need a structured program to help with studying, or need the right materials and tools to study independently, an MCAT prep course is right for you. Very few students will find no benefit from this type of course. On the contrary, most will find it’s well worth every penny spent.

Top 7 Online MCAT Prep Courses

1. The Princeton Review

One of the best and most intensive MCAT prep courses comes from The Princeton Review. This prep course offers comprehensive content with two immersive Winter Bootcamp options and more. With this program, you can get the help you need in just four to six weeks, and if you need live classroom instruction, The Ultimate Bootcamp option offers a great choice.

When you choose the MCAT prep course from The Princeton Review, you gain access to the following:

The Bootcamp programs cover a ton of material in just six weeks when you need to study for the MCATs fast. The Princeton Review also offers a 510+ score guarantee if you complete their program.

The Princeton Review MCAT prep course offers several options to choose from, including:

The Princeton Review also offers tutoring, an MCAT flashcard app, MCAT books, and more. So no matter the type of MCAT prep course you prefer, The Princeton Review has an option to suit your needs.

2. Kaplan

With several options to consider, Kaplan offers one of the top MCAT prep courses for several types of students. They offer a program for you when you want to score higher, study the way you prefer, and study as slow or as fast as you want.

The MCAT prep courses offered by Kaplan include:

With the Kaplan MCAT prep courses, you can choose online or in-person options to fit your needs. No matter how you want to prepare for the MCATs, they offer an option to get a high score.

3. Magoosh

Another good option with high-quality content and a lower cost for an MCAT prep course, Magoosh is a good choice for those on a tighter budget. In addition, they provide a seven-day money-back guarantee to give you time to test out the program, along with a score improvement guarantee.

With more than 380 review videos, full-length practice tests, more than 700 practice questions, and customizable study schedules, you can get all the content you need to prepare for the MCAT exam with Magoosh.

Magoosh offers a one-month option for $279 and a 12-month premium option for $299. The one-month option gives you one month of access and provides the following:

If you only have one month to study or you want to pay for just one month, this is a good option. You can also gain access to the same benefits with the 12-month option for just $20 more.

4. ExamKrackers MCAT

ExamKrackers MCAT offers several options, including OnDemand content, Live Online, Coaching, Tutoring, an MCAT Forum, and a free study guide. They provide everything you need to prepare for the MCATs.

The MCAT Live Online Class is $1,895 and offers everything you need to get a higher score on the MCAT exam. This program comes with 138 hours of Live Online and Recorded MCAT lessons, along with MCAT study guides, an MCAT coach, and much more.

They also offer the OnDemand MCAT prep course for $1,745. This is a 12-week course with 34 online and recorded lessons, five simulated MCAT exams, six study books, and tutoring sessions. No matter the type of study schedule you prefer, this self-study program can help you prepare for the MCATs.

ExamKrackers also offers full-length simulated MCAT exams you can buy for $200, along with MCAT question bundles for practicing based on specific sections of the MCAT exam. You can even use their free study guide.

5. Altius MCAT Prep

Another good option for your online MCAT prep course is Altius MCAT Prep. This option offers a very good MCAT score improvement guarantee and several options to choose from. You can even use the trial period to see if it’s the right choice for you.

The one-on-one MCAT Mentoring Program offers so much more than just an MCAT prep course. Students get the motivation they need and the right options to help improve critical thinking skills. As a result, thousands of students have used this program to score higher on the MCAT exam.

The Altius MCAT Prep course is a higher-priced option ranging from $2,499 to $6,999, but they also provide a 14-day trial to test them out first. Then, depending on the level you choose, they also offer summer full-immersion programs for $8,499 and $9,999.

The Elite level from Altius MCAT Prep states it’s the lowest price for a classroom course you will find. With all the different levels, students gain access to:

Students can also gain access to one-on-one MCAT mentors and private tutoring sessions at different levels. Some packages also offer mastery and review sessions.

The main reason students choose Altius MCAT Prep is the guarantee. They guarantee you will score in the 90th percentile on the real MCATs if you complete the Silver, Gold, or Platinum program. They also provide the lowest price guarantee.

6. Blueprint MCAT

With several different options, Blueprint MCAT offers a good choice for many different types of students. So when you’re trying to find a good MCAT prep course online, Blueprint MCAT might offer a good option for you.

They have a score increase guarantee and offer an effective option with customizable study plans and plenty of tools. The online courses were created by instructors that scored at least a 524 on the MCATs, and the tutors all scored at least a 520.

Blueprint MCAT states that, on average, their students see an increase of 13 points when taking the MCAT exam. So another 13 points can triple your acceptance rate to medical school, and Blueprint MCAT is a good choice to get you there.

The online course offers many benefits for $1,799. It comes with engaging MCAT content, a day-by-day study plan, live office hours, a score increase guarantee, and more. They also offer a live online option with 40+ hours of live class instruction from MCAT instructors. This program comes with plenty of flexibility and benefits for a cost of $2,499.

7. MCAT Self-Prep

A lower-cost option with the content you need to study on your own, MCAT Self-Prep offers a good choice for the right student. They provide 5,000+ practice questions, a score improvement guarantee, and plenty of MCAT prep course options.

Start with the many free materials they provide, and you can upgrade when you’re ready, starting at just $9.99. The free option offers MCAT videos and ten content modules to help you study.

For $9.99, you can upgrade to create your study plan and gain an ad-free experience. If you want, even more, they offer access to 5,000 Quizlet flashcards and access to 120 end-of-lesson mastery quizzes for just $99.99.

The Deluxe Pro option from MCAT Self-Prep is the most comprehensive and costs $999. This program offers everything you get in the other programs, along with the following:

This level also comes with a score improvement guarantee and a discount for one-on-one private tutoring sessions.

Any of these top online MCAT prep courses will provide a good option when you want to prepare for what may be the most important test of your life.

What to Consider When Choosing an MCAT Prep Course

When comparing online MCAT prep courses, you want to look at a few factors with each program. It all starts with how you study and how you learn the best. If you have good study discipline, a self-study course of working at your pace might be the best option. If not, you might prefer an instructor-led program.

Maybe you’ve taken the MCATs, and you didn’t score well. You might need more improvement than someone else and require a more specific program with tutoring. Even if you haven’t taken the MCAT exam yet, you can take a free practice test to evaluate how much improvement you need.

Of course, one of the main factors in choosing the right online MCAT prep course is your budget. Top MCAT prep courses you can get for a very low price, but the more expensive options tend to offer a more thorough study plan. Regardless, most students do far better on the MCATs with an online prep course than without it.

5 Benefits of an MCAT Prep Course

1. Simulated Test Experience

With the right MCAT prep course, you’ll get a simulated test experience. This can help you prepare for the MCAT and take away some of that test anxiety you might be struggling with.

2. Pinpoint Weaknesses

While most prep courses will certainly show you what to study, the top MCAT prep courses will pinpoint your weak and strong areas. This can make studying and identifying the areas you should focus on the most.

3. Higher Score

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of choosing an MCAT prep course is the higher score. Some of the courses even come with a higher score guarantee.

4. Excellent Study Plans

With the right MCAT prep course, you will get the study plans you need to succeed. Some courses offer a customizable study schedule based on how much time you have to study and which areas you need to focus on the most.

5. Top Instructors

Another benefit of choosing an online MCAT prep course is the top instructors you will gain access to. Some programs even give you live instructors and one-on-one options.

Getting the most affordable MCAT prep course can provide you with better materials and a better study schedule than just buying the right prep books.

Frequently Asked Questions About MCAT Prep Courses

Do I need an MCAT prep course?

MCAT prep courses are designed to help you score higher and be better prepared for what will turn out to be one of the most important tests you ever take. The MCATs won’t be easy for most students, and a prep course is a way to invest in your future.

When you spend money on a prep course, you’re more likely to use it and become properly prepared for the MCAT exam. The right online MCAT prep course can help relieve test anxiety and give you the study materials and plan to get a better score.

How much do I need to study for the MCATs?

The AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) stated that most pre-med students would need to study for 300 to 350 hours over many months to prepare for the MCATs properly. However, you can use six months to prepare better for the MCAT exam with the right MCAT prep course. This might seem like a large amount of time, but trying to cram your studying into just a few weeks or months is a way to ensure you will have to retake the MCATs.

Which subjects are covered on the MCAT exam?

The MCAT exam will test your scientific knowledge in many areas, including:

Along with scientific knowledge, you will be tested on critical thinking and problem-solving. In addition, the test will cover other topics in the areas of Sociology and Psychology. All questions will be multiple choice with four options to choose from.

What is considered a good score on the MCATs?

The MCAT is scored in four sections, with each section scored between 118 and 132. The total score ranges from 472 to 528, with the mean and median at 500. Therefore, the top score a student can receive is 528.

If you score above 514, you will be in the top 10% of test-takers. Those scoring between 508 and 513 will be in the top 25% of test-takers. A score between 500 and 507 will put you in the top 50% of test-takers, while any 499 or below is considered a below-average score on the MCAT exam.

Can I take the MCAT exam multiple times?

The Association of American Medical Colleges allows you to take the MCAT exam up to three times in one year or four times in two years. Therefore, this test can be taken as many as seven times in your lifetime.

What is the cost of an MCAT prep course online?

The cost can vary quite a bit, with some courses offering a subscription model for just $30 per month and others coming in at more than $5,000. Most students will choose an MCAT prep course between $1,500 and $2,000, but there are less expensive options, especially if you prefer a self-study prep course.

Will I score higher if I use an MCAT prep course?

Most students using an MCAT prep course will improve their scores when taking the test. So whether you’ve already taken the test and didn’t score as high as you would like or you want to make sure you score high the first time, an MCAT online prep course is a great option.

Final Words About MCAT Prep Courses

If you’re ready to gain admittance into the medical school of your choice, a high score on the MCATs is necessary. Choosing the right online MCAT prep course provides an important tool to get you to a higher score. Make sure you consider how you prefer to study, how much help you need, and your budget as you make this very important decision.

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