NLP Training: Neuro-linguistic Programming Certification

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming certification provides training to help you understand the language of the mind. It’s commonly referred to as the study of replicating excellence. NLP is a methodology and a skill set to help promote personal growth.

NLP training is common for those looking to become an NLP practitioner. This type of training helps practitioners gain the skills to help others deal with anxiety disorders and phobias. If you want to help people and you think NLP training might be the way, it’s important to know what neuro-linguistic programming is all about.

NLP Training

What is NLP?

Before looking at NLP training, it’s a good idea to gain a basic understanding of what Neuro-linguistic programming is exactly. NLP will combine the neural processes, language, and behavior to help uncover the emotional state or mindset of a person and how they communicate. You will discover the hidden language found in the subconscious and conscious mind with NLP training.

Commonly, an NLP practitioner will help people make changes by revealing alternative perceptions, teaching responsible behavior patterns, and using responsible communication methods. NLP practitioners often work with people struggling with phobias and anxiety. They can also help a person move past a trauma by changing the way they see it.

NLP Training Courses

Many different NLP training courses are offered with both online and offline options. NLP certifications are internationally recognized, in most cases.

Choosing an Online NLP Certification Program

If you prefer to work at your own pace and on your own schedule, the online NLP training is likely the right choice for you. With an online program, you won’t need to worry about attending classes and showing up at a specific time.

Online NLP training is self-paced with all the resources you need. Most of these programs also offer help over the phone, through email, or through online chat.

Online NLP certification programs cover many topics including:

When you choose an online NLP certification program, you will likely gain access to downloadable resources, along with videos. Online training also allows you to study from anywhere. You’ll have access to the course materials 24/7, as well.

NLP Practitioner vs. NLP Master Practitioner

If you have no prior experience with NLP training, you will start with the NLP Practitioner Certification. This neuro-linguistic programming certification is designed for beginners with no qualifications or prior training.

If you want to further your education after becoming an NLP Practitioner, the NLP Master Practitioner Certification is the right program. This NLP training will go further in-depth compared to the NLP Practitioner Certification.

The NLP Master Practitioner Certification offers more techniques to help clients find solutions. It will give you additional tools and skills to work as an NLP Practitioner at a higher level.

Top 3 NLP Training Courses Online

1. Online NLP Training Plus

This Neuro-linguistic Programming Certification program comes from the INLP Center. It’s accredited by the International Coach Federation and offers many videos, audios, workbooks, and other resources. You can work at your own pace and enjoy free live sessions with this NLP training program.

You won’t have a time limit to complete this course. It’s also a good opportunity to gain one-to-one training interactions and practice your skills with other students.

2. NLP Practitioner Certificate Course

You can take the beginner or advanced NLP Practitioner Certificate Course on Udemy. This is one of the top options for life coaches looking for good online NLP training. With this course, you gain access to a massive library of downloadable resources and more than 25 hours of videos.

3. Neurolinguistics by Saint Petersburg State University

An option found on Coursera, this NLP training offers an easy way to learn about NLP. You can gain insight into how children process information, along with techniques for researching Neurolinguistics. This course offers seven modules with different clinical conditions covered.

With online NLP certification programs, you can start much faster than with an in-person program. You won’t have to wait to begin your training if you choose a self-paced option.

Why Learn NLP?

If you’re a life coach or you want to become an NLP practitioner, learning NLP is a good idea. This type of approach can help you better serve clients. You will learn how to improve communications and tap into the emotional, logical, and intuitive intelligence.

When you learn NLP, you can gain many skills. These skills can help with coaching clients in many different areas.

Learning NLP gives you many benefits including the ability to communicate better. You can form trusting relationships with clients and better read situations. Mastering NLP will help you guide others and yourself towards a more satisfying life path.

Frequently Asked Questions About NLP Training

Will I need any type of prerequisite or qualification to start NLP training?

Most Neuro-linguistic programming certification programs don’t require any type of prerequisites or qualifications. They are very accessible to anybody looking to become an NLP practitioner.

How much will NLP training cost?

The cost of an NLP certification program will likely average between $3,000 and $4,000. Some of the more advanced courses, such as a Master Practitioner Certification training program may cost more.

How long does it take to complete NLP certification training?

Depending on the program you choose, it’s common for NLP training to take about 50 hours. If you choose to go on to an advanced program, it will take even longer. Some training programs will take even longer. It’s possible to find NLP training requiring more than 100 hours of training.

What type of qualifications do I need to become an NLP practitioner?

If you want to become an NLP practitioner, you will need to complete an NLP training course. Once you have completed this course, you can start practicing NLP as an NLP practitioner.

Can you teach NLP to yourself?

Technically, yes, you can teach NLP to yourself. However, you will have to find the correct books and materials to make this happen. It’s a very difficult endeavor to teach yourself NLP.

Choosing NLP training online is a much easier way to go about learning neuro-linguistic programming. Plus, the training courses will offer certification, which is a powerful credential for attracting new clients.

Is it hard to learn NLP?

This is a difficult question to answer as it will vary from one person to another. It doesn’t have to be difficult to learn if you want to learn neuro-linguistic programming. It will take some time and effort, but it’s available for all learning levels.

Will you be a therapist if you become an NLP practitioner?

No. While some practitioners of NLP may refer to themselves as NLP Therapists or NLP Coaches, NLP is not a type of therapy. There is no such thing as an NLP therapist and it’s not smart to use the word coach, either.

If you want to become a better life coach or you want to start helping people, the right NLP training is a great option. There are many online options including self-paced and live training options to choose from. You don’t have to travel to a specific location to complete your NLP certification program anymore.

With the right online training option, you can become an NLP practitioner much faster and easier. Work at your own pace and gain the certification you desire. These new skills will help you better serve your clients and make you a better life coach.

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