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Known as one of the best options for preparing for the real estate exam, PrepAgent offers everything you need. Our PrepAgent review will introduce you to this excellent option and what they offer. If you’re preparing for the real estate exam, the right exam prep program is necessary.

When you start studying for the real estate exam, you’ll figure out quickly it’s a big deal. The right study materials will help you do better on the test. Let’s review what PrepAgent offers, so you can make the right decision.

PrepAgent Review

What is PrepAgent?

PrepAgent is an online resource center with the right materials to help you pass the state real estate exam. They do not offer pre-licensing courses, however. Instead, they offer the exam prep materials you need.

With the right tools, PrepAgent offers what you need to better prepare for the real estate exam. They use practice exam questions, live webinars, recorded webinars, and articles to help you better prepare. It’s even possible to chat with instructors and other students during live webinars. The webinars are taught by real estate experts through PrepAgent.

Along with real estate exam prep, PrepAgent also offers private tutoring. There are two instructors available for tutoring at the cost of $75 per hour. PrepAgent also offers informal resources you can use including test-taking tips and a question of the day email for free.

A Review of the Main Features from PrepAgent

When you choose PrepAgent for your exam prep, you will gain access to many features. They offer everything you will need to pass the real estate exam in your state.

PrepAgent uses interactive practice questions specific to the real estate exam in your state. These questions will focus on your weaknesses and offer category-specific options.

You can even use the master exam, which mimics the actual exam you will take. However, when you get an answer right or wrong, you will get an explanation of the answer and the question. This gives you a more in-depth look at each practice question.

PrepAgent also offers in-depth video explanations to help you better understand specific topics. There are more than 75 video explanations available to help you prepare for the exam.

With the live online group webinars, you can gain access to even more help. These are available in the premium package and are offered seven times a week. They cover many of the topics found on the real estate exam and give you the option to chat with instructors and other students.

Along with the main resources, you will also get flashcards and exam study guides. This can help you to quiz yourself and better retain the information you need to pass your real estate exam the first time.

Start with a Free Real Estate Practice Exam

PrepAgent offers a quick, nine-question free practice test you can start with. This helps you to get an idea of what you can get from PrepAgent. You will get a sense of the questions offered and how the system works with the free exam.

Enjoy a 100% Money-Back Guarantee from PrepAgent

When you choose PrepAgent, you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They don’t base the guarantee on whether you pass the exam or not. Instead, it’s a 120-day guarantee of your satisfaction. If you’re not happy with the exam prep they offer, you can get a full refund within 120 days.

PrepAgent boasts a very low refund rate at less than 2%. They are great at making sure their students are happy with what they get for the cost they pay. This is why they can provide such a solid money-back guarantee.

PrepAgent Review: License Exam Prep Course

With PrepAgent, you get three different options for exam prep. They offer exam prep in all 50 states for salesperson exams and broker exams.

The three options include:

There are no recurring charges with PrepAgent and you get everything you need to prepare for the license exam. Depending on how much time you have and how much access you want, one of the three options will likely fit well for your needs.

PrepAgent Review: Pros & Cons



There are not many cons when it comes to PrepAgent. They are known as one of the leaders for real estate exam prep with affordable pricing and a ton of resources to choose from.

A Review of the Private Tutoring from PrepAgent

If you need even more help, you can use the private tutoring option through PrepAgent. Currently, you can get tutoring from Stuart Jacobson or Cynthia Lott. Both offer quite a bit of experience in the real estate industry and can help you better prepare for the exam.

The cost for one hour of private tutoring is $75. You can choose the date and time that is available and fits your specific schedule.

Each session will cover the topics you are struggling with the most, your study habits, tips, tricks, and a review of the material you’re struggling with. It’s best to focus on the national material on the test unless you have spoken with one of the instructors ahead of time.

If you need more than one hour, you can schedule multiple sessions. However, these sessions cannot be booked back-to-back as a session of more than one hour is often not very beneficial to the student.

Frequently Asked Questions About PrepAgent

Is PrepAgent available in every state?

Yes, they offer exam prep for every state in the United States. No matter the state you need to prepare for, they have the right options for you.

Will I need to install anything or download anything to use PrepAgent?

no, everything is handled online without the need to install anything on your computer. You can access the entire PrepAgent platform through your internet browser.

Are the practice questions the same as actual exam questions?

No, because this is not legal. However, the questions from PrepAgent are as close as possible. They will cover the same type of material and use the same type of format to better prepare you for the actual exam.

Does PrepAgent offer any free resources?

Yes, you can take a short free practice exam on their website. They also offer a question of the day through email, along with a real estate dictionary and test-taking tips. These free resources can be rather helpful when preparing for the real estate exam.

What type of score will I need to pass my real estate exam?

The score you will need will depend on the state where you plan to take the real estate exam. For example, in Florida, you will need to get 75 out of 100 questions correct. However, in other states, it may be broken down into a certain number of state questions and national questions correct. Commonly, you will need to score a 70% to 80% to pass, depending on the state.

Does PrepAgent offer pre-licensing real estate courses?

No. While they have a section on their website called “Pre-Licensing Courses” they do not actually offer these courses. However, they have partnered with Aceable Agent, Mbition, Kaplan, and other providers to offer access to pre-licensing courses in some states. This section will also lead you to continuing education courses, post-licensing courses, and other real estate courses offered by third-party providers.

Is the content up-to-date?

Yes, PrepAgent is constantly updating its content to ensure you get the most up-to-date information for your state. As the exams change, they change their practice questions. The goal is to provide you with the closest possible content to the exam you will take.

When you need to get prepared for the real estate exam, you need state-specific exam prep. While there will certainly be a national portion to the exam, if you don’t prepare well for that state section, you might not pass.

Passing the real estate exam is a huge step in your career. If you don’t pass, you will likely have to pay to retake the exam, put your career on hold until you can retake it, and you might only get a few attempts to pass, depending on your state.

It’s best to get the right exam prep for your real estate exam. PrepAgent offers three very affordable options to give you the right study materials. No matter how you prefer to learn, you can utilize the options offered by PrepAgent. Maybe you’ll be their next very positive review after you pass your real estate exam.

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