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Are you ready to become a Realtor, but you’re not sure how to go about it? Does the allure of selling luxury real estate and cashing fat commission checks make you want to attend online real estate school?

A real estate career can be a great choice. Many who succeed in real estate started with Real Estate Express. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states the average Realtor will make more than $71K per year with the top 10% making six figures.

The most successful Realtors go on to be real estate brokers and make even more money each year!

It all starts with your decision to attend an online real estate school. If you’re thinking about becoming a Realtor, Real Estate Express might just be the answer.

Real Estate Express has earned a reputation as the top real estate school online. With nearly 50,000 online reviews from past students, it’s known as the right choice for those seeking a real estate license.

At the time of writing this review, 49,456 people have reviewed Real Estate Express on the Real Estate Express Website. This online real estate school has received 4.3 out of 5 stars from past students.

Before you make your final decision and you start working towards becoming a Realtor, let’s look at what Real Estate Express has to offer. Review

What is Real Estate Express?

Known by many in the real estate industry as one of the top online real estate schools, Real Estate Express offers everything you need to become a licensed real estate agent. They even offer some post-license courses for your continuing education requirements.

This online real estate school is even backed by more than 200,000 real estate professionals, which is higher than any other online real estate school. The school offers some of the top resources and instructors in real estate today.

Students enjoy a classroom-style learning environment with the flexibility to work at your own pace. With a user-friendly website, even a novice can use Real Estate Express to gain their real estate license.

What Does Real Estate Express Offer?

When you’re ready to become a Realtor, you should know what the online real estate school you choose offers. Real Estate Express has many programs including:

They even offer a Career Hub filled with helpful articles. Through this section of their website, you can learn how to become an agent, grow your career, and so much more.

Getting Your Real Estate License from Real Estate Express

The process of getting your real estate license is pretty straightforward with Real Estate Express. Many past students have commented on how easy it is in their reviews of the school.

It’s a simple three-step process including:

The real estate pre-license courses will vary a little, depending on your state. We will use the example of getting your real estate license in Florida.

With Real Estate Express, you can choose from four packages:

Whether you just need the basics or you want more help getting your real estate license, Real Estate Express has the right package for you.

Exam Prep Master from Real Estate Express

As one of the top online real estate schools, Real Estate Express offers more than just basic licensing classes. You can use the Exam Prep Master platform to help you pass your real estate licensing exam the first time. This package will help you avoid having to retake the exam, which can delay starting your career as a Realtor.

The Exam Prep Masters package includes:

You can even customize the package to create exams fitting specific topics.

Upgrading Your License with Real Estate Express

After you’ve received your real estate license and you’ve worked as a Realtor for a while, you might be ready to upgrade your license. Real Estate Express offers packages to help you get your real estate broker license. The packages vary a bit from one state to another.

In Florida, they offer a Broker Basics package and a Broker Ultimate Learning package. The Broker Basics package gives you the 72-hour broker course you need, along with the necessary eBooks, instructor support, and a discussion board.

When you upgrade to the Broker Ultimate Learning package, you get everything in the Broker Basic package, plus 60 hours of Broker Post-License Courses. If you’re ready to upgrade your real estate agent license to a broker license, Real Estate Express has the program for you.

Earning Continuing Education Credits with Real Estate Express

As a real estate agent, you will be required to earn continuing education credits. The requirements vary from state to state and Real Estate Express has you covered.

The continuing education section helps you find the best courses you can use for your CE credits. They have partnered with McKissock Learning to offer state-approved courses on a variety of topics. You can take the courses online with 24/7 access.

More than 440 courses are offered through the continuing education section. Each course includes instructor assistance, 24/7 access, progress tracking, and more. Learn at your own pace and fulfill your CE requirements online with Real Estate Express and McKissock Learning.

Should You Choose Real Estate Express?

If you’re reading this review of Real Estate Express, it’s safe to assume you’re researching online real estate school options. You’ll likely want to look at a few key factors to determine if Real Estate Express is the right online real estate school for your needs. These factors include:

Let’s look at each of these factors a bit closer.

Available in Your State

Of course, it’s important to choose the right online real estate school for your state. Every state is a bit different and Real Estate Express isn’t offered in all 50 states.

Before you make the final decision to use Real Estate Express, visit their website and make sure they offer courses for your state. You can use the dropdown menu on the Get My License page to check the availability in your state.


The pricing plans from Real Estate Express are pretty straightforward. They vary a bit from state to state and depend on any specials the school is running. Most programs will range from about $90 to $400, depending on the plan you choose.

They run deals all throughout the year, so be on the lookout for special discounts. For example, during the month of October, they are running a 30% Trick for a Treat special on all pre-licensing courses.

You can also purchase just the individual courses if you’re on a tight budget or just need to get your pre-license course completed. However, it doesn’t cost much more to upgrade to at least The Basics class and get a little bit of instructor support included.

Student Exam Pass/Fail Rate

Maybe the most important factor in choosing an online real estate school is the pass/fail rate for the licensing exam. With real Estate Express, you will be using a program that has one of the highest passing rate of any online real estate school available.

If you choose a package above The Basics package, you will even get a pass or don’t pay guarantee from Real Estate Express. Those choosing exam prep options have a much higher pass rate compared to those choosing just The Basics.

Support Offered

From instructor assistance to technical support, Real Estate Express offers everything you need. There’s a ton of live support and you’ll have the opportunity to choose a package with the Instructor Q&A for even more support.
Instructors are not only available via email, but also over the phone. Many of the online real estate courses will offer a Q&A with your instructor, along with plenty of email support.

Your Learning Style

If you’re the type of person that doesn’t require much hand-holding to learn something new, Real Estate Express is the right choice for you. Yes, you will have an online instructor and they are there to help you. However, you should be able to learn on your own pretty well or online learning might not be the right choice.

You can choose a package based on your learning style, as well. The Basics package is best for self-starters with some real estate experience, while the Exam Preparation package is a better fit for those worried about the test.

If you feel like you will need extra help, the Exam Preparation Plus package offers even more support from your instructor. The Ultimate Learning package is designed for those looking for more than just help to pass the exam. It’s the perfect choice for those looking to become a real estate expert.

5 Benefits of Choosing Real Estate Express

1. Flexibility

If you don’t want to be tied down to a specific set time for your real estate classes, an online real estate school makes sense. Real Estate Express offers plenty of flexibility to take the courses when you want and work at your own pace.

You will be able to use the student forum to connect with others in your classes, while the progress tracker will help keep you accountable. You can even customize the curriculum to work at a pace you prefer.

2. Works on Multiple Devices

Some online real estate schools don’t offer a good mobile experience. With Real Estate Express, you can take classes on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. While the best experience will still be found on your computer, you can use your tablet or smartphone with Real Estate Express.

3. Additional Training

Some online real estate schools only offer pre-licensing classes and exam preparation. With Real Estate Express, you gain access to everything you need.

Start with the pre-licensing classes and exam prep package, and move onto continuing education once you have your license. You can even upgrade your license to become a broker if you decide to take your career to the next level.

4. Live Instructor Q&A

Yes, it cost more, but the live instructor Q&A training sessions have become a huge hit with students. They are worth the extra cost and offer plenty of additional information to help you become a better real estate agent.

5. Reliable Exam Preparation

Of course, the most important benefit of choosing Real Estate Express is the reliable exam preparation. They offer some of the best tools to help you pass your licensing exam the first time. Both the practice tests and flashcards can be customized to fit your specific needs.

f you’re struggling with a certain section of the exam, you can customize your exam prep to fit that specific section. Instead of taking a chance with failing the real estate exam, use Real Estate Express to ensure you have a much better chance of passing the exam the first time.

Continuing Education with Real Estate Express

After you’ve passed your real estate license exam, you’ll still need to complete CE credits every year. Since Real Estate Express has partnered with McKissock, you’ll have access to plenty of CE courses.

They offer a CE Plus membership for around $57 or you can get a 14-hour renewal package for around $20. The CE Plus Membership offers:

If you end up getting a real estate license in multiple states, Real Estate Express even offers a multi-state option for the CE Plus membership.
The 14-hour Renewal Package includes 14 hours of classes to help you get the CE credits you need. You can swap classes based on what is available to ensure you take the continuing education courses you prefer.

Signing Up for Real Estate Express

After you’ve compared a few online real estate schools and decided Real Estate Express is the right choice for you, it’s time to sign up. The process is very simple and similar to creating an account with just about any other website.

You won’t need to sign any papers or contracts. Just enter your contact info, click to agree to the terms and conditions of the website, and fill in the payment details. The entire sign-up process takes just a few minutes.

Once you’ve signed up and paid, you’ll receive an email from your new real estate instructor in just a few minutes. This email will outline what to expect next and include contact details. You will also be able to log in immediately and check out your course materials.

What can You Expect from Real Estate Express?

After reading the many positive student reviews, you’ve decided to make Real Estate Express your online real estate school. It might be nice to know what to expect before you spend the money and dive right in.

The course will be very straight-forward and you will simply complete each chapter before the next one will be unlocked. Text in the chapters is split into short blocks making it easier to read and digest.

There is a timer with each chapter to help you pace yourself and stay on task. At the end of every section, you will take a 10-question quiz to help test your knowledge. If you don’t score 80% on this quiz, you cannot move onto the next chapter.

You’ll walk through the many areas, which will be covered on the state and national real estate license exam. Chapters will include information on real estate laws, terms, regulations, statutes, and financial information.

Is Real Estate Express Worth Your Money?

This question cannot be answered with a definitive YES or NO. The answer depends on you, how you learn, and what you’re looking to get out of an online real estate school.

If you are more of an autonomous learner, you will likely do well with Real Estate Express. However, if you need to sit in a classroom to learn the material, it might not be the right choice for you.

When it comes down to it, if you want to be a successful Realtor, it starts with your real estate license. Real Estate Express offers excellent packages to ensure you have all the tools to not only pass your exam but also work towards success in the real estate industry.

While you cannot expect Real Estate Express to do the work for you or find you a job in real estate, they can give you the materials you need to succeed. If you’re ready to become a Realtor and you enjoy the flexibility of learning online, Real Estate Express is the right online real estate school for you.

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